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Tallinn Nightlife

If you want a weekend that really will live on in the memory and will be retold sitting by the fireside of the pubs back home then a Tallinn stag night won't let you down. With a little bit of planning and thinking ahead you'll give the groom a weekend to really remember. It's also worth giving a mention to the women of Tallinn who are without a doubt some of the most beautiful in Europe.

What's in store for a Tallinn stag party?

You'll have played hard all day with the many daytime activities we have on offer but when the night arrives some stags like to play even harder. If your stag crew like a good night out and are always keen to try something different then Tallinn's unique flavour will put a new spin on even the most well-worn stag traditions. Not forgetting the stunning eye candy to be enjoyed.

For a big Tallinn stag night are the drinks expensive?

It depends on whether you're planning on drinking big and what you're drinking.

Most stag parties like to try the local firewater but on your Tallinn stag night, we really would advise that you proceed with caution. The local tipple of choice Vana is a herbal liqueur which has a hint of rum it's predominantly flavoured with spices, vanilla, and citrus oil.
You'll find a few different variations, cream, heritage, coffee, chocolate but it's not the flavour you need to check first. It's the alcohol content that is strong enough to reduce a thundering bull elephant into chundering choruses of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot".

But the real rocket fuel is the unflavoured version (just spices) which really does need to be approached with a modicum of respect and an iron constitution;

On the whole local drinks will run cheaper than imported bottles but a Tallinn stag night round won't break the bank compared to other cities as prices, on the whole, are good.

Ok, a Tallinn stag party sounds good what do we do now?

Firstly you congratulate yourselves on picking undoubtedly one of the best if not THE best stag destination in Europe. From here on in you can start to breathe easy as we'll help take care of everything else for you.

To get an idea of price and to start planning your event you can send us a quick enquiry and we'll start helping to build the package to suit you.

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Oh and don't forget those beautiful Tallinn ladies. Enjoy.

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