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Our Berlin Stag Reviews

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Ich Bin Ein Bier Drinker

Beers. Bars. Currywursts. Clubs. Karaoke. Kebabs. Football. Food Festivals... a Berlin stag do is ELITE. Forget the stress. Two-foot tackle the hassle. With StagWeb, you'll avoid all the planning madness and we'll help you cement your place in the Best Man Hall of Fame. Are you in for Berlin?

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Berlin Menu

Our Berlin Stag Do Guide

  • Country Germany
  • Language German
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 4.00 EUR
  • Airport Berlin Brandenburg Airport
  • Flight Duration 1h 55m
  • National Dish Currywurst
  • Airport to Centre 27.7 km

10 of the Best Berlin Stag Do Activities

  1. Berlin Beer Bike - Hit the streets of Berlin on your own pedal-powered boozer!
  2. Absinthe Tasting - This one will put hairs on your eyeballs! Can you handle the 'sinthe?
  3. Hot Rods - Tour the city in true stag-style in these mini one-man hot rods!
  4. Target Shooting - Put your sharpshooting skills to the ultimate test. Lock and load, gents!!
  5. Paintballing - A firm stag favourite for a reason. Paintballing is fierce, fast-paced and funny AF.
  6. Trabant Rally - Petrol heads can get their weekend fix as you take on a range of street rally stages.
  7. Oil Wrestling - Stag Prank: two hot strippers wrestling... and then the groom gets roped in!
  8. Escape Room - 60 minutes. 1 room. A load of hungover stags. Do you have what it takes to escape?!
  9. Footy Tickets - Tick a European game off the Football Bucket List with a Hertha or Union match.
  10. Oktoberfest - This beer-drinking festival needs absolutely NO introduction.
Berlin stag do activities

Where to go for a stag do in Berlin

Where to go for a Berlin stag do

If you hadn't already noticed, Berlin is BIG!

You don't want to book the wrong place and find yourselves miles away from where the party's at.

Let us help you plan that big Berlin stag weekend and we'll ensure you'll be perfectly positioned to fire on out for that big night on the town.

Berlin's Party Districts

  • Mitte - Mitte ("Middle") is the central party zone which is great for late nights with its top-class pubs, bars, and clubs.
  • Kreuzberg - Just south of Mitte is the techno party region that also boasts a load of great casual bars.
  • Friedrichshain - Attached to Kreuzberg on the other side of the River Spree - this section has some of the city's biggest techno and open-air clubs.
  • Prenzlauer Berg - Slightly north of Friedrichshain, you'll find Prenzlauer Berg, which has a load of casual bars for some casual beers.

For all the latest news and info on Berlin's best nightlife, head to the Visit Berlin website where you'll get the lowdown on the best places to head.

Where to Go in Mitte

  • Hackescher Markt - This place has loads of restaurants as well as a number of bars and clubs.
  • Oranienburger Straße - A lively street just off Hackescher Markt with loads of boozers to hit up.
  • Tiergarten - An expansive park with loads of waterside bars - ideal for when the sun's shining!

Where to Go in Kreuzberg

  • Oranienstraße - Not to be confused with Oranienburger Straße in Mitte. This street in Kreuzberg boasts some of the best clubs in the city.

Where to Go in Friedrichshain

  • River Spree - In and around the River Spree, you'll find some of the biggest techno clubs in Berlin.
  • Revaler Street - There are also a number of bars and clubs situated on Revaler Street and Warschauer Pl., too.

Partying in Berlin: Advice!

100% have a look at our Berlin Nightlife Advice blog for all the info you need about nights out in Berlin including dress codes, door policies and more.

Things to do in Berlin for a Stag Party!

As well as our Berlin stag activities, Berlin offers up loads to do for a group of stags.

7 Must-See/Must-Do Things for Stags When They Visit Berlin:

  • Brandenburg Gate - Iconic. Right in the centre. Great place for a squad photo. You can't miss it.
  • Berlin Wall - Historic. Head to Kreuzberg and see some en route. Look out for the famous Brezhnev/Honecker kiss.
  • Checkpoint Charlie - Don't miss it. The official passing point of the Berlin Wall is another must-visit.
  • The Reichstag - The German equivalent of the Houses of Parliament. It's right by Brandenburg Gate, so kill two birds.
  • Berliner Fersehturm (TV Tower) - You'll be able to see this far and wide. It has a viewing platform if you fancy heading up it.
  • Oberbaumbrücke - This awesome double-decker bridge is a great view from the bar nearby. It's also right by the famous Berlin Wall kiss.
  • Tiergarten - If the sun's blazing, head to Tiergarten. Loads of waterside boozers, places to chill and some top sights.
Berlin stag do must-do things

For more Berlin must-see things, head to Lonely Planet's best things to do in Berlin page for the full lowdown.

Berlin Stag Do Reviews

See what other party legends said about their big weekends on our stag reviews page.

And, if you want to read more about us before getting our help, check out our Trustpilot page.

Quickfire Berlin Stag Do FAQs

Is Berlin good for nightlife?

Berlin has one of the best - if not the best - nights out in the whole of Europe. So, yeah. Saying its nightlife is 'Good' is like saying scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final was 'Alright'.

What area of Berlin is the best for nightlife?

Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, no doubt. Mitte is more mainstream, whilst Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are more alternative and techno. Worth trying them all if you get the chance.

Is Berlin expensive?

Compared to some of its big European counterparts like London and Paris, it is definitely cheaper. It is often referred to as the cheapest capital in the West of Europe. However, it is still a capital city, so budget for that.

How much is a pint of beer in Berlin?

You'll be able to pick up a decent beer for around €4-€5. In more upmarket joints, expect to pay more.

How much money do I need for 3 days in Berlin?

Well, it depends! If you're trying to do things on the cheap, maybe budget for €60-€70 a day. €80-€100 a day will probably give you the room to not worry about anything. Just budget. Have a couple of cheaper meals. And be a little bit sensible!

What is the best month to visit Berlin?

Anytime from the end of April through until the end of September is great if you're looking for warmer weather. However, Berlin is a belting city to visit all year round with loads of beer festivals, events, and parties happening in the 'off-season,' too.

Is Berlin a walkable city?

Yes and no - again, it depends. If you're sticking to your district, you'll be able to walk from A to B. If you need to head further afield (e.g. for the footy), there are a load of transport links including trains, trams, buses, taxis - all the hits. Walking around is a great way to see the sights, though!

Top Tip: The open-top tour buses are a great way to get around the city. They're about €20 for 24 hours, but they go to all the biggest sights in the city, and you can hop on and off as you please.

Berlin Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Opened on October 31st 2020, Berlin Brandenburg Airport is now the main airport. It is located 27km from the city centre. There are direct train routes straight from the airport to the city centre which will cost you under €5 - much cheaper than hopping in a taxi.

The average flight time from London is under 2 hours.

For more info and a load of tips about booking flights for the stag do, visit that link and remove all the pain out of proceedings.

Where to Stay on a Berlin Stag Do

You don't want to book somewhere up miles away from where the party's at.

Yes, forget spending your euros on expensive taxi rides to get anywhere.

We've got a range of the best stag-friendly stays in the heart of the best party regions.

Check out our Berlin stag do accommodation page for more info on the best stag stays.

Other German Party Destinations

Berlin vs. Hamburg

Hamburg is a hugely popular alternative to Berlin with the party district of the Reeperbahn pulling people in from far and wide.

It was actually more popular than Berlin for a number of years, but now more people are hitting up the capital again.

See what a Hamburg stag do has to say.

Berlin vs. Munich

Munich is on the rise.

The home of Oktoberfest. The home of one of Europe's greatest football teams. The home of legendary stag adventures.

Check out all there is to know about a Munich stag weekend before you commit to anything.

Berlin vs. Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a little bit different and a whole lot awesome.

Yes, not a famous stag city but a cracking alternative to its traditional party rivals and a great place to explore.

Tap this for all the lowdown on a Dusseldorf stag do.

Berlin vs. Cologne

The atmosphere at a Köln match is a must for any football connoisseur.

Add to that the fact that the Nurburgring is within driving distance and you'll be in for an insane weekend.

Have a gander at all there is to offer on a Cologne stag do.

Top Alternatives to a Berlin Stag Do


Prague is a firm favourite for stags and has a lot of similarities to Berlin.

Not too expensive, great beers, insane party atmosphere - it is definitely one to consider.

Tap here for the lowdown on a big Prague stag weekend.


Budapest is TOP CLASS.

With similar vibes to Prague, don't overlook this one if you're still undecided on your final destination.

Check out what a Budapest stag do is saying.


If you decide against going abroad, Bristol is probably the UK version of Berlin.

It has all the classic stag stuff you'd want, plus the alternative edge that the German capital also has.

Check out our Bristol stag do offerings right now.

What's the Food like in Berlin?

Kebabs, currywursts and Schnitzel are the perfect hat trick of Berlin cuisine you need to try on the main man's big weekend away.

The Kebabs

  • These aren't like UK kebabs. These are suped-up and stuffed to the brim with fresh, fantastic and f***ing tasty ingredients
  • Ideal before, after or even in the middle of a big night out


  • Another night-out favourite, currywurst is the king of Berlin cuisine
  • Cheap, cheerful and certifiably delicious


  • Resembling a big flat chicken nugget, this veal slice is cracking with a side of potatoes and a pint
  • If you head for a sit-down meal, defo give it a go

How to Book your Berlin Stag Do

Once you've had a look at all the activities and nightlife options, send us a speedy enquiry and we'll get to work building your weekend.

We'll then send you the quote with a breakdown of your stag and we can work with you to ensure it meets your exact needs.

Don't hang about.

Things book up super fast, especially in peak seasons, so be sure to get in early before someone else beats you to it.

Your Money's Safe with StagWeb!

Yes. When booking your Berlin stag do, it's not just your money you're responsible for, it's everyone's.

Here at StagWeb, we're fully ABTA bonded, which means we're held to the strictest practices and guidelines to ensure you're fully protected.

For more info, visit our ABTA page.

Berlin Travel Advice!

For all the latest travel advice and information for Berlin, head to the Gov website and make sure nothing catches you out on the groom's big weekend in Germany.

Choosing Your Berlin Stag Activities

Berlin is absolutely STACKED when it comes to legendary stag adventures.

The only hurdle you and the boys will have to overcome is those sore heads from the night before.

Whether that means getting back on the horse with our insanely popular beer bike, whether you want to sweat it out with a frantic paintball battle, or whether you want to hit up the water park to really blast those hangovers into oblivion - there's something for every group.

Top Tips for Picking Your Berlin Activities

  • Consider Who's Going - If you're a fit group of lads in your late 20s/early 30s, you'll be able to take on and conquer any of the activities above. However, if there are some dads/uncles/older mates going, maybe go for something more chilled like a brewery tour!
  • Definitely Consider The Night Before - If you're partying until sunrise, you're not going to want to get up at nine o'clock for a high ropes course. Be realistic. Maybe do some more active stuff on the first day, then take it easy when the hangovers hit.
  • Do Something Different - If you're going to the effort of heading to Berlin for the groom's big weekend, don't just do the same things you could do back in the UK. Try something different like a Hot Rods city tour or watch Hertha or Union Berlin play.

How Many Activities Should You Do in a Day?

As many as you like... well, within reason. You're not going to be able to fit in 30.

We would recommend doing three at most, so you give yourselves enough time to get some food and gear up for that big night out.

But it depends on loads of factors:

  • How long the activity is
  • How far away the activity is
  • What time the activity starts/ends

If you're stuck for ideas, our Berlin specialist will work with you to build a weekend that's spot on for you and the boys.

Send us your speedy Berlin enquiry today with a rough idea of what you want, and we'll get to work putting it all together.

Are Your Activities Central?

A lot will be, but some of the bigger, more extravagant activities will be slightly further afield.

Don't fret, though. We'll be able to advise you on this and help sort transport if necessary.

Need Some More Inspiration?

Check out our readymade Berlin stag do packages that are already priced up and ready to book.

These are all built based on our most popular Berlin activity combinations, so, essentially, they're built by other stags just like you.

Create your epic stag package!

Less Hassle. More Fun.

Build your stag!
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