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Top 6 Most Booked Sporting Stag Activities

  1. Bubble Football
  2. Footgolf
  3. 5 A Side
  4. Golf
  5. Football Spectating
  6. Dodgeball

Blokes like sport. It's quite simply in our DNA and some of our greatest memories are wrapped around sporting failure and success. Ask the average guy, can he remember where he was when Prince William got married he probably won't know (or care too much either) but ask him where he was when England Beat Germany 5-1 and he'll tell you in a heartbeat.

We love to lift a trophy or the thrill of close fought competition. Add a load of mildly hungover stags and some ruddy good banter into the equation and you're on for stag party gold.

It doesn't matter if all the group think they can bend it like Beckham but the reality is they are more likely to pout like Posh. We have plenty of sporting stag activities to suit all abilities, from competitive hardcore sporting action to hilarious knockabout games to really put the groom's Ronaldo hair do and fake tan to the test.

As well as traditional sports we've taken some traditional stag party sports and given them a real StagWeb twist.

Sporting Greats

If serious sporting competition is likely to get the lads fired up then we have some really great sports activities;

Everything from hiring a stadium for the groom to live out his boyhood fantasies, through to some incredible golf courses.


Of course not all great competition is about years of honing your skills or being the fastest/fittest/fattest. We have some great sporting levellers where all the lads can great properly stuck in with no man having an unfair advantage.

For example a golf weekend can be a bit dull for non-players in the group if the groom's cousin is playing off scratch. But sporting mash-ups like Archery Tag, Foot Golf, or the hugely popular Bubble Football are great ways to get all the lads competing on an equal footing.

Sporting Destinations

As well as great sporting stag activities we have some superb sporting destinations, cities that live and breathe sport where you can create a full weekend of non-stop stag rivalry.

Full Metal (Sports) Jacket

Stag parties are a time for lads to rub old rivals and get that competitive spirit going again between the lads. Sporting stag parties are also a great excuse to try something completely new and if your mates like their sports to have real edge then some of our stag combat sports could hit the right spot... then pick it up and deliver the coup de grace.

Stag Sports Legends

A sporting stag weekend hits all the right spots, a day of competition to build up a thrist ahead of an evening of going over the various faceplants, airshots and sporting fails of the day as you share a few pints and plenty of laughs.

Of course it also finally puts to bed all those old sporting stories that seem to get inflated over the years "Remember that time when..." Well now you can cut short the story to stag party sport prowess because you'll all be there to witness what really played out.

What better way to have a laugh with/at the lads than nut-megging the best man from 15 yards, watching the groom's brother find every water hazard and bunker on the course, or bringing him crashing down with a wrestling pile-driver? Get it right and this final pre-marital sporting adventure will get all the lads fired up and ready for action.

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