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"We had such a good time and the activities were great. Looking forward to booking again with you!"

Bournemouth | 14/08/2023 | 5/5 stars

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Top 6 Most Booked Water Adventures Stag Activities

  1. White Water Rafting
  2. Waterpark
  3. Kayaking
  4. Canoeing
  5. Canyoning
  6. Ribbing

Ready to wet the stag party's collective heads? Hitting the water can be a whole heap of fun. It's always a laugh and can be very refreshing if you've had a blaster the night before.

Different activities, require different skills so think about what the group will enjoy. Also don't try and too much or too little of one thing, with our expertise we can help you get the balance right. For example don't expect to master kitesurfing in half a day, and don't think ringos will keep you entertained more than 90 minutes. In most cases no experience is necessary, but you will need to be able to swim. Full instruction and safety briefings are given to ensure you are comfortable and in the best possible position to enjoy your day.

Watersports are a great activity option which so few blokes have ever tried but are always really pleased they did. Getting out and about to experience the refreshing blast of water in any location is ideal for washing away lingering hangovers as well as making friends with your fellow stags and breaking the ice for good and it also gives the boys a chance to try something completely new. Our watersports options range from the unusual to the relaxing to the downright extreme so whatever you feel like doing there's a perfect experience to suit.

Many of our watersport activities focus less on the 'sport' and more on the 'water' side of things, which will suit any chilled out stags down to the ground. Fishing for example is a great way to get a bunch of hungover boys back out and about. With us, you can try out deep sea fishing but don't worry, if you're not even sure how to catch a cold, expert instructors on site will make sure you at least get a grip of the basics. Similarly, there could hardly be anything more slick and stylish than a relaxing punt down the river Cam in Cambridge. Whether or not all the stags have still got enough gray matter left from their hangovers to pass the entrance exam is another matter but there's nothing to stop you and the boys chilling out on this rather posh mode of water transport.

On the other end of the spectrum, how about causing some real thrills and spills with your watersport action? Our extreme water jetpack activity is quite possibly one of the coolest ways to experience the power of the sea - you'll literally be hovering above it! Just as it sounds, you'll be powered by a giant jetpack to fly, flip and spin across the waves which is sure to impress anyone and everyone. If you've still got room for adventure, how about hotdogging? No, we're not talking about sausages here, hotdogging is a particularly crazy form of white water rafting where you and a mate pile into one small inflatable canoe and do your best to negotiate a series of crazy twists and turns.

Let's face it, most stags now expect a little more than the usual and are seeking wilder activities to try their hand at. Why not ramp up the excitement? If your mates are active and love a good adventure high action watersports are perfect.

We have access to all of the best watersports suppliers around and so whether you're looking out for something chilled or something to absolutely blow your stags' socks off, the wetter the better! Here at StagWeb, we've been trading since 2002 which means that we know a thing or two about wetsuits and waves. We have access to all the very best stag activity suppliers out there, so whatever you've got in mind, you can be sure of the best deal and the very best quality.

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