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Ball sport stag ideas

"Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more important than that." - Bill Shankly

Remember the butterflies, the raw excitement of getting ready for the match, the deep heat, jonesy, fatty, coach nobhead, that old boy who always used to appear at shower time and of course the lads ... well my fellow stags we can afford you glory and the last throes of a sporting legacy perhaps one final time. Balls or rather ball sports may just be the ticket.

No matter how good (or bad) you are, what better way to humiliate the stag than nut-megging him from 15 yards, watching him find every water hazard and bunker on the course, or bowling him all ends up for a golden. Get it right and this final pre-marital sporting adventure will live in folklore for a long time to come.

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Ball sports are amongst the most popular stag party activities and with good reason, they’re relatively inexpensive, available all year round, and there’s a huge variety available to choose from. They’re also an excellent bonding activity for you and the boys, getting you working together and having fun as a team... or alternatively they offer a great opportunity for some serious banter of the highest order.

StagWeb has a huge range of ball sports for you and the lads to choose from. There are the classics, like 5-a-side football, cricket, golf and rugby, sure, but there are also a few more unusual picks… why not give dodgeball, broomball or foot golf a go? If the stag has a particular favourite, that’s always a good place to start. Don’t discount trying a variation if you think he’d enjoy something a bit different; if he’s a frequent golfer, treat him to a few quick games of pitch and putt, or a go with a golf simulator. As best man, it’s also your job to take a few other factors in to consideration too. If you’ve got any older or less able chaps, a spectator sport might be in order, or a tour of a favourite stadium or grounds. On the other hand, if you’ve only got a small group then 5-a-side might be preferable to a full football session. There are a few completely bonkers sports in the selection too, like bubble football, or you and the lads could try an activity that combines the best of more than one sport, like our sports challenge.

Whether you play like Pele or like you’re peg-legged, there’s nothing like getting out in the open air (or in to the golf simulator bar) and enjoying a little gentle, “friendly” competition with your mates. It’s a classic male activity, perfect either as a warm-up introduction to the weekend, or as a way of winding down and drawing things to a close Sunday morning. StagWeb will be able to help you chose the best sport for you, as well as find the highest quality grounds, and work out where to slot it in to your weekend so you can be sure the weekend will be a top scorer with all the lads.

One of the great things about booking ball sports is they do exactly what they say on the tin, every stag can be sure of what he’s signing up to. And if your group are a sporting bunch it really is perfect, you can work up a thirst by day and exercise your pint-lifting arms by night. And team sports are a great way to integrate a group of guys who have never met. Often the stag party is made up of people from all walks of the groom’s life; old school friends, relatives, colleagues, team mates, clubs, it's often a fairly eclectic bunch and sports can be a great social leveller as it gives people common ground a the perfect opportunity to get the banter flowing.