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Berlin is easily one of the most pulsating, happening cities in the world it might have had a bit of a slow start in the stag stakes with the Berlin Wall ruining a lot of people's fun, but once it came down there was a cultural explosion across the city, transforming it from a divided relic of the cold war in to the thriving metropolitan centre point of Europe and more importantly, in to one of the biggest, busiest cities to take a stag do to. Aside from all the nightclubs, restaurants, entertainment and art around the city, StagWeb offers a range of Berlin stag activities to keep you and the boys busy during the day too. We've got all the traditional stag weekend staples like clay shooting or paintballing available, as well as some a little more unusual for if you and the lads want to push to boat out a little and go for something a bit different.

Don't mention the score

One of the best parts of stag activities in Berlin is getting to engage in a little friendly competition with your mates and finding out whose banter is all brag and who has the goods to back it up. If you're interested in indulging your competitive side try a Trabant Rally, a uniquely German motorsport. Germany has always been at the forefront of car manufacturing with driving giants like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porshe having made their tracks on the country. Racing around in a 56mph rickety Volkswagen substitute might not seem the best way to honour this motoring pedigree but the persistent, relentless little Trabants will give you a racing experience we guarantee you won't find anywhere else. 5-a-Side might not be an activity so unique to Berlin, but there's not a better country to have a quick game of footie in than Germany. We might not be exactly crushing the competition in recent years but the legend of our 1966 win lives on, if only in our minds.

Berlin Bier

Strictly speaking, Germans didn't invent beer (thank you, Ancient Mesopotamia), but they were probably the first Europeans to get in on the act, so they've had longer than the rest of us to perfect a pint. They haven't wasted time either - when a country needs lists of the top beer festivals, you know they're taking their alcohol seriously. It's practically a requirement for you and the boys to get in on the act whilst in Berlin, and StagWeb has a variety of ways for you to enjoy a cool glass of the beverage. A brewery tour is a perfect way for connoisseurs to try some of the best German beer around, as well as learning a little more about the process that turns the sort of barley and grains usually found in Gwyneth Paltrow's pantry into something we actually want to drink. A few hours passed at the Beer Stock Exchange is a brilliant way to make sure your drinking dough goes that much further and turns ordering a drink into a kind of competition - two of our favourite things in one. An in-depth knowledge of market trading isn't necessary… and probably not possible after a few beers anyway. And beer bicycles are taking off with stag parties all over Europe, and with good reason - they're a hell of a lot of fun. It's social, it's exploratory, and it's a bicycle you can drink beer on. What's not to love?

So why StagWeb?

There's a lot to do in terms of Berlin stag activities but - unless you're all secretly fluent German speakers tracking it all down, booking yourselves in, and figuring out how to get there can be a real pain in the Arsch. StagWeb has done a lot of the legwork for you; we've already found the best stag activities in Berlin, and we can get you booked in and ready to go - all we're waiting for is you. Our packages come with everything organised for you: hotels, transport, and the stuff to keep you busy day and night, and are designed so that the timings will give you the maximum amount of time to enjoy the city, and less time experiencing the wonders of the German public transport system. They don't have to deplete your stash of Euros either, with packages like the Best Of Berlin proving really budget friendly, and including activities like the beer stock exchange, as well as a Bavarian Feast to soak up all the excess alcohol. If you're planning a few Berlin stag activities, we can help you and the lads have a weekend that's totally fantastisch!

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