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In between checking out the huge selection of bars and clubs in Zagreb, soaking up the sights and local culture, stopping off at the lake for a quick dip, and checking out all the bars and clubs again, you and the lads might want to squeeze Zagreb stag activities for during the day. StagWeb has a small but carefully chosen selection of the top Zagreb stag ideas to help you do just that.

Not Just Nocturnal

When planning a stag do, it's easy to get swept up in deciding exactly what you're going to do each night and letting the ‘daytime' bit that fills in the gaps fall by the wayside. Hey, we can understand that the nights have food, alcohol, and pretty girls, and days have hangovers. There's not much contest, really.

However tempting it is to just let the daytimes take care of themselves, it doesn't exactly make for a good stag do. You might have some fantastic nights out, but if the bits in between are only mediocre, you're averaging out at "good" - not exactly the level of incredibleness a stag do in Zagreb deserves. If you want to keep the lads together and keep the momentum of the weekend going, you're going to need a few of our top Zagreb stag activities.

Decision Time

Zagreb is already a city that's got plenty to do in it, so we haven't tracked down dozens of options for you and the lads. Instead, our Zagreb stag ideas just cover a few of the very best options in the country, so you're guaranteed the highest level of quality and, more importantly, fun on your stag do. Why not have a go at:

Anything that involves burning rubber and revving engines is a guaranteed hit on stag weekends; lads just can't seem to resist finding the fastest, most powerful vehicles around and tearing up the track in them. With both quad biking and go karting on our books, you're sorted whether you're looking to take it off road, or take first place.

Thrilling, exhilarating, and very, very wet, white water rafting is just as much an exercise in teamwork as it is in sheer, unbridled terror, as you and the lads work together to get down the rapids without capsizing or tipping overboard. It takes place on the Dobra, one of the best white water rafting rivers in Croatia. The Dobra's rapid difficulty can change between a II and IV depending on the time of year, so check what's going on during your trip to get the right level for you.

With paintball, teamwork is the last thing on your mind. Much more important is everyone splattering the stag until he looks like a Jackson Pollock or at the very least leaving him with a few bruises that are going to make things a little uncomfortable from now on.

Get the Full Package

For getting the maximum out of your weekend for the least hassle (and cost), why not look into our Zagreb packages? They give you everything you need for a fantastic stag weekend in one easy booking - hotels, transport to and from activities, the activities themselves, and (of course) the nightlife entertainment too. We've got three different packages in Zagreb, all for varying prices, and covering a range of activities and entertainment options. The Croatian Elation package not only includes a stay at a 3* hotel, white water rafting session, and casino entry, but we'll also take you to a lap dancing club, as well as get you guest list entry to one of Zagreb's best nightclubs!

So Why StagWeb?

Finding the right activities for your stag group is no easy task no matter where you're headed, but it's undeniably just a little bit harder when you're off overseas for a stag do. There's also a lot more expectation from the lads when you head abroad… if you're going to make them dig out their passport and navigate the perils of Heathrow Terminal Five, you'd better have a spectacular stag do waiting at the end of it! Luckily, StagWeb, with our expertise gathered from 14+ years in the industry, are able to help. We've already tracked down the very best Zagreb stag activities, the ones that give you a great experience at great value. We can also arrange all the transfers and transport you need, as well as working out the timings so you and the lads don't miss a thing. All you need to do is have a flick through our selection and let us know what you want.

Then What?

Then, give us a call and speak to one of our Zagreb client advisors. They'll be able to run through any questions you have or give you more information about either Zagreb or StagWeb.

If you don't want to speak to anyone? Just send an enquiry, and we'll reply with everything you want to know as soon as possible.

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