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Berlin Nightlife: The Lowdown!

Forget New York, if there's any city in the world that deserves to be known as the city that never sleeps, it's Berlin. We're not exaggerating here; clubs will frequently open their doors Friday night, and not close them again till 9 or 10 Monday morning. Whether you want Bier (beer), Wein (wine) or a Cocktail (cocktail), you'll be able to find it on your Berlin stag night. The city plays in the big leagues when it comes to the variety of nightlife on offer there are reportedly over 4000 restaurants, 1000 bars, beer gardens, nightclubs, pubs… everything tends towards the edgy, the avant-garde, and the extreme, guaranteeing the lads a truly electrifying night out.

Epic Berlin Nightlife Options!

We bang on a lot about how important it is to have some semblance of a plan in place when you head off on a stag party, it's doubly important when visiting somewhere sie sprechen nicht Englisch. Loud techno and a thumping bass line might transcend language barriers, but the Berlin stag nightlife doesn't come to life until 2 or 3 am, and don't even open before about 11, so you're going to need some way to pass the time. Luckily, we've got a few activities to fill that vital spot for you an evening spent counting cards in a casino or engaging in a little friendly competition with some bowling gets you all ready for the coming night, and stops you losing that pre-party buzz. For a little help keeping getting around on your Berlin stag night, StagWeb has a few options to keep you all in line. A guided bar crawl with an English speaking guide to lead you to the best beer in Berlin is always popular with stags who don't know the Straen from the Spree and need a little direction. Alternately, if you're keen to get the night off to a really good start, try a strip limo instead. Not only will it take you right to your destination, but you'll also get a striptease from a foxy Frau.

Berlin Night Out Eateries!

There's no need to give up your late night kebab trip on your Berlin stag night the Germans have taken to kebabs in a big way. It's often joked that they're second only to Istanbul in terms of the number of late night venues in which you can grab a kebab… the guy who invented the Doner lived in Berlin most of his life. If you'd rather a local dish, you won't have difficulty finding a bratwurst or currywurst in the evening either. However, we advise these strictly as post-pub grub, not something to eat before enjoying a German beer. To line your stomachs, we've got plenty of options less likely to sneak back on you later. A dinner cruise is entirely kebab free, and lets you see Berlin from a whole new angle. If you'd rather use a meal as a way to start the party, the brewery dinner stag party includes traditional German food, and, more importantly, traditional German beer. Our strip stag dinner is a big hit in any location food, Fruleins… what more could you want?

Bouncing Berlin Clubs!

The nightclubs in Berlin are amongst the best in the world and certainly the best in Europe. Techno dominates the music scene, and the parties are the loudest and longest you'll find anywhere. Turning up before 3 is considered early, and it doesn't get 'late' until 8 in the morning. The clubs are beyond belief as pulsating, writhing forces of nature and nothing will ruin your evening and take the buzz out of the night faster than being forced to queue up outside with the people who didn't have the foresight to organise queue jump entry with StagWeb. We can get all of the boring bit, like queues and entry fees, dealt with in advance, so you can concentrate on the hardcore partying that will happen later. If you're looking for a pre-party show we can arrange that too, getting you entry into a lap dancing club it's the quintessential stag do activity, and if you make the lads miss it because of unchecked strict door policies or long lines, they'll never let you forget it.

Sort Your Berlin Nightlife with StagWeb!

Finding the best Berlin stag nightlife has to offer can rely a lot on luck many of the most popular venues are underground clubs that aren't likely to be handing out fliers on every street corner. Not that you could read the fliers anyway, into. As such, some sort of plan of attack is necessary when preparing to head out after dark in Berlin, and StagWeb is just the team of tacticians to help you with that. We've been helping lads enjoy the best Berlin stag do since 2002 so why not put us to the test? Just decide what it is you want to do, let us know then sit back, relax and prepare to party.

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