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Well in For Tallinn!

Storming up the stag do league tables in recent years is the belting city of Tallinn. Estonia is packed full of crazy adventures and giant nights out - perfect for a sublime send-off for the groom and his fellow stags. Get a quick quote for your own awesome Tallinn stag weekend and sidestep the usual planning stress with the help of StagWeb!

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Tallinn Menu
  • Country Estonia
  • Language Estonian
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 3.20 EUR
  • Airport Tallinn Airport
  • Flight Duration 2h 59m
  • National Dish Verivorst
  • Airport to Centre 4.8 km

A Guide To Your Tallinn Stag Weekend

8 Epic Tallinn Stag Do Ideas

  1. Target Shooting - Forget Call of Duty, it's time for some real firepower.
  2. Bubble Football - The beautiful game is about to get ugly... and hilarious!
  3. Motor Paintball - Paintball from moving vehicle? It's as mad as it sounds!
  4. Stag Arrest - Fake coppers, sexy strippers, handcuffs and one very scared groom.
  5. Demolition Derby - Full contact banger racing. The ultimate stag driving challenge.
  6. Go Karting - Fast and furious stag racing action. Gentlemen, start your engines!
  7. Quad Biking - Get off road and personal on these amazing all terrain beasts.
  8. Ice Fishing - Bear Grylls style survival skills if ever you need to go fishing. In the Arctic.

Best Bars in Tallinn

Sometimes, when it comes to planning a legendary stag do, simple is best. Tallinn has some of the finest medieval architecture in the world, and with it comes some of the best bars we've ever seen, all in easy reach of Old Town! You won't have to walk far from your accommodation to stumble upon a cultured venue or vibrant bar down a gothic-style street or impressive square. Along Pikk you'll find sophisticated bars with plenty of outdoor summer seating suitable for stag days or nights.

Sauna and the adjoining Viru Tanav streets have stag written all over them and offer a cluster of suave bars to keep the boys happy all night before hitting a late-night venue closeby.

Where to Visit in Tallinn


Tallinn is brilliantly simple, just head to the medieval old town where you'll find all the best bars, clubs, restaurants and general madness. StagWeb have hotels available right in the city putting the best of the party action on your doorstep.

Must see...

Kiek in de Kok - It's worth visiting this old tower purely for the comedy value you'll get out of the name.
Toompea - Looking for a hangover busting walk to clear those heads? Take a wander up this hill in the centre of the city (don't worry, there's cafes and bars along the way).
The locals - Per capita Estonia produces more supermodels than any other nation and Tallinn is packed with stunning women. It's like being backstage at London fashion week (minus the weird clothes and hysteria).

Pub Trivia

Estonian women are stunning! Estonia produces more supermodels (per capita) than any other nation.

The local vodka is 98% proof!

Estonia has a population of just 1.3 million (which is gradually decreasing!).

The country gained independence by forming a bloody big choir. The 'Singing Revolution' was a turning point and marked the beginning of the end of communist rule across Europe.

Did you know Tallinn is a beach city? It has 2km of pristine sandy beaches.

A Taste of Tallinn

You might not expect to see an American diner in Tallinn but there it is. A great place to start a night out, the burgers are as big as the beers are cold. Proper stag party food, they even do a 'Hangover Burger', breakfast in a bun!
Vabaduse Puiestee 39
You simply can't go to Tallinn and not try Vana Tallinn. This local brew is what happens when you mix the bottles at the back of the Devil's drinks cabinet. The taste is quite sweet but if you can get past that, the second glass will start a party in your brain.

"Who takes care of a widow's hole will inherit the heavenly kingdom."
- Estonian Proverb

Getting Around Tallinn

Tallinn is really easy to navigate, even the airport is just a 15 minute bus ride from the heart of the Medieval city. Public transport is inexpensive and easy, Smartcards and E-tickets are available at R-kiosks and shops and give you unlimited transport over a set period. But once in the city everything you could possibly need for the big weekend can be found within easy walking distance.

Speaking The Lingo

"Tervist" - Hello
"Õlu palun?" - A beer please?
"Kaks õlut palun?" - Two more beers please?
"Kakskümmend õlut palun?" - Twenty beers please?
"Kas te soovite tantsida?" - Would you like to dance with me?
"Ei" - No
"Vabandame, ta tavaliselt ei võimaldanud viia riigi." - Sorry, he's not normally allowed out the country.
"Mu hõljuk on angerjaid täis" - My hovercraft is full of eels.

Tallinn Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Tallinn


Gatwick offer direct flights to Tallinn which take around 2 hrs 50 mins, whilst most other UK airports will require connecting flights.

Getting from Tallinn Airport to the City Centre

Tallinn airport is situated just 5km from the centre of the city meaning you and the boys can be in and partying in roughly twenty minutes. There are both buses and trams on offer for a cheap alternative to taxis, but by far the easiest way of getting to your accommodation is through a private airport transfer which will whisk you straight to your hotel.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

Tipping 10% of your bill is a nice gesture in restaurants for good service, and tips are never included in the price so work it out and add it on yourselves.

Price of Beer in Tallinn

In Tallinn, you can purchase a beer for around the €4 mark, though this will vary dependent on the bar you're in. Always look about before landing on your chosen venue for the evening. Don't just saunter into the first one you see.

Tallinn Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 1/-7
  • February - 2/-8
  • March - 3/-5
  • April - 9/0
  • May - 16/5
  • June - 19/9
  • July - 22/12
  • August - 21/11
  • September - 15/7
  • October - 9/3
  • November - 4/-1
  • December - 1/-5

Is Tallinn Good for a Stag Do?

Tallinn is an awesome alternative to your typical stag weekend destination which is rising as an Eastern European party powerhouse. From awesome activities like ice fishing and husky dog sledging to impressive sights and big nights out, it's got everything you need (and more) to give the groom a memorable send-off.

32 Reasons Tallinn is an Awesome Stag City

Secret Service - Tallinn is home to NATO's main research centre for cyber defence, and during the Soviet era, the KGB used the spire of St. Olav's Church to send top secret messages. "The name's Man... Best Man."

Smart Guys - The city's boffins are responsible for a huge number of web-smarts. Both Skype and Hotmail were created in Tallinn.

Ladies! - Estonia has produced more supermodels per capita than any other nation. We can state unequivocally that Tallinn has some of the hottest looking bar maids of anywhere we're ever been!

Medieval Banquet - Thanks to the city's incredible medieval history, there's no better place to stage your own epic Game of Thrones style stag feast, with less murder!

The Devil's Stag Do - A legend surrounding one Tallinn hotel claims the Devil got married in secret in one of its rooms, to this day the room remains bricked up. Reports that James Blunt played at the wedding reception are unconfirmed but we bet the stag do was legendary!

Panorama - The views from the top of the TV Tower (the tallest building in the country) are so good that on a clear day, you can see Finland. "Whasssup, Helsinki?!?"

Must Puudel - This great bar feels like a 'locals' sort of pub. It serves really healthy food, dirty great drinks and top tunes. Oh and the name means Black Poodle. Perfect place to stop for a healthy lunch. Website, Müürivahe 20, 10140 Tallinn

FC Flora - One of Estonia's most successful football clubs, FC Flora is a genuine force to be reckoned with in the Meistriliiga and is often thought of as the flagship of national football thanks to the club's policy of promoting young Estonian talent through the ranks.

Noku - Find the secret door (No5 Pikk St), head upstairs and you'll find the funky arts bar. Backed with great food, Estonian beers and good music. Great place to try local food. Website, 5 Pikk Street, Old Town

strong>Segway Tour - 'They see me rollin, they hatin...' Skip the tourist-traps and see the city's best sights from the back of your own quirky segway.

Presidential Seal - The nation even got the nod from Barack Obama who said "This nation of 1.3 million people truly punches above its weight". And it's true, the city really is packed with surprises including some of the best stag challenges in Europe.

Patarei Prison - The city has its own Alcatraz, the grim-looking sea-fortress Patarei Prison which has been a home to some of Europe's most dangerous and deranged criminals. Seems kind of apt for a stag party really.

Late Nights - In late June, don't be surprised if the sun's still shining high in the sky until 11pm. These are Estonia's infamous 'White Nights' and it's one of the only times you can go clubbing and still consider it all as 'day drinking'.

FRANK - Estonia has seen a real boom in microbrewing and Tallinn is now packed with hipster bars serving even hipper beers. One great venue is Frank where they also do an amazing Puller Pork Burger. Website, Sauna TN. 2

St. Catherine's Passage - St. Catherine's Passage might sound like the start of a cheap joke but is one of the oldest streets in all of Europe. It's packed with trendy independent shops and bizarre giant tombstones hanging on the walls.

Target Shooting - It's the harshest hangover cure ever invented but perfect for stags. You even get to fire AK-47s! Yippee-kay-aye mother-hugger!

Local liqueur - Tallinn's signature drink is known as 'Vana Tallinn', a sweet liqueur that's either taken straight or added to coffee. It really is sickly sweet and also kicks like an Estonian mule, don't say we didn't warn you.

Kadriorg Park - When it comes to wide open green spaces perfect for seeing away that killer hangover, they don't get much better than Kadriorg Park. Shirts versus skins anybody?

The Devil's Wedding - A 15th century servant once claimed to have seen the devil himself having a wedding party in one Tallinn residence. Or was it just a 'horny' stag?

Club Studio - If you're looking for somewhere to let the groom off the leash to throw some shapes then this is a great spot. One of the city's hottest clubs with guest DJ's, great sound system and a door that doesn't close until 6am so you can join the Breakfast Club (all night session, straight to breakfast). Website, Sauna 1, Tallinn

Cavemen - In 2003 a system of 17th century defensive tunnels was discovered just outside the old city wall. And it's more effective than Tallinn's current defence, although to be fair England's forwards aren't much better.

Secret Sights - It's actually possible to see all five medieval church spires at once from a very specific stone on Town Hall Square. There's even a hole in a particular roof to make all this possible; there's got to be a National Treasure movie in this somewhere?!?

Fortress Tallinn - The city's awesome medieval fort is so well preserved today that the only thing that feels like its missing are the hordes of armour-clad attackers. Instead you can bring your own gallant style "No Sir Stag-a-lot, after you..."

Life's a Beach - It's a little known fact that Tallinn is actually a beach town. In the Pirita district, a 2km stretch of sand borders the city bay. Beers and bikini-clad babes? Yes please!

Toompea Hill - By far the most historically bloody area of the city, Toompea Hill is also rumored to be the burial ground of Mythical Estonian hero Kalev, making Tallinn the perfect place to cement your stag legend.

To the Patcave! - OK, so our No1 reason for visiting was just so we could say that. But actually it turns out to be a superb venue with a great energy and cool boho vibe. It's also got some pretty cool man-cocktails if you're in the mood. Lai 10, 10133 Tallinn

Estonian Burger Factory - THIS is how you 'do' burgers. The amazing flavours they pack into their smokey ground beef burgers is awesome. But that's not all, line up some of the sides (the Jalapeno poppers are great), all served up with local beer. Pärnu Maantee 41a, 10119 Tallinn

Well, well, well... - 'Cat's Well' got its name from the Medieval practice of throwing stray cats into it to appease what the locals believed was angry spirit that threatened to flood the town.

Don't fear the reaper - In Medieval times, bumping into the town executioner was considered to bring extreme bad luck. So what did they do? They made him wear a bright, red cloak so that everybody could see where he was at all times. It's like giving the groom hi-viz to wear during paintball. Hmmmm...

Tallinn Zoo - If you're looking for somewhere to rest your hangover on your Tallinn stag weekend, Tallinn Zoo is well worth a visit. The star attraction of which is the Amur Leopard, which is so rare that it's thought that only 30-35 of them exist worldwide today.

Old Town Days - A lot of cities have an annual festival, but in Tallinn they go one step further, the Estonian locals let their hair down for a whole week and dress up in Medieval garb to celebrate the city's historic past. "Pint of mead?"

Motor Paintball - A mad mash-up of paintball and Top Gear and Mad Max as you drive fast cars while shooting at the opposing teams. Awesome! See more...

A Guide to Your Tallinn Stag Do

If you were to do a virtual tour of the world, digitally surfing the inter-web in search of the perfect stag location Tallinn would probably come No1. As stag party playgrounds go the Estonian capital punches well above its weight and really does have it all.

  • Cold Beer - Tallinn has a massive microbrewery scene with some great local brews to sample.
  • Hot Babes - Per capita Estonia has produced more supermodels than any other nation.
  • Pecs on the Beach - You and the lads can lap up the sun, believe it or not Tallinn has 2km of pristine beach.
  • Madness - Tallinn has some of the best and most bonkers stag activities on the planet. You can shoot AK-47s, try extreme canoeing, get the groom arrested or try Motor Paintball, yes, that's paintball in cars. Awesome! Check out all Tallinn activities...

Why a Tallinn Stag Do is Great

You mean apart from the stunning women, great beer and crazy activities?

It's so budget friendly. These days you can get flights to Tallinn for far less than the price of a tank of petrol and a fraction of the cost of a train ticket from London to Manchester. And once in the city, beer, food & hotels are all well priced, even better if you use StagWeb's best deals.

It's a great city to party in. The Old Town is really compact so everything you need for a big night out is all within easy walking distance (all our hotels are located in the city centre) so the best action will be virtually on your doorstep. Good on the way out, even better on the way back after a few drinks.

It's not just the beer, Estonia loves a drink or two, the stronger the better. Their own national drink, Vana comes in different varieties including Vana 50% which is 100 proof!!). Always drink responsibly, hell this stuff is so harsh we recommend that you only drink it sitting down!

Eye Candy
Yes we know we said it before but the local girls are just so stunning it's worth mentioning again. Any single stags will think they are in some kind of stag party heaven while the married men among you can watch and remember what it used to be like, back when you were allowed to enjoy yourself.

When to Book Your Tallinn Stag Do?

Estonia is one of the Baltic states so come the winter it does tend to get a little... well Baltic. So we would certainly recommend planning your visit for the summer months when because of the high latitude the nights are really long, making the city square a great place to be on Friday nights.

What to Do On a Tallinn Stag Do

When it comes to activities, Tallinn is crazier than a Cossack dancer in a kilt. They simply don't believe in doing things by halves and stag adventures and challenges tend to offer adrenaline pumping action, loads of stag banter and plenty of room for creating new sporting rivalries (or settling old scores).

If you want somewhere a bit different from the norm then again a Tallinn stag weekend has loads to offer, a rich and interesting history in a city that staged what has gone down in history as The Singing Revolution (a bit like The X-factor but instead of a future Big Brother contestant, what it produced was freedom for millions of people. Yeah, take that Simon Cowell!) so if you like a bit of culture the city really does reflect it's nation's past. There are some interesting museums but the best place to be is outside exploring the medieval architecture that George Clarke would love. But Tallinn has gone digital and these days the old castle walls host numerous high digital studios and agencies that have created some globally game changing software and websites (Skype and Hotmail to name just two).

Music really has been at the heart of the nation for a long time. While they have yet to produce any real major international artists, although they did manage a Eurovision song contest win in 2001 (although the main singer/songwriter Dave Benton was actually American), live music is still a major part of their culture. In particular dance and metal are massive but you'll find plenty of live music in the bars of the old city.

Great drinks, thrilling adventures, beautiful women, rich culture, a warm welcome  and Eurovision Song Contest victories (?!?). All in all as a top destination Tallinn has so much to offer you and the guys.

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