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Situated between Oxford and London, Reading has had to work hard to muscle its way into contention as a big party region, but it's done it and then some. Take the stress out of the planning process and secure a memorable weekend with the help of StagWeb!

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Reading Stag Review
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Stagweb did all the thinking for us. All we had to do was buy the next beer.

Max Cooper
| 20/04/2022 -
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8 Best Reading Stag Do Ideas

  1. Human Table Football - Bring this pub favourite to life!
  2. Blindfold Driving - A chaotic, off-road, stag challenge.
  3. Hovercraft Racing - Hit speeds of up to 50 mph in these epic, inflatable beasts.
  4. Craft Beer Tasting - Beer, beer and more beer!
  5. Multi Activity Day - Tackle 2, 3 or even 4 high-octane stag activities.
  6. Horse Racing - Have a cheeky flutter as you live the life of stag kings!
  7. Go Karting - Settle those ‘best driver’ arguments once and for all.
  8. Motorised Bath Tubs - Hilarious, crazy and frantic motorised madness.

Action Stations!

Reading has everything from Extreme Water Jetpacks to Beer Keg Racing to make sure the boys are kept busy and grinning all stag do long. Your stag might be a laid back guy who'd rather enjoy some Craft Beer Tasting or a chilled out Health Spa. Or he could be the kind of bloke that wants to go stag vs. stag on the Paintball battlefield, get Fast and Furious in Off Road Buggies or go medieval on some targets with a spot of Crossbow shooting. Whatever the stag wants, Reading's got it!

Best Bars in Reading

Close enough to London that all the trends are there, but far enough away that prices aren’t sky-high. You’ll find such a variety of drinking spots in Reading that it’s a struggle to know where to start.

Friar Street is door-to-door pubs, bars and clubs. It’s where you’ll find everything you need on a stag do after the sun goes down. The street is bookended by the infamous cheap pub franchise we all hate to love, but they’ve got a charm-factor unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The locals are friendly and can point you in the direction of any good cocktail joint, or find Merchants Place if you fancy a bar of the independent variety.

"With God and Queen"
- Reading town motto.

Where to Head...


Friar Street, which is just a short walk from the station, is lined with bars and clubs to meet your stag night needs. Lively every night and packing a good variety of crowds and watering hole's, Friar Street is one of the best places to go for an epic night out.

Must see...

Football fans should seek out Reading FC's Madejski stadium for a match. The Royals have been in and out of England's top division throughout their history, but remain a consistent and strong football side with an incredible fan base.

Pub Trivia

Before the rock festival, Reading was famous for seeds, beer and biscuits.
The first Little Chef was opened in Reading in 1958.
Reading high street is the shortest in the country.
Ayrton Senna lived in Reading; the road named after him is rife with speed bumps.
Kate and Pippa Middleton were born in Reading.

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Reading

Reading's centre is small enough for the boys to handle on foot. However, if the lads are looking to cover some serious ground the town's buses are reliable, affordable and cover a wide variety of destinations. Day passes and group tickets are available and economic if the group are going to be moving around all day.

A guide to your Reading stag do

With stag night heavyweight contender London on one side, and high class, high octane Oxford on the other, it's easy to overlook Reading as a stag destination. A Reading stag do, though, punches well above its weight. The city-quality nightlife is no slouch, with casinos, jazz clubs, an unstoppable music scene, 123 pubs and bars, and some top level, multi-room clubs to enjoy. Reading built itself off the back of the “Three B's” - biscuits, beer, and bulbs. Frankly, we don't care much about the flowers (though we're not going to say no to a digestive), but any town with a third of its development owed to beer is certainly one worth drinking in! The daytime activities are just as varied as the nightlife, with around 40 different choices provided by StagWeb to keep you and the boys moving whilst you're on a stag do in Reading.

Reading town is substantially cheaper than its neighbours. Without the flocks of families and tourists that invade Oxford and London, Reading's prices are about as far from bank-breakers as you can get so you and the stags will be able to stretch every penny that much further. Reading is no pushover - it can deliver an absolutely knock-out stag weekend!

When to stag do in Reading?

If you're planning a summer stag, we'd advise booking accommodation well in advance - the legendary Reading Festival begins in August, and with previous years having acts like Eminem, Biffy Clyro, Skrillex, Foo Fighters, and countless others take the stage, spaces in Reading fill up fast. If you can't get in for all the ravers and moshers, don't worry - there are plenty of other festivals in Reading all year round (the Beer and Cider Festival sounds more our scene anyway). Aside from a few water exceptions, most of our activities can be enjoyed all year round too. Reading is really well located within the UK and there's always something going on - there isn't a bad time to visit for a Reading stag weekend!

Rock and Roll in Reading

Reading Festival is one of the biggest events in the UK music scene. It's the oldest music festival still going - and despite council intervention, an ill-advised goth phase, and the Stone Roses 1996 performance, it's going strong. We've narrowed it down to five performances that prove why:

  1. My Chemical Romance, 2011. Not for Gerard Way and co, whose brand of tortured-soul, pseudo-punk, pop-rock doesn't really belong at Reading. No, the highlight of this set was when the nay-sayers (like us) were silenced by renowned rocker and music legend Brian May joining them on stage for their last two songs.
  2. Manic Street Preachers, 2008. The performance wasn't noticeably better than is expected at Reading, but since the last time they played there was in 1994 whilst Richey was in hospital, this was a triumphant return for the band.
  3. Hole, 1994. Only a few months after the death of both Kurt Cobain and Kritsen Pfaff, the set was raw and unsettling. Love's performance was both physically painful to watch and mesmerising.
  4. Eminem, 2001. Like MCR in 2011, this one was all about the team up. Dueting with Marilyn Manson made this one of the oddest pairings ever to hit the stage at Reading. And it was exactly as good as you'd expect from the icons of their genres.
  5. Nirvana, 1992. This one makes everyone's list, and ours is no different. Cobain responded to accusations of drug addiction and illness by entering the stage wheelchair bound and clad in a hospital gown, shocking people in a way that Lady Gaga will later fail to.

Where to stay in Reading

In general, as long as you're around the town centre in Reading, you won't be far from all the very finest nightclubs, bars and restaurants, so everything is in reach. That said, the area just to the east of Reading's main road including Friar Street, Station Road and Broad Street are heavier on the clubs and bars than the rest of Reading - and close to the station too, making travel a little bit easier.

Get the boys in

Since it's so close to London, a Reading stag do is ridiculously easy to get to. Wherever the boys are based, they should be able to get to Reading without much hassle. The train station is located right in the town centre, and runs lines to cities like Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Oxford, and York, as well as others. If not, trains from London can take as little as half an hour to reach Reading, so make your way there first. If you're driving, the M4 runs east/west past Reading and if you're coming from further up or down the country, just go towards London and keep an eye out for signs.

So why StagWeb?

A Reading stag do is a pretty big undertaking - add a lot of lads to a lot of their money and before you know it, you're coming out with a whole lot of expectation. You need to blow them away with a fantastic send off for the groom-to-be. Co-ordinating accommodation, activities, nightlife, transport, food and timings is harder than it sounds and it already sounds bloody hard! Hand it over to the experts, and we can take care of all the boring stuff for you, all you have to do is let us know what you want included. Give us a call for more information!

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