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8 Best Berlin Stag Do Ideas

  1. Beer Bicycle - A pub on wheels, pour as you pedal.
  2. Hot Rods - Hit the streets in your epic stag mobiles.
  3. Target Shooting - The most adrenaline-pumping activity.
  4. Paintballing - Utter stag carnage, a classic for a reason.
  5. Trabant Rally - Gear yourselves up for an awesome street rally.
  6. Oil Wrestling - Stag Prank: two hot strippers wrestling… and then the groom gets roped in!
  7. Tank Driving - Obstacle course tank racing. All sorts of chaos.
  8. Absinthe Tasting - This one will put hairs on your eyeballs.

A Guide To Your Berlin Stag Weekend

Epic Activities!

Go Karting while popular in the UK get’s an extra twist with a superb circuit in Berlin. Another of our most popular Berlin activities involves Germany’s most celebrated gift to the world, sit in the pub or see the sights? Well with a Beer Bike you can do both! However, if you prefer your thrills with a bigger splash our Kayak Tour is nothing short of epic!

Where to Drink in Berlin

Berlin has our hearts and our wallets when it comes to the amazing range of bars. It’s a stag party haven and a guaranteed winner no matter what your group’s vibe.

Mitte (“middle”) lies in the heart of the city and boasts some banging places for late-night drinking escapades. You’ll be at the party epicentre here and it is a great place to start the night.

Friedrichshain is famed for its grungy atmosphere and is where you’ll find an eclectic mix of punky places to drink. It’s proper Berlin where all the gems are down the weirdest looking back alleys. Trust.

Kreuzberg is arty and the casual bars make for a great day-drinking session. It’s all street art, edgy food stalls and student-price deals. Not to be missed if you’re a group of stags with a 2:1 beard ratio!

"Berlin is a pulsing, exciting city with so many varied and distinctive neighbourhoods, iconic history all around, great food at all levels and from every corner of the world ... an excellent place to set up camp and make a great record."

Where to Head...


Berlin is a party that loves to party. In fact, it’s impossible to go to Berlin and not have an amazing time. As an early evening warm-up, Alexanderplatz is a wide square close to the train station of the same name, you’ll find plenty of al fresco drinking and dining options. To get into the thick of the party-loving-action head to Mitte, an area rife with top bars and restaurants. Formerly part of East Berlin, Friedrichshain is another area that thirsty stags will love.

Must see...

  • Brandenburg Gate - This seriously impressive gateway was once marched through by Napoleon. The allies did likewise after the fall of Berlin in 1945.
  • Berlin Wall - Built by the communist East Germans it was declared it would keep the ‘fascists’ (West Germans) at bay. It finally fell in 1989 and The Hoff was asked to perform on top (no seriously, he was!).
  • Checkpoint Charlie - The official passing point of the wall and has featured in dozens of thriller novels and movies.
Pub Trivia

The longest wall of trainers in the world can be found at KICKZ in Munzstasse.
Germans are the second largest beer drinkers in the world (behind the Czech Republic). There are over 1,300 breweries in Germany, making over 5,000 beers. That’s quite a pub crawl.
Germany has the second-largest population in Europe, 88 million (the largest is Russia).
Germany has won 4 World Cups, 3 European Championships and in 1996 they ‘nicked’ Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) as their own anthem. Many Germans also claim 1966 as a victory owing to the controversial 3rd goal and "the ball that didn’t cross the line".

"The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine."
- David Bowie

Getting Around Berlin

As you would expect, Berlin has an impeccably well-run transport system. Getting around the city is both efficient and punctual in a perfectly Germanic way. To make the most of the transport grab a (Welcome Card) which will allows you to hop on and off overground and underground trains (Metro), buses and trams.
Alternatively, you can grab a nextbike all over the city, which are the equivalent to ‘Boris Bikes’ in London.

Is Berlin Good For A Stag Do?

Are Germans annoyingly good at penalties? Because the answer is the same for both: yes, yes they are! And whilst their penalty takers are cool, calm and collected, their nights out are big, bold and chaotic! Step up and see for yourself just how good a Berlin stag do is with its epic array of activity, nightlife and accommodation options.


"Bitte" - Please
"Dank" - Thanks
"Botshafter" - Ambassador
"Ein Bier bitte." - A beer, please.
"Zwei Bier bitte." - Two beers, please.
"Viele Biere bitte." - Lots of beers, please.
"Ich habe einen Kater." - I have a hangover.
"Das sind meine Freunde" - These are my friends
"Dribbeln Sie, oder haben sie die Tollwut." - Are they dribbling or do they have rabies?   
"Auf wiedersehen und gute fahrt." - Goodbye and a good trip.

48 Hours to Party in Berlin

Ahh, Berlin, so much to do, so much to see: Brandenburg Gate (the beer), Checkpoint Charlie (the beer), the Reichstag (the beer), and let’s not forget the beer! It’s an awesome place to head for a stag do, you and the guys made a very wise choice!


You’ve landed in Germany and you’re carving through the airport faster than Michael Owen carved through the German defensive line way back in September 2001! You’ve got no time to waste, fellas, you’ve only got forty-eight hours in this epic party city – every second counts!

48 hours in Berlin
Activity No.1

So you’ve quickly ditched your bags and fired on out for your first activity. Now, you’re strangers in a strange land, so you need to get your bearings! And what better way to do so than by taking to the streets. But save those little legs for all that dancing later on. No, why stroll about the streets when you could let an awesome Beer Coach do the work for you as you kick back with an ice-cold beverage!


Now you’ve sampled the local brews, it’s time to sample the local cuisine… plus a few more beers – Ber-Winner! You and the boys head to this fantastic venue where your traditional Bavarian Feast is ready and waiting – the perfect dancing fuel for that big night on the town.

Bar Crawl

There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign city and not knowing where the party’s at! You don’t want to end up in some quiet downtown boozer when the party is well and truly popping off elsewhere! That’s why you and the boys decided to book up StagWeb’s epic Bar Crawl, so you hit all the biggest and best venues this bouncing party city has to offer.

48 hours in Berlin
The Club

The beauty of this epic bar crawl is that it also incorporated guestlist nightclub entry so you and the boys could skip the long queues and get in and dancing! Everyone is in high spirits, the groom’s doing the robot, someone’s pulled out the worm, it’s all going off!

The Morning

You wake up in your dark hotel room, and cleverly put your sunglasses on before you open the curtains to minimise any hangover-related aches and strains. No time to feel sorry for yourselves though, guys! It’s day number two, get up and have at it!

Activity No.2

After a hearty full-German breakfast (?!), you and the boys are pumped and ready for your first activity and it’s a classic! Target Shooting is a must on a European stag do! Back in Blighty, you’d never be allowed to get your mitts around these high-powered bad boys. Who’s gonna be the group’s sharpshooter and who should stick to their X-Station gun games?!


Yep, the groom should definitely stick to his X-Station games, he was unbelievably awful! How did he miss every single time? You’d take the Michael but his completely unscathed target is embarrassing enough in itself. Time for a light lunch before you and the boys bounce out for your next activity!

Activity No.3 - Go Karting

Gentlemen, you simply cannot come to the country that has produced racing drivers of the calibre of Michael Schumacher and Sebastien Vettel and not go wheel-to-wheel yourselves in a bid to crown the Stag Do Racing Champion. Time to give the groom one final sporting lesson before he departs the single life for weekends chocked-full of IKEA trips and nappy changing!

48 hours in Berlin
Dinner & Beer

After a spot of Stag Dining to energise yourselves for the night ahead, you and the boys decide to hedge your bets on the Stock Exchange… the Beer Stock Exchange that is! Play your cards right and you can get an outrageous amount of beer at low-cut prices. Luckily the groom’s weird cousin is also a stockbroker – ahh, that’s why he was invited!

The Club

You’re capping your night off in one of Berlin’s world-famous clubs! The party’s going off and the groom is dropping it like it’s hot – another successful night! Sadly, the stag weekend is drawing to a close. You’ve gone hard and you’ve conquered Berlin’s party scene, time to get some beauty sleep before you head off back to Blighty!

48 hours in Berlin
Berlin? Completed it!

You land back in Blighty, but you and the boys are still discussing the logistics of all of you moving to Berlin permanently! That’s gonna be a tough sell for the groom to his bride-to-be! Alas, sadly it’s probably not feasible, but you can always hope another one of the boys pops the question soon so you can head back there and live it up again!

30 Reasons Why Berlin Rocks!

Der groβe afpel - When people say that Berlin is big, they mean it. The city is in fact nine times bigger than Paris with an area of 892 square kilometres.

Building Bridges - Berlin also has a frankly ridiculous 1,700 bridges - that easily sweeps aside Venice, although you won't find any stripy-shirted gondoliers in the Deutsche capital.

Green for go - The first traffic lights in Europe were installed in Potsdamer Platz back in 1924, we're not sure how they regulated traffic before - but they didn't have to cope with constant red lights, so it must've been better. Let's go back to that shall we?

Multi-cultural city - Berlin has over 470,000 residents holding foreign passports from over 184 different nations. It's the most multi-cultural population in Germany actually, which is amazing when you consider the country's troubled past.

Currywursten - This massively popular Berlin delicacy is absolutely delicious. About 127 tonnes of the stuff is consumed every day, and you owe it to yourselves to try some on your Berlin stag do.

Curry 36 - Speaking of Currywursten, the locals think that Curry 36's curried wursts are the best in the city, and if you are looking to get a load of this Berlin delicacy (which indeed you should be) then this is the place to go.

Michael Jackson - Before he passed away, the 'king of pop' had a bit of a funny five minutes here and dangled his son 'Prince Michael II' out of the windows of a luxurious hotel near the Brandenburg Tor. Sounds like a Thriller to us...

Tiergarten - On a sunny day in Berlin, a little kick about in Berlin's massive urban park could be just the thing to work out the remains of any seemingly un-shifting hangovers. It'll be shirts vergleich skins we reckon!

TV Tower - In former East Berlin, you'll find Germany's tallest building at a towering height of 368 meters. Most Berliners would choose this tower over the Brandenburg Gate as a cultural icon, and you can even ascend the tower to see an unparalleled view of the city's skyline.

Kulturpark - There aren't many cities that would celebrate the broken remains of a now defunct theme park, but that's exactly what Berlin's done. You can't get close to the rides, but you can get a good look at the gigantic rides that nature's now reclaimed. It's spooky, unusual, and very cool.

The Reichstag - You can climb up the dome to see some epic views, but the main attraction is this building's history - both good and bad. There are a few cultural landmarks in Berlin, and this is one that you really can't afford to miss out on.

Doner Kebabs - So you know that greasy slab of meat you treat your drunken self to after a big night on the town? You can thank Berlin for that - it's widely considered that the modern version of the Doner was invented in this city way back in the 70s, and it's been a local favourite ever since.

Hertha BSC - Berlin's premiere football team are often overshadowed by league rivals like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, but that doesn't mean that they aren't a force to be reckoned with in their own right. Having won the Bundesliga 2 title three times, they've become mainstays in the top flight of German football, and they don't look like dropping from those heights any time soon.

Union Berlin - Hertha's lower league rivals might not have reached the dizzying heights of the Bundesliga, but they're still a plucky, energetic side that favour attacking play, guaranteeing that you'll never be bored if you decide to watch them on your Berlin stag do.

Football Spectating - You can see both these teams as part of our epic football spectating packages. We can arrange transport to and from the stadium, as well as tickets to the best matches amongst the home fans, so you can cheer on your Berlin side of choice like you would your favourite league team at home.

AGUEVO! - This is probably the best place to find authentic Mexican food in Berlin - the tacos are positively weighed down with toppings and the burritos are thick with the finest ingredients - a word of warning though, you've got to have seriously hardened taste buds to avoid sweating out in this spicy restaurant.

Checkpoint Charlie - Another infamous Berlin landmark, Checkpoint Charlie was once used to control the flow of immigrants from East and West Germany. It quickly became a symbol of the Cold War, representing the divide in the middle of the city - although thankfully these days it's just another landmark.

Dominic Monaghan - The actor of Lost and The Lord of the Rings fame was actually born in Berlin, albeit to British parents. He stayed until he was 11, and is actually fluent in German. Das ist gut, ja?

Tierpark - Berlin's largest zoo is, well, large - founded over 150 years ago, the zoo has the largest array of animals in the world with epic beasts ranging from fierce Lions to no-nonsense Gorillas.

Berghain - This club is often referred to as the best in Europe, but you have to get in there first. The doormen are notoriously picky about who they let in, with entire online forums devoted to figuring out the enigmatic door policy - it's worth it though, once you're in, the party can often last until breakfast.

Stagger Lee - This bar is totally different from most Berlin bars. For one, you can actually see the stag sat in front of you (for better or worse) and the speakeasy décor creates a unique atmosphere that's equal parts classy and alternative.

John Muir - Any bar that has cocktails called things like 'Delusions of Grandeur' and 'Heidi Figginbottom' is surely worth a look in - and if you do decide to visit John Muir, you'll find one of the manliest cocktail bars in the city.

Prinzipal - If Bond visited Berlin, this is where you'd find him ordering his Vodka Martini. It's suave, sexy and sophisticated - we'll have our drink shaken not stirred geschüttelt, nicht gerührt.

Dr. Pong - This bar is mental in all the right ways - there aren't tables here, at least, not the kind you drink on. Instead there are ping pong tables everywhere as well as the cheapest booze in the city.

'Ich bin ein Berliner' - ...said JFK, beginning years of urban myths that said that Kennedy's poor use of German grammar had actually lead him to say 'I am a jelly doughnut' (a Berliner was a popular pastry at the time). 

Traffic - This is Traffic you'll want to get caught up in - this club is seriously futuristic and as a bonus you can watch all the best Bundesliga and German national team matches here before the big party begins. Wundebar!

Brewery Dinner - There might be no better way to kick off a big night out than with one of our epic brewery dinners. Get your laughing gear around real food for real men with the freshest beers and ales available to wash it all down.

Prater - We wish we could find beer gardens like this back in the UK. On a gloriously hot summer's day in the German capital, an ice cold beer in Prater is all you need to kick all the condemned man's grooms' nearly-wed worries into next week.

Badeschiff - This bar is seriously awesome, because not only can you enjoy an outdoor terrace with some of the most delicious beers in the city, but you can also go for a swim in the pool which literally floats on the river seine.

Tresor - Deep, dark and full of weird and wonderful design quirks, Tresor encapsulates all that's great about Berlin's nightlife. The nights here are truly mental with packed out crowds and some of the biggest house tracks we've ever heard - this is clubbing as you've never seen it before.

Top Tweeters - I Love Berlin provides you with unexpected facts and stories about the city, as well as a unique take on all the latest news so you're always in the know. Visit Berlin is the one-stop-shop for tourist information, so if you're ever left a little lost for things to do (which is unlikely in this epic city) then these guys can point you in the right direction!

Facebook - YAAM Berlin are always worth a follow, if only to discover what events they're hosting on their awesome artificial beach during your stay. Berlin Festival doesn't really take an off-season, when they aren't promoting their own event, they're letting you know who's playing where and when so you can catch the best live acts in the city.

Wunderbar weekends in Berlin

Berlin is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse, energetic and dynamic cities in Europe - and so a Berlin stag do is just as amazing. It’s a powerhouse of the European clubbing scene, housing some of the biggest and best clubs the continent has to offer, and it appears on lists of the top party hotspots in the world again and again. Berlin has a complicated history, to say the least, but that’s only helped the city regenerate itself into a thriving, throbbing, party metropolis boasting an insane mix of different nightlife options, with cutting edge bars next to industrial-style warehouse raves. It’s been through a revolution, controlled by fascists, survived a war, literally ripped in half, and eventually reunited - and now it’s finally ready to party.

It’s not just the nightlife either - the fall of the wall in 1990 meant that the whole city underwent a sudden cultural revolution resulting in some of the best restaurants, hotels, and entertainment in the world springing up. The crazy, rich, history has built Berlin into a hub of enthusiasm, energy and culture, and an unbeatable choice for a huge stag weekend. It's the capital of the country with the world's largest beer festival.

Where? Location, location, location...

Berlin is a pretty big, spread out city, but the underground system (U-Bahn, when you’re over there) is second to none. It covers pretty much the entire city along with the S-Bahn (the overground), so no matter where you station yourselves you’ll be able to find your way to the top spots with very little difficulty. That said, basing yourself in the centre of the city, around Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, or Mitte gives you the best access to nightlife, so if you’re planning on hitting the Deutsch clubs hard on your Berlin stag weekend, we'd stay around there. Check out our wide range of Berlin stag do accommodation.

When should we have a Berlin stag do?

Whenever you like. Berlin is the capital city of Germany and like any capital city, it's constantly on the go - there’s a festival for literally every month of the year and a few extra in some months. Even if there weren't things like the Internationales Berliner Bierfestival (we’ll let you work out the translation) going on, StagWeb has got plenty of activities in and around the city to keep you busy in Berlin instead, from go karting to handling weapons in a target shooting session.

Getting to your Berlin stag weekend

Overseas stag trips are always a bit more difficult logistically, but as a major European capital, Berlin keeps it pretty simple. Flying in is definitely the easiest option for a stag do in Berlin, unless you and the boys have a spare day to spend driving across Europe. There are two airports in Berlin - Tegel International does the majority of international flights, but Schönefeld runs low-cost airlines like EasyJet or Ryanair. There are plenty of trains and buses to the city centre from both airports.

Dining in Deutschland

Let’s face it, German food doesn’t quite have the reputation of, say, French... Or Italian. Or Mexican. Or Japanese, or Indian, or Chinese. But if you’re looking for something cheap, filling, and manly, there’s nothing better. There’s no flouncing around with delicate little pastries or fragile flavour combinations here, it’s just rich, meaty food that will fill even the hungriest of stags.

  • Schnitzel - sometimes known even more hilariously as Weiner Schnitzel, this is essentially chicken fried steak, except with more macho meat like veal or pork.
  • Bierkase - cheese specifically for eating with beer, near beer and dipping in
  • Spätzle - noodles, if noodles were on steroids. Taste more like dumplings than pasta, and could teach mac and cheese a thing or two about being a filling and delicious cheesy dish.
  • Currywurst - an infamous Berlin dish of sausages, ketchup and curry powder. There is not a single ingredient in that list we don’t love.
  • Bratwurst - another sausagey winner. We’d recommend you try anything served in Germany with the word ‘wurst’ in the name.
  • Sauerkraut - put some on your wurst.

So why StagWeb?

A stag do abroad is always going to be more expensive than just schlepping down the local for your mate’s big send-off. Naturally then, you and the boys will want your Berlin stag weekend to become the stuff of legends. StagWeb can help you find the very best in Berlin, from the accommodation to the activities to the latest, hottest nightlife the city has to offer. Berlin is an uber-exciting, booming force to be reckoned with on the stag scene - and we can make sure your weekend there is completely Wunderbar!

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