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A Guide To Your Barcelona Stag Weekend

Epic Activities

If the groom harbours footballing dreams but is never likely to appear at the Camp Nou then a game of Bubble Football could be the next best thing. Alternatively, you might rub shoulders with the Barca player's who, surprisingly, are massive fans of the local Go Kart track (one of the best in Europe) and have hired it out on several occasions. See all Barcelona stag do activities...

Where to Drink in Barcelona

Vermouth is the drink of Spain and you haven’t done Barcelona right if you don’t try a glass of this fortified local favourite! There’s plenty of places you can find this tipple (literally everywhere) and whatever else you fancy, with every neighbourhood boasting the self-proclaimed ‘best bars’!

The Gothic Quarter is easy to get to with slightly stranger looking establishments, but these are where all the best deals are. The weirder the better if you ask us!

El Born is the trendy option with sophisticated hangouts and vibes of the relaxed kind. Stags who love a delicious cocktail are destined for a great night out here!

The Eixample District is a neighbourhood made for proper partying with big ol’ nightclubs and bars on every… single… corner. We’re booking our flights as we speak.

Where to Head...

Las Ramblas - By day street artists and tourists flock here to head into the narrow shopping streets on either side of the main route. By night it's party central as this is the main thoroughfare to some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants.

Gothic Quarter - While the tourists stop on Las Ramblas, locals and those in the know are merely passing through on route to the labyrinthine alleys of the Gothic Quarter where you'll find the cream of Barca's bars and clubs. You'll also find a good smattering of the ubiquitous Irish and British pubs.

Port Olimpic - If you're looking for a touch of class and want to rub shoulders with Barca's elite then the city's most famous superclubs are based in the port. Prices can be a little higher so our tip is to eat in the city before partying in the port.

Must see...

Fake Beaches - Despite the fact they're not real (built purely for the 92 Olympic Games) Barcelona's beaches are stunning. The perfect place for a game of footie, chilling with a beer or three, heading out into the waves or just taking a hangover clearing stroll the morning after the stag before.

Pub Trivia

Despite being "the best beach city in the world" by National Geographic, all Barcelona's beaches are fake! They were built when the city hosted the 1992 Olympics.

The most visited museum in Barcelona is the FC Barcelona museum.

Camp Nou is the biggest privately owned stadium in the world and holds over 100,000 fans.

Spain remained a neutral nation and didn't participate in either WWI or WWII.

A Taste of Barcelona

Eats - Tapas is a great choice for hungry lads as there is something for everyone. Don't expect anything fancy here, Bar Celta offers traditional tapas at fantastic prices where you'll find mostly locals.
Another definite hit with the lads is Bacoa, this is a burger bar with a difference and should be on any stag do hit list.
Drinks - This isn't even up for discussion, when in Barcelona get yourselves around a bottle from the Barcelona Beer Company. It's like they've taken the Spanish party-loving lifestyle and packaged it in one handy bottle. Brewing genius!

"Goals are only important if they win games." - Lionel Messi

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Barcelona

Barcelona is a big city, while the centre is easy enough to navigate on foot, to save time we recommend getting Hola BCN Travelcards that offer unlimited travel for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days and work out far cheaper than cabs. The cards give you access to buses, trains and the Metro system.

Is Barcelona Good For A Stag Do?

Is Lionel Messi one of the greatest football players to walk the Earth? Same answer! Barcelona is an epic stag do destination with loads of amazing activities, a bouncing nightlife and a whole load of sun. The ideal location to give the groom his big send-off into marital life!


"Hola!" - Hello
"Un cerveza por favour?" - A beer please
"Dos cerveza por favour?" - Two beers, please
"Triena y cuatro cervezas por favour" - Thirty-four beers, please
"El novio va a pagar por todo." - The groom will pay for everything.
"Hay un mono en mi ducha." - There is a monkey in my shower.
"No le he tocado, arbitro!" - I never touched him, ref!
"Lo siento por mi amigo, no se le permite mormalmente fura de Inglaterra." - I'm sorry about my friend, he's not normally allowed out of England.
"Ha sido emocional." - It's been emotional.

48 Hours to Party in Barcelona
Let the chaos commence...

*Bing-bong* "This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight SW8340 to your Barcelona stag do. The final checks are being completed as we prepare to jet off to one of the best party cities on the planet! Get ready fellas, it's gonna be a big'un!

48 hours in Barcelona
The airport

After carving through the airport faster than the groom avoiding his round, you're waiting in the blazing Spanish sunshine waving at taxis. It's the groom's big send-off before he takes the plunge into marital abyss, better give him a weekend to remember.

5 minutes later...

ou're all still hanging about outside the airport. Gary said he'd sort a taxi, but he's just stood there with a stupid grin on his face. "Gary, you plum, what's going on?!" Suddenly, you see a stretch limo appear out of nowhere and as if by magic a smoking hot stripper hops out. "Gary, how could we ever doubt you?!" Strip Limo is the perfect way to travel in style.

Let's see what Barcelona's sayin'...

You, the stags and the blushing bridegroom reach the hotel after the ride of your lives, but there's no time to waste, it's the first night, you fling the bags in the room and hit the town. You head to Las Ramblas where the party goes off. The beers are flowing, the shots are piling up and Jon has already started telling people he could've played for Barcelona if his knee hadn't packed up...

48 hours in Barcelona
The club...

ou slalom through the line to the club like Lionel Messi through a Sunday League defence. No  queuing tonight boys, Gary was a genius and booked up StagWeb's Guest list Nightclub Entry. "Gary, you legend!" Time to set it off!

Two beers, please...

You're at the bar, trying to remember what Kyle told you was Spanish for two beers. "Soy una chica bonita!" The barman looks at you with a confused expression. A helpful bilingual lady next to you kindly explains you just told the bartender that you're a ‘pretty little girl'. No beer for Kyle.

The first morning...

The sunlight blasts you in the face because you forgot to draw the curtains. You reach for the glass of water by your bed and take a huge swig... nope, that's not water, back out that goes. You get up and head back to the brilliant Gothic Quarter to a café for a hearty breakfast before you head out for your first activity. "Doce Spanish omelettes, por favour!"

Stagtivity no.1...

Right, the sun's out, you're not spending a second indoors unless it's an epic bar. Good job you booked up Ringos as your first stagtivity. No, not the drummer from the Beatles, although you may be visiting an octopus's garden if you fly off! You and the boys are placed into giant water rings and are pulled along by a speedboat. High speed, high thrills, high spills!

Stagtivity no.2...

"People say a full English is a great hangover cure, but I think Ringos trumps it!" You make it back to land in one piece and you want to dry off. What better way to do that than with some Beach Games?! We're talking football, we're talking volleyball, we're talking beers, we're talking sunshine, we're talking hot beach babes. "To think we nearly booked the groom's stag in drizzly Preston!"

48 hours in Barcelona

After lunch it's time for a spot of sightseeing. You head on over to the highly impressive La Sagrada Familia where you get a camera roll full of snaps for your Instagram Story and some squad selfies to prove you were sophisticated sightseers and didn't just spend all weekend sinking beers in the boozer!

Stagtivity no.3...

Stagtivity número tres time, muchachos, and this one ticks all the boxes, there's even a famous saying about it: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Barcelona, spend an epic afternoon enjoying a Beer Tasting & Brewery Tour'. You get a behind the scenes tour from a master brewer who gives you some top tips for brewing at home!

The dilemma...

After your afternoon tasting the finest beery beverages Barcelona has to offer, you're ready and raring for a night on the town, but you and the boys need to eat. Trying to find somewhere to cater for you all is gonna be a right pain in the Tiki-Taka's. If only there was a way to combine food, drinks and a night out...

48 hours in Barcelona

Bosh, StagWeb have come up with the goods again, the ultimate stag cocktail for an evening in Barcelona. Steak, Stripper, Drinks and Club Package. That's right, a banging three course meal, a free round of drinks, a raunchy strip show and entry into one of Barcelona's hottest nightclubs!

"I'm staying..."

It's the early hours of the morning, the party is still bouncing, and you've decided you're never leaving, Barcelona's just too good! Why would you go back to the rain and misery of Blighty?! This is your home now. You could learn Spanish; how hard could it be?! "Bonjour! Mein name ist Rodney... arrivederci...!" Nailed it!

Morning/Hangover no.2...

You wake up and it feels like you've been kicked in the head by a mule and you could sand a door down with your tongue. Might have had one beer too many last night. Oh well, shake it off, time to crack on. It's the final day and you and the boys have a jam-packed schedule before you have to leave.

Stagtivity no.4...

You speedily grab some breakfast and head on out for the mother of all tours. You get to walk in the footsteps of gods. That's right, you and the boys will get to walk where Lionel Messi has walked, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Richard Witschge, "Who?" (maybe not). The footy mad groom and the stags bask in the magnificence of a football temple with the official Camp Nou Stadium Tour.


After your tour of the footballing equivalent of heaven, you and the boys have time for a spot of lunch before your final stagtivity. It's about time you tried some local cuisine and, fellas, you can't go to Spain and not try some paella. No way, Jose!

48 hours in Barcelona
Stagtivity no.5...

The last stag activity. Game faces on guys, it's time to tackle a stag classic with an eerie Escape Room. You and the boys attempt to battle through a twisted story and get out before the hour's up. If not, you'll be trapped... forever! It's a big Crystal Maze, Saw, the Cube mashup!


Somehow you manage to escape, who knew Nigel was a secret brainbox, he looks like he's never sat on a chair before. Although you're happy you got out, there's also a tinge of sadness. If you hadn't escaped, you'd have had to stay in Barcelona for the rest of your days, what a shame that would be...

Over and out...

*Bing-bong* "This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight SW4722 back to Blighty, jobs, normal life and no 24hr drinking. But there's no need to be down, you've gone and arranged a brilliant stag do. You Sir are a stag legend!"

Barcelona is one of the world's greatest party cities, but if you're new to town, you need to know where to start your adventure! No problem! Here's a complete guide to the best areas to party, sights to see, photos to take, plus cool Barcelona stag weekend pub trivia to earn extra stag respect.

Gothic Quarter

The party hotspot. The Gothic Quarter is a maze of narrow streets, historic buildings, and tree-lined squares. This is the city at its charming, vibrant, party-pant-wearing best. Great bars, outdoor seating, big beats, craft beers, big dance floors – if you want Barcelona at night, this is it!

Location: Running parallel and to the northeast of Las Ramblas, stretching down to the port.

Las Ramblas

It's not possible to go to Barcelona and not end up on Las Ramblas at some point. But our advice is to avoid it at peak times (mid-morning, lunchtime) when it's packed with tourists, slow walkers and those really annoying 'living statues' who expect you to pay them for sitting/standing still. At night it's a totally different vibe on the city's most famous thoroughfare, and it's a great place to sit and watch the world go by with a cold pint in hand.

Location: Starting at the beach and port, Las Ramblas stretches up to an open square, Placa de Catalunya, and the Hard Rock Café.

Port Olympic

Packed with some of the coolest nightclubs, for many locals and tourists alike, this is the last port of call on a great voyage of partying. Clubs in the port have hosted parties for the likes of Elton John and Lady Gaga. If you do fancy heading down earlier in the night, you'll find some amazing restaurants (some of which can be a bit pricey, so check the menu outside before entering) and even an ice bar.

Location: Further east along the coast than the larger Port Vell.


This trendy district is nestled around narrow streets and open squares such as Placa de Sol. Not overrun by tourists, you're far more likely to be mixing with locals in a good selection of authentic bars and tapas restaurants that are the real deal.

Location: Towards the north of the city, close to Parc Guell.


Situated between the Gothic Quarter and Ciutadella Park, the Born area has a stripped-back boho feel and arty edge. By night the city's bright young things come out to play in the trendy bistros, bars and tapas restaurants before heading on to the bigger clubs. Day or night, Born is cool.

Location: Close to the port, between the Gothic Quarter and City Park.

QI - At 84.65 km² Barcelona’s Parc de Collserola is 22 times larger than New York’s Central Park.

El Raval

Not so long ago Raval was a no-go area for tourists but the smart money has moved in and the area is gradually being gentrified. If you're looking for stag grub you'll find everything from one of the best known traditional Catalan restaurants to a Michelin Starred eatery.

Location: South West of Las Ramblas, close to the port.

The Beach

Life's a beach and then you go to Barcelona and... well, everyone's lovely. The food's great, the drinks are cold, and at night the beachfront area comes alive with great bars and restaurants. It's the beach so, naturally, the bars make the most of the sea air and hot climate with many spilling out onto the pavements.

Location: East of Port Olympic, easy walking distance of the Gothic Quarter.

QI - Smoking cannabis is legal and can be done in clubs called, ‘Asociaciones Cannabicos’. However, you must be a member.


Las Ramblas - Everything spills out from Las Ramblas, it's the busiest place to visit by day, but for a true taste of the city, it shouldn't be missed.

Nou Camp Tour - It's one of the great footballing cathedrals and home to arguably one of the greatest teams ever to tie their laces. Unmissable.

Bar Hop - Areas like Born are alive with wine shops and bodegas, and you can tour the area visiting a great selection of drinking spots and grab some tapas to keep your energy up.

Get Arty - Barcelona has been home to some of the greatest artists of all time; Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro... Visit one of the many museums or galleries and get cultured!

Go Ghost Fighting - El Fossar de les Moreres graveyard is the final resting place of soldiers from both sides of the Franco Spanish War. At night it is said you can hear the clicking of the bones as they carry on fighting.

Find Brothels - During the medieval period, Papamosques (masks and carvings on buildings) were placed to indicate where brothels were. The knocking shops are long gone, but you can still see many of the carvings.

Sagrada Familia - Having taken over a century to build (longer than the Pyramids!), the project, started in 1882, is still not finished and the architect (Gaudi) didn't leave any complete plans!

QI - The city has 68 parks in total. Handy if they won’t let you have a kickabout at the Nou Camp.

Photo Ops

The Beach - You can't go to Barca and not get some shots chilling on the beach.

Playing Football - It's Barcelona and while the groom isn't exactly Lionel Messi, this is as close as he's likely to get to playing at the Nou Camp so get a shot of him in action.

Park Guell - Totally bonkers, originally planned as a housing project, this huge art installation is one of the maddest parks ever.

Basilica Sagrada Familia - Regardless of your religious leanings, this is an impressive architecture where even novice snappers can get cool shots.

Gothic Quarter - As well as being the best place to party, you can also get great Barcelona stag do team photos. None of the boring, all-sitting-at-a-bar nonsense. There are some cool backdrops and really amazing buildings to get your next album cover shot.

Activities & Challenges

There are so many reasons to love Barcelona: the weather, the food, the culture, way of life, music... but one at the very top of our list is the range of activities! Epic!

Our Barcelona Destination Specialists and Event Managers take regular scouting trips to find the latest and greatest Barcelona stag activities, get the best deals on prices, and also ensure our existing hotels and activities live up to our high standards. That means when you head into action, you can be sure you're getting the best.

QI - The Eiffel Tower was originally designed for Barcelona but the architect’s plans were rejected.

A guide to Barcelona

Freddie sang about it, National Geographic declared it “the No.1 beach city in the world,” and it's home to one of the best football teams of all time, Barcelona is nothing short of legendary. With more top drawer activities than you can shake a hungover groom at, and famed for its party lifestyle, it’s no wonder Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And let’s not forget those sun-kissed senoritas that add to the scenery. If you’re not thinking of a Barcelona stag do then, quite frankly, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Why is a Barcelona stag weekend so hot?

As partying close shaves go, Barcelona really is the best a man can get, and if you plan ahead and book wisely, you can make your weekend the stuff of legend. Like the Spanish knights of old, your friends will be singing tales of your epic exploits upon your heroic return (okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but it’ll certainly be remembered for years to come).

Don’t believe us?

Ok, chaps, let’s look at the basics. There are certain criteria that should be taken into account when booking your ‘do’, and if your destination doesn’t tick enough of these boxes, well then, step away from the maps and let someone else navigate before you lead your mates somewhere like Skegness (Sorry Skegness, we love you, we’re just not in love with you). Does your destination have...

  • Barcelona's epic stag nightlife (that has put it on the “Top 50 Places on the Planet to Party” list)?
  • Stunning senoritas and suitably tanned eye candy for the discerning gentleman?
  • Top drawer Barcelona stag activities right on its doorstep?
  • A chilled out relaxed vibe?
  • Miles of golden beaches?
  • Stylish Barcelona stag do accommodation?
  • Open-air bars with awesome DJs?
  • A sporting history to reflect the athletic prowess of your own stags (suck in your guts and put your inhalers away, guys, people are looking)?

And if your venue doesn’t give you enough yeses, then basically we’re not sure you’re getting it right.

What can’t you do in Barcelona?

In short... Nothing! Whatever time, whatever the mood, Barcelona has a relaxed attitude and party lifestyle to give you everything you need. Plus a tan. The nights when you want to party and can’t decide what kind of music you all want? Don’t worry, you’ll find great open-air venues that have a mix of live music as well as club beats. And for the morning after when your head hurts so badly you can actually hear colour, the soft sandy beaches or quiet shade of Las Ramblas really are a great breakfast tonic for sore heads.

When’s the best time to visit?

It’s Barcelona we’re talking about, so there certainly isn’t a bad time to visit. Barcelona parties all year round and the climate means even in the bleak mid-winter it isn’t particularly bleak. While you might not be lying on the beach all year round, you'll find it a darn sight warmer than Blighty. But it can get busy during the peak school holidays as UK visitors flood in for family package deals, so try to book off-season if you can.

Barcelona sounds great but is it expensive?

Pound for pound, a stag weekend in Barcelona offers great value for money, and if you want to make savings to suit your budget, then you’ve come to the right place.
Getting there... You can actually get budget flights to Barca for less than the price of a tank of petrol.
Book smart... At StagWeb, we’ve been planning epic stag weekends since 2002, and in that time, we have built up strong relationships with hotels and activity providers. Because of the number of stag groups we’ve sent, we get preferential deals that we can pass on to you. While some travel companies might look to pocket the savings, we believe in passing great deals on to our stags. The maths is simple:

If we offer you great value for money and a brilliant weekend, not only will you tell people about it (and us), but the next time you’re booking a stag party, you’ll use StagWeb. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our stag do reviews.

Ok, so a weekend in Barcelona sounds good, how do we find out more?

We’re not going to try and brainwash you or give you a hard sell. Barcelona is herself a seductive temptress who is always happy to greet new friends and lovers, and we’re happy to make that introduction for you. If you’re still not too sure about numbers or want to know more about pricing without having to commit, then you can send a quick enquiry and we’ll crunch the numbers on your behalf and help build a tailor-made package to suit both your party and your pockets.

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