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Like the rest of the city, Zagreb stag nights are a patchwork of inspirations and ideas taken from their louder neighbours we're talking jazz clubs, beach bars, cocktail lounges, student dives, nightclubs… the whole picture! There's Italian wine, Slavic beer, and a huge range of fruit-based spirits, with all the rekija, Sljivovica, loza, maraskino and more you could possibly want, as well as dozens of late night cafes if you'd prefer. The music ranges from the traditional classical and folk in beer halls, to the DJ-dubstep clubs, to underground rock venues. Zagreb's stag nightlife scene might not be as big or renowned as some of the other European capitals, but when the venues it does have are this brilliant, that doesn't matter to us!

I've got a cunning plan!

Admittedly, it sounds like there's something about planning a fantastic night that seems a little bit counter-intuitive surely, with a bunch of guys as wild, free, and up for a laugh as you and your mates, the good times should just happen? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, no. What actually happens if you hit Zagreb without a plan, you and the lads end up wandering the town trying to mime that you want to go to a club to the locals by dancing wildly at them. A great Zagreb stag night should consist of more than just the nightclubs anyway, no matter how good those clubs are. Why not round out your evening by throwing in a few extra treats for the lads, to keep them psyched and ready for the night ahead? Casino entry is the perfect way to get the night started, as well as top up the kitty before you head out later. Alternately, start the evening with a strip dinner a man's gotta eat, after all!

Stag night staples

There are a couple of activities that turn up on pretty much every stag do ever. Whether or not they turn up on yours is entirely up to you (or rather, whoever the best man is), but if you are planning on hitting the bars and clubs, we've got the best ways to do it.

Where to find the Zagreb stag nightlife

The best place to start the night is just north of Trg bana Jelaia, on Tkalieva street on Gornji Grad. It's got the highest concentration of cafes and more particularly, bars, in the city, with places to whet your poor parched throat every few meters.

During summer, things shift a bit, and the clubs move away from the city centre and towards Lake Jarun. If you're there in hotter weather, you'll find a mixture of the best bars, lounges and clubs by the water's edge.

If you want a little help navigating the Zagreb stag nightlife scene, why not add a limo to the weekend? Stylish, easy, and infinitely more cool than hopping off a tram, they get you to the best of Zagreb's stag nightlife scene quicker and with flair. If you really want a statement and memorable journey, go for the strip limo instead!

So why Stagweb?

Stag nights take a lot of behind the scene planning, and it's all down to the best man to get it right. Think of it as a ‘with great power comes great responsibility' type deal; you've got the power to make the stag endure pretty much anything you want him to, you've got the responsibility of making sure he enjoys it too. This is where we can help, finding you the absolute best of the Zagreb stag night options, and getting you in. Our extensive knowledge of both stag parties and Zagreb means we're able to help you find more for your money every step of the way, along with the activities and entertainment options most suited to you and the boys.

All you and the lads need to do is let us know what it is you want out of the stag weekend… you know, limo with or without strippers, dinner with or without strippers, club with or without strippers… alternately, if you don't know what you want just yet, give us a call and we'll help you figure it out!

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