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Things to Do in Tallinn

Tallinn really is one of the heavyweight contenders of the world's greatest stag party playgrounds in fact if it came to a point's decision and StagWeb were giving the deciding vote we'd be awarding the points to the Estonian giant. Not only is there the small matter of the eye candy (you mean you haven't read about Tallinn's talent? Per capita Estonia provides more models than any other nation) but also there is a fantastic selection of Tallinn stag activities to choose from.

Tallinn Stag Activities - What to do in Tallinn!

Target Shooting Free from the constraints of UK law you'll get your hands on the kind of firepower you simply can't touch back home (you might just want to assess your group as to whether this is truly a wise idea or not!?!). High tech Glocks, big-hitting Magnums and the devastating AK47 are among the arsenal you and the boys will be able to get down to action with. Big boy toys for unblinking men.

Snowmobiles You've seen all the action movies where the hero races down a mountainside to save the day…? Well, you might not save the world but you will get to cross frozen waters, race up mountains and dodge through snow-capped pine forests on the sort of horsepower that even Mr Clarkson would approve of.

Sailing Estonia is rightfully proud of its naval heritage and once you've got over all the pirate impressions, 'Jaws' quotes and seamen jokes your local skipper will show you the ropes. You'll enjoy a pleasure cruise before you have to earn your keep as he tries his best to turn your land-lubbing rabble into America's Cup contenders.

Kayaking and Canoeing After some initial training and teamwork it's every man for himself as you face solo hazards. You'll get to cruise the waterways and have a little friendly competition along the way. It's women and best men first as you get all at sea with some Tallinn stag activity paddle power.

Paintballing Create your own Cold War as you and the boys get armed and (not particularly) dangerous. One of the great things about activities in Tallinn is the great scenery which will set the backdrop for your personal vendettas. Only the strong will survive… Well actually you'll all survive but only the accurate will get to lord it over his misfiring friends once the smoke clears.

Beer Bicycle - Seeing the best sights and sounds of the city, you prove the peddle power and we'll provide the refreshments. It can be thirsty work after all and the last thing we want is for you guys to dry up.

Make Mine A Double…

This really is a special weekend for the main man, his last days as a happy bachelor before he is whisked off into marital obscurity, from here on in he might need written permission for a night out with the boys and with only a weekend for his last hurrah you want to make sure you get in as much action-packed fun as you can.

By planning wisely you can double up and combine the best stag activities Tallinn has to offer. A morning on the shooting range followed by a round of golf, or some hard terrain quad biking and then you can hire your own football stadium to play out your schoolboy footballing fantasies on a big stage. Tallinn has it all.

Get Booked…

As with your accommodation we'd advise you to plan in advance and get booking early, Tallinn really is an amazing city and it's becoming increasingly popular with stags so you don't want to miss out.

However, booking with StagWeb and using our know-how and contacts will help you get ahead of the game.

To get a quick quote you can send us your numbers and an outline of the activities you want to try and we'll help tailor the perfect package of weekend warrior action to suit your group.

Why Book Your Tallinn Stag Activities with StagWeb?

At StagWeb we've sent thousands of happy stags to Tallinn. Our local suppliers know us well so by booking through StagWeb you can be assured of a friendly welcome and top-drawer action.

If you want to find out more about how our groups judge us you can read the reviews for yourself but the fact that so many of our stags book with us again shows our continued commitment to providing memories that will last long after the paintball pellets have stopped flying, the final ball has been kicked and the last beer has been drunk.

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