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Let's face it, you only book a Benidorm stag weekend if you are a true party master. This is
the promised land; the best clubs, the craziest bars, the sunniest beaches and the biggest hangovers.

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"...Very efficient and helpful staff making our trip easy and reliable. We had a mad, but brilliant time, and Benidorm certainly lived up to all our expectations and more...."

Benidorm stag weekend -
13/07/2018 -
5/5 stars

1200+ reviews! See more here...

8 Best Benidorm Stag Do Ideas

  1. Foot Golf - A mash-up of two of the greatest sports of all time. Schwiiing!
  2. Bubble Football - Complete footballing anarchy and epic sporting laughs. Game on!
  3. Catamaran Cruise - Join up to 100 guests aboard this stunning party catamaran.
  4. Waterpark - Let your inner child fun free, giant slides, flumes, bars and more…
  5. Go Karts - The ultimate high-speed stag challenge to find the group's top driver.
  6. Paintball - Give the groom a Dulux makeover in this fight to the death/pub.
  7. Theme Park - 150m vertical drop? 100kph rollercoasters? 54m free fall? Oh, it's on!
  8. Boat Charter - Party like A-listers aboard your own private boat.

A Guide To Your Benidorm Stag Weekend

Best bars icon
Best Bars in Benidorm

Café Benidorm - Popular with hens and stags, the 'café' is a slight misnomer for what is a buzzing nightclub and live lounge with guests artists regularly jetting in from Blighty.
Jokers - Another big name with those in the know, Jokers is one of the resorts hottest clubs and part of a group of top venues that includes the legendary Sinatras.
Amigos - Good food, good friends, good drink, good times! Amigos, menu and roof terrace can add a real touch of class to your night out.

Event calendar icon
Event Calendar

July - Low Festival. If you like your music loud and indie the Low Festival really is just the ticket. Top acts from around the world.
July - Neptune. If beats are more your thing Neptune is epic! Big sounds, big name DJs and a massive party crowd.
Aug - Electro Beach. More top dance tunes and special guest DJs bring in the crowds. The daddy of all beach parties.
October - Oktoberfest. While there isn't an official website yet, Benidorm goes Bavarian in October with its own beer fuelled knees up.

"El águila no se entretiene en cazar moscas."
- Spanish Proverb (The eagle doesn't waste time hunting flies.)

Where icon
Where to Head...

Districts - If you're on a Benidorm stag do there's pretty much only one destination worth worrying about. Head to 'the strip' which contains all the biggest and best nightlife. Everything is within walking distance. It can get pretty manic and what with keeping the stags together being a bit like herding kittens it might be worth laying down a few stag forfeits.

Must See... - Benidorm really is all about sun, sand sea and sangria. It's an amazing place to party. If you're really going to make the most of it hitting the beach is a must. It's not only good to work on those pre-wedding tans, but the sea breeze makes a good hangover cure.

Pub Trivia

In the 1950's the town's mayor had a vision to put the sleepy fishing village firmly on the tourist map.
He allowed women to wear bikinis on the beach and the rest is history.
Half a million Brits visit the Costa Blanca every year.
Benidorm has two beaches and 3,400 hours of sunshine each year.
The Celtic language (used in Scotland and Ireland) was spoken in the north of Spain until 1 BC.

Taste icon
A Taste of Benidorm

Eats - Grill House. Situated perfectly between the beach and "the strip", this fantastic steak house serves up man-sized portions of superb Spanish beef. If you're really hungry we'd recommend the monster 'Super Burger'.
Drinks - When in Rome... And in Benidorm you should definitely try the local brews. One rather fine beverage is 'Burning Benidorm'. While we'd hate to see this epic resort on fire, we do love the superb beer.

Getting around icon
On Ya Bike! Getting Around Benidorm

Getting into Benidorm from the airport couldn't be easier, book with StagWeb and we'll arrange it for you!
The town itself is nicely compact and getting around on foot is a doddle, in fact wherever you stroll the beach always seems to end up just 5 minutes away. The best of the nightlife is also easy to find on foot.
If you are heading further afield then you can hop on a bus and certain bus routes run all night long. Travel cards give you unlimited access over a set time period.

Speaking Da Lingo

"Hola" - Hi
"Adios" - Goodbye
"Por Favor" - Please
"Gracias" - Thank you
"Una cervaza por favour" - A beer please
"Dos cervezas por favour" - Two beers please
" Barco lleno de cervezas por favour" - Shed loads of beers please
"El novio va a pagar por todo" - The groom will pay for everything
"Por favor, disculpe mis amigos que normalmente no se les permite salir sin supervisión." - Please excuse my friends, they're not normally allowed out without supervision.
"ESA es una buena burra de aspecto!" - Now THAT'S one nice looking donkey!!!

22 Reasons Why Benidorm Rocks!

KU Benidorm - KU is seriously epic. Big tunes, devilish cocktails and shots that'd make even the most macho lad's eyes water can be found here. With some of the best DJs in Benidorm taking to the decks, this is one club where throwing shapes on the floor is completely acceptable. Discover KU...

Benidorm - ITV's classic comedy series Benidorm is bloody hilarious, even if you were made to watch it by your parents after they'd refuse to change the channel you'd end up chuckling - what's scary is just how right the show gets it at times!

Catamaran Cruises - See the Costa Blanca at point blank range with a chilled out Catamaran Cruise. This really is the way to travel like Bond on your Benidorm stag do, and you can even go swimming and snorkeling in-between eating and drinking your fill of a buffet lunch and a complementary beer or sangria. Read more...

Theme Park - Benidorm boasts the biggest bars, clubs and pools, so naturally, it's got the biggest Theme Park as well. Featuring five epic ‘worlds', Benidorm's premiere park has rides that range from the diminutive and fun to the trouser-compromisingly massive. Discover more...

Scrape the sky - Benidorm has over three hundred sky scrapers, that's more than London and Milan. They've even spaced them out, with each building having its own bit of leisure land to make sure the streets don't seem cramped.

Clean Living - This epic resort is actually incredibly healthy (if you forget the burgers and booze) with warm weather, unpolluted air and some of the cleanest sea waters in Europe. Nice one.

Protected Benidorm? - City officials have stated that they'd like Benidorm to be protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - believe it or not, it's true!

Humble Beginnings - Benidorm was once a simple fishing village before the then Mayor, Pedro Zaragoza transformed the area into a seaside resort to boost the area's economy. Although you can still see the fishermen at work today, providing awesome seafood to local restaurants and markets.

Moroccan Beaches? - Legend would have it that Benidorm's sand had to be imported from Morocco - this is obviously false, although you could be convinced after spending a day on these golden beaches.

Waterpark - A trip to Benidorm's Waterpark is always full of banter, thrills and all round good times as you let your inner child take the controls as you try out all the wet and wild rides the park has to offer. Take on the challenge of the Black Hole, or test your mettle on the hair-raising Vertigo, or perhaps the Lazy River is more your thing? Read more...

Club City - This city is home to more than 200 nightclubs and 1000 bars. Yep, we'll let that sink in. This is a clubbing haven for lads looking for beery good times with their best mates on a Benidorm stag do.

The Ultimate Bar Crawl - 6 hours, 100 people, 8 knowledgeable party reps - this is the ultimate bar crawl. If there was ever a more fitting send off for the condemned man nearly-wed, we haven't found it yet. Read more...

Free the Bikini! - Did you know that Spain once banned bikinis?!?!? Madness, we know, but Pedro Zaragoza struck again with this one, as he managed to convince former Spanish dictator General Franco to lift the ban. We're under no illusions as to how he probably persuaded him...

Jet, set, go - Over 9 million people fly into the resort every year - which means the clubs are consistently packed and there are always plenty of lovely ladies around.

Benidorm CF - If your team of choice is ever performing badly, simply take a look at Benidorm's home side. They dissolved in 2011 after accruing large amounts of debt during previous seasons with money owed to former players and suppliers. Your club's fortunes don't look so rough now, do they?

Penelope - This is where all the party-loving locals and tourists come to get down to the sounds of the city's top DJs. Penelope has an awesome atmosphere, and they've become experts in BIG nights out in their 45 years of clubbing service. Read more...

La Posada - Benidorm's best nights out begin in La Posada. This bar is any lad's paradise, with scorching senoritas, 8-ball pool, and table football to enjoy while you have a few cold ones with the boys before taking your party to the clubs. Find out more...

Café Benidorm - This is everything a Benidorm bar-cum-club should be with plenty of neon lights, big tunes and good times that last from 8pm to 8am the following morning. This is one of the city's most popular tourist spots - meaning it's a great place to meet fellow Briton's abroad.

Rockstar - Heavy-metal stags will love this awesome rock bar where the music is loud, proud and sonically crushing. The city's best bands play here, and there's no better place to enjoy head-banging tunes in Benidorm. Discover more...

Paintballing - Just because you're on a Benidorm stag weekend, it doesn't mean you can't give the lads a Dulux makeover in total paintball warfare. Find out who's a crack shot and who's not - step onto the battlefield and show off your war cry, its game time.

Nightclubbing - Benidorm is an insanely popular destination for nightlife, the clubs and bars are always packed, and getting in to the best places in town can often seem impossible. However, with our guestlist nightclubbing you can beat the queues and even receive VIP treatment once you're in. Read more...

Cabaret Revue Show - Sexy Spanish showgirls in tight costumes, awesome dining options and mind-boggling magicians are just a taste of what you'll find in our fantastic Cabaret Revue Show. The acts here are definitely Britain's Got Talent worthy and they make for the perfect entertainment before that big night out. Find out more...

Top Tweeters - Give Benidorm a follow to discover the latest in entertainment, food and travel information without having to go to the effort of looking for it! Irena in Benidorm will keep you up to date with everything worth your attention on your big weekend - letting you know when and where the best street-food vendors have popped up is a massive bonus!

Facebook - Benidorm Tourism is Facebook's one-stop-shop for everything you want to know about this awesome town - letting you know where the best beaches are, as well as any festivals that'd be worth a look in. British Benidorm is worth a follow for their top travelling tips for Briton's making the trek to Spain, do you know which areas to avoid on a night out? British Benidorm does and they're keen to see you have the best time possible on your stag do.

Benidorm first became popular when its mayor allowed bikinis.

Benidorm, gentlemen... is back!

The buildings are taller, the shows are bigger, happy hour carries you well into the night and your enthusiastic hosts will see your glasses topped up till dawn.  Recent times have seen the big bucks ploughed into the city and with over 2000 bars, pubs and clubs, 300 sun kissed days a year and music, cabaret, and a slice of Britain at its core, the rejuvenated party capital of the Costas brings it home in style.  Take it from us gents, with sun, sea, San Miguel and a whole host of super-clubs on tap, Benidorm promises to be a weekend of epic proportions.

Why a Benidorm stag do we hear you ask?

It's simple... Benidorm.  Can. Party!  The last 7 years have seen the city develop into one of Europe's largest stag and hen destinations.  And that's in no small part thanks to the brilliant foresight of the town's former mayor, whose vision of a thriving Spanish resort laid the foundations for the buzzing party central that now welcomes over 3 million visitors every year.  We salute you sir!

When? The best and busiest of times

With the mercury rising (even in winter it's still incredibly warm Met Office), streets packed with every drinking, dining and entertainment establishment imaginable and a storming line-up of live events across the city there's no denying Benidorm can get busy. And with the festivities come the crowds. But with some careful planning the city is set for an unforgettable Benidorm stag do any time of the year.

Never more is the Latin party spirit in force than when the city's festivals hit the streets. From the 60,000 revellers rocking to the likes of Kasabian, Placebo, Portishead, Belle and Sebastian and Suede at July's 'Low Cost' indie festival to November's annual Benidorm Fiesta, which sees the city transformed into a sea of colour and celebrations.  The week-long event takes partying to epic heights when live music, midnight concerts, all manner of processions, outdoor theatre, street performers and a pretty impressive firework finale prove that when it comes to putting on a show, Benidorm means business.

How? Getting to Benidorm

Flights from any UK airport will find you in Costa Blanca in approximately two hours. Transfers are available from the airport to the city, with Alicante to Benidorm taking roughly 45 minutes by road.

Where? Location, location, location...

Playa Levante is a haven of night-time activity with its trendy beachfront clubs, themed bars, tourist eateries, home-style English food and live music. When it's time to feed the masses top nod has to go to the laid back foodie heaven that is Old Town. The narrow streets offer everything from tapas and local Jamon to Dutch, French and Chinese cuisines. Not forgetting the stalwart favourite of the locals, a good old fashioned fry-up! The hub of the city's stag and hen nightlife centres around the 'English Zone', the British bars and clubs of the Calle Mallorca (The Square), where live bands, DJs and an endless supply of karaoke mics blast out the soundtrack to the evening's activities.

What? Getting in on the action

Benidorm is home to people of 160 different nationalities.

Benidorm won't just deliver on the nightlife, the city's quality facilities and rugged landscape provide a wealth of opportunity for action-packed daytime activities too.  Ultra-competitive stags can separate the men from the boys with all-out warfare on the paintball field, or battle it out for pole position with head-to-head action at the go kart track (and it's a good one gents, home to national racing and with super karts that reach up to 90kph, the asphalt takes no prisoners). The thrill seekers among you can experience the rush of the mountains racing by with a day's downhill biking, or for something a little less energetic but still guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping head to Terra Mitica, where Spain's answer to Alton Towers will keep the boys happy with over 50 monster rides to choose from. For a more sedate introduction to the stag weekend enjoy a laugh over a morning's pitch and putt and then head for some R&R at the region's top spa.

How much? A Benidorm stag budget

Top value stag weekends don't get much better than Benidorm.  Yes the city is a massively popular tourist destination and as with all tourist hotspots prices can certainly rise at peak times. But there's no shortage of affordable entertainment on offer and whether you'd like us to build you a unique bespoke weekend or you want to take advantage of our ready-made packages we're confident we can offer a stag do in Benidorm to suit every pocket.

And now?

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