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Beaches, bars and brilliant activities, a Benidorm stag weekend is where seasoned partiers come to let loose. Give the groom a Herculean send-off and celebrate in style in Spain's party capital. Organising a stag can be a right pain, so be sure to take the stress out of the planning with StagWeb!

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A Guide To Your Benidorm Stag Weekend

Best bars in Benidorm
Best Bars in Benidorm

You don’t need us to tell you there are plenty of places to drink in Benidorm, but we can let you in on a few secrets to the town’s best bars.

People come from all over the world to visit the banging bars down the Levante Beach Boulevard – otherwise known as the strip. At night it comes alive, but don’t miss out on day-drinking opportunities over a chilled game of pool, cabaret show or… bingo.

“The Square” (the area around Avenida Mallorca) promises a more relaxed evening or day hangout with plentiful outdoor stag-friendly seating. Benidorm has a great party scene and down in Benidorm Old Town, you’ll find an electric mix of bars offering every tipple you can imagine!

"El águila no se entretiene en cazar moscas."
- Spanish Proverb (The eagle doesn't waste time hunting flies.)

Where to Visit in Benidorm

Districts - If you're on a Benidorm stag do there's pretty much only one destination worth worrying about. Head to 'the strip' which contains all the biggest and best nightlife. Everything is within walking distance. It can get pretty manic and what with keeping the stags together being a bit like herding kittens it might be worth laying down a few stag forfeits.

Must see...

Benidorm really is all about sun, sea, sand and sangria. It's an amazing place to party. If you're really going to make the most of it, hitting the beach is a must. It's not only good to work on those pre-wedding tans, but the sea breeze makes a good hangover cure.

Pub Trivia

In the 1950s the town's mayor had a vision to put the sleepy fishing village firmly on the tourist map.
He allowed women to wear bikinis on the beach and the rest is history.
Half a million Brits visit the Costa Blanca every year.
Benidorm has two beaches and 3,400 hours of sunshine each year.
The Celtic language (used in Scotland and Ireland) was spoken in the north of Spain until 1 BC.

Getting Around Benidorm

Getting into Benidorm from the airport couldn't be easier, book with StagWeb and we'll arrange it for you!

The town itself is nicely compact and getting around on foot is a doddle, in fact, wherever you stroll, the beach always seems to end up just 5 minutes away. The best of the nightlife is also easy to find on foot. If you are heading further afield then you can hop on a bus, certain bus routes run all night long. Travel cards give you unlimited access over a set time period.

Getting around Benidorm

"Hola" - Hi
"Adios" - Goodbye
"Por Favor" - Please
"Gracias" - Thank you
"Una cervaza, por favor" - A beer, please
"Dos cervezas, por favor" - Two beers, please
" Barco lleno de cervezas, por favor" - Shed loads of beers, please
"El novio va a pagar por todo" - The groom will pay for everything
"Por favor, disculpe mis amigos que normalmente no se les permite salir sin supervisión." - Please excuse my friends, they're not normally allowed out without supervision.
"ESA es una buena burra de aspecto!" - Now THAT'S one nice looking donkey!!!

Benidorm Stag Do Trip Tips!


Almost every major UK international airport will have direct flights (be sure to check first!) ranging from 2 and a half to 3 hours depending on where you’re flying from in the UK.

  • Flights to Benidorm from Heathrow - 2hr 30m
  • Flights to Benidorm from Birmingham - 2hr 40m
  • Flights to Benidorm from Glasgow - 3hr 5m

Benidorm itself doesn’t have an airport, so you need to fly to Alicante-Elche which is 58 kilometres south and get transfers from Alicante to Benidorm which is a doddle if you book in advance (speak to one of our team about adding this to your quote).

Benidorm Transfers

Benidorm airport transfers will take around 40 minutes and are the easiest way of getting to your accommodation as you’ll be able to quickly negotiate the airport and hop into to your private vehicle which will be ready and waiting to whisk you off so you can kickstart the party. You could also get a bus from the airport to Benidorm regularly running throughout the day.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

Similar to the UK, tipping in Benidorm restaurants, it’s reasonable to give 5-10% gratuity if the service was good. In bars, you could tip a euro or two depending on the price of your beverage!

Is Benidorm Good for a Stag Do?

Benidorm is synonymous with good times, good vibes, and a colossal party scene. With incredible weather, loads of fantastic activities and bouncing nightlife, it ticks all the boxes for the groom’s big weekend away.

Benidorm Beer Prices

In a large proportion of bars you can expect to get a beer for around €1.50, but that can vary depending on what kind of bar you’re in. Benidorm Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 16/7
  • February – 17/7
  • March – 19/9
  • April – 21/11
  • May – 24/17
  • June – 28/14
  • July – 31/17
  • August – 32/22
  • September – 29/18
  • October – 25/15
  • November – 21/11
  • December – 18/8
48 Hours to Party in Benidorm

Sun, sand, sea (although sadly no more Sticky Vicky), Benidorm is where the true partygoers head for the groom’s big send-off! With brilliant bars, sun-drenched beaches and loads of awesome activities, it’s a stag do paradise!


The plane skids to a halt meaning you’ve officially touched down in Benidorm! Don your sombreros, slap on the sun cream and inflate the groom’s pink armbands; it’s time to kickstart the party. Quickly head to the hotel, drop off all your clobber and bounce on out for a weekend of stag-sized adventures!

48 hours in Benidorm
Activity No.1 – Bubble Football

It’s any footy fan’s dream to play a game abroad and now is your chance… although, this has a slight stag do twist! This is the beautiful game, but not as you know it! This is the beautiful game after too much sugar, covered in glitter and fired out of a cannon! It’s crazy, chaotic and downright hilarious. Throw on your bubble suits and get bouncing, gents. May the best stag/s win!


After teaching the groom a sporting lesson, it’s time to freshen up and see what Benidorm’s famous party scene has in stock! First things first, you wanna make the most of that bright yellow thing in the sky that never seems to bother with Blighty anymore, so you and the boys head to an epic beachfront bar for some Paella and Beers as you chillout stag-style before your big night out!

Smashed Bar Crawl

This is how you party on your first night in Benidorm. The Smashed Bar Crawl is the daddy of all bar crawls and sees over 100 like-minded partygoers head off on a monumental stomp around some of the biggest and best bars about! Prepare yourselves, gents, it’s gonna be a big one!

48 hours in Benidorm
Bar Crawl Accomplished

Well, one thing is for sure, Benidorm knows how to party… and then some! Everyone got involved in the hilarious party games, the groom was throwing some outrageous shapes, even his weird cousin said something which was remotely interesting. A successful first evening in Benidorm!

The Morning

Waking up with a hangover in the scorching Spanish heat would be unbearable, but luckily the best man was savvy enough to book up a room through StagWeb which came fitted with air-con. What a lifesaver! No time to waste lying about, though, gents! Let’s get up and at it for another epic day in the ‘Dorm!

Activity No.2 – Jet Skiing

There’s no point coming to an awesome coastal resort and not taking part in some awesome water-based stag activities. You and the boys head to the shore where you’ll carve up the coastal waters aboard your own Jet Skis – very James Bond! Make sure the groom’s got his armbands on, he won’t be used to having something this powerful between his legs [insert your own jokes here].


After you’ve all dried off and the groom’s slipped off for a quick underwear change (don’t ask!), it’s just about time for a bite to eat before your awesome afternoon activity… and it truly is something special, gents!

Activity No.3

This is how to treat the groom on your big trip to Benidorm… with your very own Private Catamaran Charter! Yes, you and the boys will hop aboard this incredible vessel and set sail for an afternoon of partying. There’s a state-of-the-art sound system where you can blast your own tunes, unfortunately, the groom has got hold of it and slapped on his four-hour S Club 7 playlist! Some switch it, quick!

48 hours in Benidorm

What an afternoon! That’s what you call living the high life, gents! Time to get back on dry land, grab some food and head out for your final night of partying. You and the boys plump off for a Three-course Italian as you get set for a colossal night in Benidorm.

Lap Dancing

You decided to see the weekend off in style - by treating the groom to one final look at what he’ll be missing before he takes the long old trudge into married life. As well as being an epic surprise for the groom, it’s a sure-fire winner with the rest of the guys! The perfect way to secure your places in the stag do history books.

The Final Morning

You wake slightly worse for wear, but you don’t really care! You’ve gone hard and conquered the Benidorm stag weekend, and given the groom a send-off he won’t be forgetting in a hurry! Time to head to the airport and get back to Blighty!

48 hours in Benidorm
Benidorm? Completed it!

Home-Bittersweet-Home! Although it’s nice to be back in Britain, it pains you to say goodbye to Benidorm because it was an incredible host for your big weekend away. Goodbye for now, we’re sure it won’t be the last time!

Benidorm – the land of a thousand bars and endless "Let's never speak of this again" nights out that inevitably someone will talk about again. With some of the best bars in Europe, towering skyscrapers, stunning beaches and hours of glorious sunshine, it's the perfect place for the big weekend. Head on a bar crawl, treat the boys to some lap dancing at one of their famous strip clubs, party on through ‘til sunrise, this 24 hour stag playground is your oyster!

QI - Benidorm became popular after the mayor made it the first city to lift the ban bikinis.
Oh happy days!

Old Town

Traditional white-walled houses, cobbled streets and bars, like Michael Caine surveying the charging Zulus, "Thousands of them...". Well, there are hundreds for sure. Bars, pubs, live music venues, theme bars, tapas restaurants, burger joints, pizza places. Passeig de la Carretera is the main route, packed with shoppers by day and party people by night, which runs down to the beach. The Old Town is also home to El Mirador de la Punta del Canfali, the castle lookout point and the perfect place for a stag team photo.


The New Town district, Levante is modern and cosmopolitan, packed with brilliant bars and restaurants. It’s also a great place to start a big night out and has launched many a Benidorm stag do. With everything from cabaret bars and karaoke, so you can get musical, there's also a huge selection of British grub on offer if you can't persuade all the guys to try something a little more continental. Levante is also home to English Square, drinks around here are very cheap and the party crowd tend to be mostly British. If it's live music you're after, check out Daytona and Heartbreak which both feature live bands.

Rincon de Loix

Home to the famous Benidorm Palace (it's a show and nightlife venue, not a small castle) and yes, there are more bars (this is Benidorm!). The Rock and Roll House has great live bands and tribute acts. Many venues sit overlooking the beach making this a nice spot to start or end the night, raising a glass to the groom, enjoying the sunset and reminding him that his best years are now officially behind him. Because that's what friends are for.


Slightly further away, this is where you're more likely to find locals in the bars rather than tourists. Slightly quieter than the famous Old Town and streets like Avenida Madrid, it's actually a really nice walk along the seafront during your Benidorm stag weekend to get to Poniente, and you will find a slightly older crowd away from the midnight revellers of English Square.

QI - Can't find room to lay out your beach towel?
Keep walking, Costa Blanca has 200 kilometres of coastline to choose from.


Skyscrapers - The town considers itself the Manhattan of Spain. It certainly does have some pretty impressive erections (oh come on, you're better than that!), including the 192-metre Intempo, one of Spain's tallest buildings.

English Square - The perfect place to party at night and still a pretty cool place to see by day, with plenty of handy places to grab a bite, you can treat those Benidorm stag do hangovers and piece together the events of the night before.

Benidorm Zoo - Yes, if animals are your thing, there is a large zoo with lions and tigers and bears.

The Old Town - During the day you can still see the charm of the original fishing village with cobbled streets, white-walled buildings and traditional Spanish food.

Calle Santo Domingo - Known as 'Tapas Alley', you can literally eat your way from one end to the other. Now THAT's how you do sightseeing!

The Beaches - A great place to head to conquer those hangovers and top up those tans!

Waterpark - Unleash your inner child and just go nuts! See exactly what awaits you in the waterpark.

Festivals - Benidorm has a number of awesome music festivals throughout the year. Ask our team for details of the best times to hit the resort.

QI - 'Costa Blanca' isn't actually a Spanish term, it was dreamt up by British European Airways as an advertising gimmick to attract more British tourists.

Photo Ops

Placa del Castell - The 'place of the castle' is where the former castle that protected Alicante from pirate raider and invaders is located. The views are immense. There are also big canons because, you know – the gun show. It also leads on to El Mirador.

El Mirador de la Punta del Canfali - This lookout point juts out to sea and is an ideal spot for those team photos with blue skies and crystal-clear seas in the background.

La Cruz - The cross of Benidorm sits to the West overlooking the resort. Originally put in place in 1961 to absolve the resort of its sins, it is undoubtedly the best view of the area. The 45-minute hike means very few tourists see it, but it’s well worth the trip.

The Beaches - Yep, it's back to the beach so you can show off your beach-ready bods and Instagram the results.

QI - In Europe, only London and Milan have more skyscrapers than Benidorm.

Benidorm Activities & Challenges

If we were to get all poetic about it, "Oh Benidorm, how do we love thee, let us count the ways... Hundreds!" Yes, there are hundreds of reasons to love Benidorm: the hundreds of bars, the beaches, and right up there with the very best of them are the activities and challenges.

Boat trips, theme parks, private catamaran charters, escape rooms, BBQ & booze, foot golf, beachside party bars, speedboats, paintball, and so much more is all waiting for you. But you don't have to take on the headache of piecing it all together, our friendly team are on hand to help you squeeze the most fun into your weekend. With our years of experience and contacts in Benidorm, plus our heavy buying power (flexing our big boy muscles), we can help you get the best deals and save you money. Plus you can get complete ABTA protection while putting your feet up and letting us do the hard work for you.

Benidorm, gentlemen, is back!

The buildings are taller, the shows are bigger, happy hour carries you well into the night, and your enthusiastic hosts will see your glasses topped up 'til dawn. Recent times have seen the big bucks ploughed into the city and with over 2000 bars, pubs and clubs; 300 sun-kissed days a year; and music, cabaret, and a slice of Britain at its core; the rejuvenated party capital of the Costas brings it home in style. Take it from us – with sun, sea, San Miguel and a whole host of bouncing bars on tap, Benidorm promises to be a weekend of epic proportions.

Why choose a Benidorm stag do?

It's simple... Benidorm. Can. Party! The last few years have seen the city develop into one of Europe's largest stag and hen destinations. And that's in no small part thanks to the brilliant foresight of the town's former mayor, whose vision of a thriving Spanish resort laid the foundations for the buzzing party central that now welcomes over 3 million visitors every year. We salute you, sir!

When is the best time to go on a Benidorm stag do?

With the mercury rising (even in winter it's still incredibly warm), streets packed with every drinking, dining and entertainment establishment imaginable, and a storming line-up of live events across the city, there's no denying Benidorm can get busy. And with the festivities come the crowds. But with some careful planning, the city is set for an unforgettable Benidorm stag do any time of the year.

Nevermore is the Latin party spirit in force than when the city's festivals hit the streets. From the 60,000 revellers rocking to the likes of Kasabian, Placebo, Portishead, Belle and Sebastian, and Suede, at July's low-cost indie festival, to November's annual Benidorm Fiesta, which sees the city transformed into a sea of colour and celebrations. The week-long event takes partying to epic heights when live music, midnight concerts, all manner of processions, outdoor theatre, street performers and a pretty impressive firework finale prove that, when it comes to putting on a show, Benidorm means business.

How? Getting to Benidorm

Flights from any UK airport will find you in Costa Blanca in approximately two hours. Airport transfers are available to the city, with Alicante to Benidorm taking roughly 45 minutes by road.

Where to go on a Benidorm stag do?

Playa Levante is a haven of night-time activity with its trendy beachfront clubs, themed bars, tourist eateries, home-style English food and live music. When it's time to feed the masses, the top nod has to go to the laidback foodie heaven that is Old Town. The narrow streets offer everything from tapas and local Jamon to Dutch, French and Chinese cuisines. Not forgetting the stalwart favourite of the locals: a good old fashioned fry-up! The hub of the city's stag and hen nightlife centres around the 'English Zone', the British bars and clubs of the Calle Mallorca (The Square), where live bands, DJs and an endless supply of karaoke mics blast out the soundtrack to the evening's activities.

What to do on a Benidorm stag do?

You won't be disappointed by Benidorm stag do nightlife, the city boasts a range of epic bars which stay open until sunrise. Whilst you're there, you can't miss out on Benidorm's biggest stag challenges. Ultra-competitive stags can separate the men from the boys with all-out warfare on the paintball field or battle it out for pole position with head-to-head action at the go kart track (and it's a good one, gents, home to national racing with super karts that reach up to 90kph. The asphalt takes no prisoners!). The thrill-seekers amongst you can experience the rush of the mountains racing by with a day's mountain biking or, for something a little less energetic but still guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping, head to Terra Mitica where Spain's answer to Alton Towers will keep the boys happy with over 50 monster rides to choose from.

Is Benidorm cheap for a stag do?

Top value stag weekends don't get much better than Benidorm. Yes, the city is a massively popular tourist destination, and as with all tourist hotspots prices can certainly rise at peak times. But there's no shortage of affordable entertainment on offer, and whether you'd like us to build you a unique, bespoke weekend or you want to take advantage of our ready-made packages, we're confident we can offer a stag do in Benidorm to suit every pocket.

And now?

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