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Maidstone's sat plonked in the centre of the 'Garden of England', so it's no surprise that when you and the boys want to unleash your primal side and get back to nature in the great outdoors, you couldn't be in a better location. Maidstone has all the classy, leisurely outdoor pursuits you could ask for, as well as a few more high octane options that let the lads get a little mucky. As the biggest town in Kent, Maidstone has a few surprises up its sleeves too, for any adrenaline junkies around. Whether you're looking to take the stag party to extremes or after something a little more leisurely, Maidstone stag activities are amongst the best in the county.

Stag sports

If there's one thing we've seen time and time again in our 12 years of organising stag weekends, it's that there is little men love more than getting to battle head to head in friendly (or fierce, depending on if you're sore losers or not) stag battle… and if you get to show off your athletic skill and prowess at the same time, that's just a bonus. 5 a side is the classic male bonding activity; nothing brings lads together like a shared love of the beautiful game. As relaxed and laidback or intensely competitive as you want it to be, in Maidstone you and the boys will be able to spend a few hours out on the footie pitch, getting to know one another and getting pumped up for the night ahead. If football's not your stag's game of choice, give cricket a try instead. It's skilled, sporty, and one of the best ways to spend a sunny day in summer. And if both of those sound too much like hard work and you'd rather go for a sport you can play with a hangover Sunday morning? Give golf a try. It's still got that competitive element, but you'll be able to play in your shades and without jostling your head too much.

Stag speeds

If there's one other thing we've seen time and time again in our 12 years of organising stag weekends, it's that men also really enjoy getting to indulge their need for speed with whatever huge, powerful, and very, very fast engine they can get their hands on and our Maidstone stag ideas include a whole lot of options that let you do just that. There's the always popular go karting or quad biking, the less common 4x4s and trekking, and the absolutely bizarre segway racing and blindfold driving.

Stag spies

Go on, tell us you've never wanted to be James Bond. Between the suits, the women, the gadgets, and the freezing ice-cold coolness of being able to introduce yourself as 'Bond, James Bond', he's the man we all aspire to be and in Maidstone, you and the lads have a rare opportunity to become the man with the golden gun. The 007 day is the complete Bond experience, pitting you and the boys in teams against one another in a quest for world domination, and including a range of scenarios and challenges to help you get your license to kill. If you're not up for dedicating your whole day to Bonding (see what we did there?), we've got plenty of Maidstone stag activities that will let you all work on a few of the skills necessary to become the secret service's most deadly spy. Whether you're more a fan of the Lotus/submarine car or you're loyal to the Aston Martin, the car scenes in James Bond are legendary and we can give you the chance to have a go behind the wheel of some incredible supercars yourself on our track day, with a range of BMW's, E-types and Ferraris to drive. If you're more a fan of the Spy Who Loved Me style ski chases than car ones, go for dry skiing instead, just as fun and considerably warmer than the snowy version. And finally, when you've exhausted yourself with all the scuba diving and gunfights and parkour, it's time to sit down and treat yourselves to a drink with our wine tasting session. He's not as famous for it as his signature cocktail, but Bond's still been known to sample a glass or two, making it the perfect way to round off a day of espionage and adventure.

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