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Congrats on considering a Berlin stag weekend for the groom's big weekend.

It is top-class.

From the sights to the culture to the karaoke to the beers, you and the boys won't be short of things to do, see and conquer this trip.

Have a browse through our big beefy guide on all things Berlin and get ready to smash that stag planning out of the stratosphere.

The Stag Do Hall of Fame awaits, pal...


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Is Berlin Right for Your Group?

Berlin is a belting blend of party city and culture hub, which means you will never be short of things to do or see here.

From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the all-night karaoke bars, the Berlin Wall to the Olympiastadion, whatever you guys fancy doing, Berlin has you covered.

The German capital waits for no stag, though, so unless you dive in headfirst, it'll chew you up and spit you out quicker than you can say: "Acht biers, bitte!"

Prepare yourselves, gentlemen, this will be a stag do of monumental proportions.

Ideal For...

  • Big Nights Out
  • Classic Activities
  • Unique Activities
  • Legendary Stag Stays
  • Guaranteed Sun

Not Ideal For...

  • A Quiet Stag Weekend
  • Coastal Activities
  • Country Germany
  • Language German
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 4.00 EUR
  • Airport Berlin Brandenburg Airport
  • Flight Duration 1h 55m
  • National Dish Currywurst
  • Airport to Centre 27.7 km

The Places in Berlin You Need to Know About

Mitte - Mitte ("Middle") is the central party zone which is great for late nights with its top-class pubs, bars, and clubs.

Kreuzberg - Just south of Mitte is the techno party region that also boasts a load of casual bars.

Friedrichshain - Attached to Kreuzberg on the other side of the River Spree - this section has some of the city's biggest techno and open-air clubs.

Prenzlauer Berg - Slightly north of Friedrichshain, you'll find Prenzlauer Berg, which has a load of chilled bars for some chilled beers.

Where to Go in Mitte

Hackescher Markt - This place has loads of restaurants as well as a number of bars and clubs.

Oranienburger Straße - A lively street just off Hackescher Markt with loads of boozers to hit up.

Tiergarten - An expansive park with loads of waterside bars - ideal for when the sun's shining!

Where to Go in Kreuzberg

Oranienstraße - Not to be confused with Oranienburger Straße in Mitte. This street in Kreuzberg boasts some of the best clubs in the city.

Where to Go in Friedrichshain

River Spree - In and around the River Spree, you'll find some of the biggest techno clubs in Berlin.

Revaler Street - There are also a number of bars and clubs situated on Revaler Street and Warschauer Pl., too.

Partying in Berlin: Advice!

Be sure to have a look at our Berlin nightlife advice blog for all the info you need about nights out in Berlin including dress codes, door policies and more.

Top 9 Berlin Pubs, Bars & Clubs

Abgedreht Bar

This place has great drinks, good food, a rock music soundtrack and the beer is on point... everything a stag could ask for.

Where: Karl-Marx-Allee 140, 10243

BRLO Brwhouse

If you're going to Berlin, you need to check out some of its famous microbreweries. BRLO Brwhouse has plenty of craft beer and tasty bites to sink your stag-sized teeth into.

Where: Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963

Monkey Bar

This place is pretty damn cool, gents. Boasting rooftop views over the city and a cracking cocktail list, it's a great place to come for a refined afternoon drink.

Where: Budapester Str. 40, 10787

Matrix Nightclub

To give you a glimpse of the scale of this place, Matrix has nine bars and five dance floors to choose from. The party is always popping off here!

Where: Warschauer Pl. 18, 10245

Prater Garden

If the sun is shining, you could do a lot worse than Prater Beer Garden. This place is an acre of pub benches where you can pitch up and enjoy some tasty brews.

Where: Kastanienallee 7-9, 10435


This rooftop bar has insane views across the city. It's got a pretty chilled vibe, so you're going to want to avoid being too rowdy here.

Where: Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin

Kilkenny Irish Pub

Irish pubs are everywhere because they're always great craic. This place is loud and lively and a safe bet if you're in need of a solid starter bar.

Where: Am Zwirngraben 17-20, 10178


This place is very Berlin. It's got an industrial vibe and a cracking beer and cocktail selection. A hipster hangout.

Where: Oranienstraße 34, 10999

Rush Hour

One of Berlin's premier strip clubs, Rush Hour will undoubtedly go down a storm with the rest of the guys.

Where: Trautenaustraße 23, 10717

The Best Time to Go

According to our latest stats, 58% of the stags who went to Berlin with us in 2023 went there between March and June.

The great thing about Berlin is that it's not weather-dependent, so you can have a great time in the summer or winter.

However, March to June is the most popular because you avoid the price hikes of the summer holidays and you give yourselves a bit of a buffer before wedding season kicks off.

How Long Do People Go For?

63% of stags heading to Berlin in 2023 went for either 3 or 4 days (2 or 3 nights).

Whilst we had a few two-nighters, we'd say three nights is the optimum time to go to Berlin.


Well, there's just so much to see and do, any less than three and you'll be really having to pack it in.

Two nights is definitely doable, though - you'll just be more pressed for time.

How Soon Do People Book?

In 2023, the stags going to Berlin with StagWeb booked just under three months before they were due to go.

Considering the average is four months, we'd say that's cutting it a little bit fine.

OK, Berlin has a lot of availability because it's so big, but it is a popular capital city so things still book up fast.

We'd advise you to book at least four months in advance to ensure you get the accommodation, activities, and time slots that you want.

Where to Stay in Berlin

You don't want to book somewhere miles away from where the party's at.

Yes, forget spending your euros on expensive taxi rides just to get somewhere.

We've got a range of the best stag-friendly stays in the heart of the best party regions.

Check out our Berlin stag do accommodation page for more info on the best stag stays.

Berlin stag accommodation Berlin stag accommodation
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What to Do in Berlin

We have over 50 Berlin stag do ideas lined up and ready to book.

And when you add in the bars, the sights and the sounds, you really will have a packed-out itinerary.

Berlin has a range of classic activities, plus a load that are unique to the city, so you and the boys won't be short of things to do.

Berlin stag activities Berlin stag activities
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Things to See in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

Iconic, right in the centre, and a great place for a squad photo. You can't miss it.

Berlin Wall

Historic. Head to Kreuzberg and see some en route. Look out for the famous Brezhnev/Honecker kiss.

Checkpoint Charlie

Don't miss it. The official passing point of the Berlin Wall is another must-visit.

The Reichstag

The German equivalent of the Houses of Parliament. It's right by Brandenburg Gate, so kill two birds.

Berliner Fersehturm (TV Tower)

You'll be able to see this far and wide. It has a viewing platform if you fancy heading up it.


This awesome double-decker bridge is a great view from the bar nearby. It's also right by the famous Berlin Wall kiss.


If the sun's blazing, head to Tiergarten. Loads of waterside boozers, places to chill and some top sights.

How to Get to Berlin...

What Airport to Fly To... Opened on October 31st 2020, Berlin Brandenburg Airport is now the main airport.

How Long is the Flight from the UK?

The flight times from the UK to Berlin vary from around 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on where you're flying from. Be sure to check your nearest airport as early as possible.

Getting from the Airport to Berlin...

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is located 27km from the city centre. There are direct train routes straight from the airport to the city centre which will cost you under €5 - much cheaper than hopping in a taxi.

Tips On Getting Around Berlin

Walking - If you're sticking to your district, you'll be able to walk from A to B. If you need to head further afield (e.g. for the footy), there are a load of transport links including trains, trams, buses, taxis - all the hits. Walking around is a great way to see the sights, though!

Open-Top Tour Buses - The open-top tour buses are a great way to get around the city. They're about €20 for 24 hours, but they go to all the biggest sights in the city, and you can hop on and off as you please.

U-Bahn & S-Bahn - Berlin is pretty spread out, but the S-Bahn (train) and U-Bahn (underground metro) connect all the best bits.

Taxis & UBER - UBER operates in Berlin, so be sure to download the app, but there will be plenty of taxis dotted about the city.

For the latest info on getting around Berlin, check out the official tourism website.

Common Berlin FAQs

Is Berlin good for a stag do?

Berlin is a great city for a stag do. It has the nightlife, the activities, plus a load of cultural and historical hotspots to keep the guys entertained during any downtime. The beer is superb, the karaoke scene is iconic, and the football stadium is a great day out. What's not to love?

Is Berlin good for nightlife?

Berlin has one of the best - if not the best - nights out in the whole of Europe. So, yeah. Saying its nightlife is 'Good' is like saying scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final was 'Alright'.

What area of Berlin is the best for nightlife?

Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, no doubt. Mitte is more mainstream, whilst Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are more alternative and techno. Worth trying them all if you get the chance.

Is Berlin expensive?

Compared to some of its big European counterparts like London and Paris, it is definitely cheaper. It is often referred to as the cheapest capital in the West of Europe. However, it is still a capital city, so budget for that.

How much is a pint of beer in Berlin?

You'll be able to pick up a decent beer for around €4-€5. In more upmarket joints, expect to pay more.

How much money do I need for 3 days in Berlin?

Well, it depends! If you're trying to do things on the cheap, maybe budget for €60-€70 a day. €80-€100 a day will probably give you the room to not worry about anything. Just budget. Have a couple of cheaper meals. And be a little bit sensible!

What is the best month to visit Berlin?

Anytime from the end of April through until the end of September is great if you're looking for warmer weather. However, Berlin is a belting city to visit all year round with loads of beer festivals, events, and parties happening in the 'off-season,' too.

Tom Probert
Written by Tom Probert Marketing & Content Executive
Created: 12/04/2024Updated: 12/04/2024
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