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| Chester | 31/05/2024 | 5/5 stars

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Top 6 Shooting Stag Do Ideas

  1. Paintball
  2. Clay Shooting
  3. Target Shooting
  4. Air Rifles
  5. Archery Tag
  6. Archery

When your stag package needs to be bang on target for a group of adventure hungry stags there is nothing better than a sharp shooting stag activity! Perfect for stag groups of different ages and physically abilities, learning how to hit the target every time is both competitive and thrilling (if you've never fired a shotgun before then you really are missing a kick in more ways than one). We have a fantastic range of different ways to put your skills and aim to the test, from the old school to the totally technical and we guarantee that your mates with absolutely love it!

Fancy keeping things old school? From the youngest of stag guests to a great uncle, everyone will absolutely love trying out archery. No tights necessary here (unless you're into that kind of thing) bring out your inner Robin Hood and shoot at a large target with the kind of bow and arrow any self-respecting merry man would be proud of. One of the best things about our shooting stag activities is the ability of our instructors to tailor and adapt the day around your specific needs. This means that seasoned shooters who have plenty of experience will be able to stretch their skills to the limit, whilst absolute beginners will have all the help and support they need. For a large, mixed group, it's absolutely ideal!

Look sharp gents because loads of our amazing shooting activities are based around the military! Ever fancied seeing whether you and your mates are tough enough to take part in real warfare? Okay, so it's not quite the same as real life but our laser war games activity comes pretty close. Take to the woodlands surrounding your location and enjoy warfare using not painful pellets but high tech lasers to catch your mates out as swiftly as possible. Softair is a great shooting stag activity where unlike paintballs, you and the boys all get to use incredible AK47 style weapons which fire out softer pellets - perfect for taking down everyone in your sight!

Any great best man needs a secret weapon or two under his belt to make the stag absolutely incredible and a shooting activity might just be exactly what you need! A big weekend away is something that everyone will absolutely love and so packing it out with action and experiences is definitely a great idea which will make it 100% unforgettable for you and your mates. A night out or two is a definite must and the perfect opportunity for your main stag to debut his scary spice costume but squeezing in a couple of activities too makes it a guaranteed amazing time.

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