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The No.1 Stag Do Planning APP!

Booking with StagWeb is even easier with our mobile app.

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  • Available on iOS & Android
  • Access your itinerary on the go!
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8 Best Swansea Stag Do Ideas

  1. Surfing - Time to carve up the coastline with an epic surf session
  2. Canyoning - Have you got what it takes to take the plunge?
  3. School Sports Day - Return to the glorious school years, but actually win this time!
  4. Battle Archery Tag - Complete stag carnage, we've made archery epic!
  5. Goggle Football - The beautiful game warped for supersized stag chaos.
  6. Coasteering - A thrill-seekers paradise.
  7. Abseiling - Hold your nerve as you descend down a sheer cliff face.
  8. Clay Shooting - Blast those hangovers out the sky with some clay shooting!

Action Stations!

Whether it's tried and tested stag classics you're after like Clay Shooting and Paintball or some banter fuelling stag laughs courtesy of the hilarious Welsh Challenge, there's plenty of stag carnage to be had in Swansea. Water borne stags will love the seaside offerings in particular with Surfing, Coasteering and Canyoning available in South Wales.

Where to Drink in Swansea

During the day it's relatively chilled, but once the evenings come and offices unleash their employees, the atmosphere on Wind Street electrifies. You've got Irish bars. You've got themed bars. You've got a saloon. A pub. A cocktail place and a choice of cool clubs. It's a pic-a-mix of nightlife all on one street.

If you're looking for an edgier night out, head a little further from the city-centre to the Uplands area where the watering holes are all crafty with a suburban ambience. Cocktails are served in tin cans, you know? That kinda thing. It's cool, and you should definitely check it out if the rush of Wind Street doesn't tipple your fancy.

Where to Head...


Wind Street is Swansea's buzzing nightlife hub. Lined with bars, clubs and brilliant places to grab food or a drink, this small stretch of street in the city centre has everything a stag could possibly want for a big night out with his mates.

Must see...

Mumbles, the sublime stretch of Swansea coastline is not just a great seaside destination for stags and holidaymakers alike. With rocky cliffs, foaming white water and sandy beaches, Mumbles is an epic spot for some serious water sport stag action!

Getting Around Swansea

Swansea is Wales 2nd largest city, but beyond its city centre buses are the best means of transport unless you've got a car. A number of special tourist tickets are available for trains and buses in the area if you're looking to travel further afield that will save you some money. However, if you're staying in the city centre, much of what you'll want is within walking distance.

Wales 2nd largest city is actually the 27th largest in the UK and a Swansea stag weekend really is a great place to party. Adventure hungry stags will find the perfect destination which boasts more fantastic nightlife than even the most ambitious stags can hope to tackle in a single weekend. Big enough to get lost in but compact enough that every stag requirement is within striking distance you can stay well within the city limits and find everything you need. But for stags who like their challenges BIG you can head out to the wide open spaces in the surrounding countryside and really cut loose.

A Swansea stag do is 2nd to none...

Swansea might be the 2nd largest city in Wales but it stakes a claim as Wales's party capital and quite rightly so. The city sits on the edge of the Bristol Channel, close to The Mumbles and Gower Peninsular which is referred to by locals as the "Welsh Riviera". For the uninitiated The Gower Peninsular offers miles after mile of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and foaming water perfect for stag lads looking to find an outdoor adventure playground big enough for some serious stag competition.

...are just a few of the activities we have lined up in the Gower for serious thrill seekers. If you haven't tried coasteering before then this is your chance to give it a bash in some absolutely stunning scenery. In fact the whole area is pretty much tailor-made for stags who like to go big on adventure as well as everything the city itself has to offer.

Right on the money - How much to spend on a Swansea stag do

Setting a budget for your Swansea stag do is always tricky, lots of guys all with different sized wallets. Once again Swansea comes up trumps as it's budget friendly without having to compromise on style or activities. It's not as packed or frantic as nearby Cardiff but still offers a huge variety for clubs, bars, activities and dining (after all a stag army marches on its stomach).

And of course booking with StagWeb means you'll get fantastic rates. Here comes the maths bit... If you book direct to any of our suppliers they will of course expect you to pay the full price. But because we've been booking for so many years and book so many groups a year we get special discount rates we can pass on to you which means you'll save money (or buy more beer).

When's the best time to visit Swansea?

Wales does have a reputation for rain (mostly from the Welsh themselves) but it's really not as bad as they make it. The summer months are certainly the best time to go if you want to make the most of the water-based activities as the tidal temperatures can get a little bit nippy later in the year. 

Swansea, out on the town...

Swansea loves to party, if you like familiar boozers you'll find all the usual suspects (Walkabout, Yates, Weatherspoons, etc) who are accustomed to stag weekends in Swansea but there's also a large choice of high end bars, great restaurants plus the Kingsway, Wind Street or infamous "Mumbles Mile" which even made it into The Guardian's list of best pub crawls.

Getting There

By road the quickest route in from most directions is to meet up with the M4 and go west. It's also easily accessible by rail with direct trains from London Paddington offering speedy car free travel.

Keeping your stags happy...

Well by booking a Swansea stag weekend you're already most of the way there. The lads will find a great party destination, great bars and clubs with a few nightlife options you can pre-book to get ahead of the crowd. There's masses of action to choose from during the day so the lads certainly won't be getting board and picking the right activities will help ease them (or blast them) through those stag party hangovers.

You're booking the main man's last big weekend as a single man and it deserves to be legendary. Thankfully Swansea delivers on all counts, all you need to do is get booking and we'll take care of the rest.

Get cracking...

Swansea is becoming a really popular location, while it doesn't suffer from the suffocating atmosphere of some larger cities it is definitely on the rise, that means if you want to get ahead of the crowd we'd advise booking early. We have good availability with all our suppliers but the summer months see a swell in bookings so by booking early you'll definitely give your group more options.

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