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How could there not be a fantastic range of brilliant Torquay stag activities to do, with the open sea in front and the wild countryside behind? There's action, adventure, and awesome stag do possibilities in every direction. You and the boys have as much room as you need to spread out and give some dynamic outdoor sports a chance, so whether you're a local Devonshire lad or just looking to escape the big city and get a bit of air, there's plenty for you to try. StagWeb has a huge range of Torquay stag ideas for you to try, so whether you're keen to go charging round the countryside on a quad bike or take it a little slower with some deep sea fishing, you'll find everything you need for some brilliant stag activities in Torquay.

Adventure on the high seas

Since Torquay stag activities have access to some of the most beautiful sea surrounding the UK, it's imperative that you at least dip your toes in during the stag do. If you're willing to don a wetsuit and dive right in, even better we've got plenty of ways for you to throw yourself in at the deep end. If splashing around in a canoe has always seemed a little tame for your tastes, step things up a notch by taking the boys sea kayaking instead. It's much like standard kayaking, except it takes place on the open seas. You know, with the unfathomable depths and the waves and the Kraken and whatever else it is that lurks in open water. If you want something you can use to show off a bit, wakeboarding might be just the thing. It's essentially snowboarding, but since you do it whilst tugged behind a speedboat, it's automatically about ten times more badass. Canyoning is another pretty hardcore activity, combining swimming, scrambling over rocks, climbing up them, and jumping into pools.

Battle Stations

One of the consistently best parts of a stag do is a little friendly competition between you and the lads there's no better battleground to test your physical and mental prowess against the boys. And as the organiser of the stag group, you've got an advantage, able to pick and suggest activities that you know you're good at. If you've been putting in long hours and the gym, and are keen to show it off, try the assault course. It'll push you and the boys to your physical limits or at least let you work up an appetite for dinner. If you'd rather stretch your mental muscles, go for the Daredevil Tournament instead. You're unlikely to find any high walls or scramble nets here; it's more likely to test just how stupid you're willing to look for a win. And for a good all-rounder, paintball can't be beaten. It's always a top favourite with guys, stag or not, and is a great excuse to charge around decked out in camouflage gear and shooting your mates in the back of the head.

Plain Sailing

You don't get to be the English Rivera without showing a classy side occasionally, so Torquay is the perfect place for you gents to get out your monocles, twiddle your moustaches, and show off just how suave you are. Wine tasting is both a laidback way to spend an afternoon, as well as teaching you some valuable life skills finally you'll know what to say when the waiter hands you a glass at the start of the meal. Horse racing has a posh boy background as the sport of kings but with beer flowing, bets waging, and lads cheering, it's a good laugh too. And clay shooting is a stag favourite, especially in our Torquay location with some of the most realistic clays and challenging traps around. Tweed coat and hunting cap optional.

So why StagWeb?

Organising a stag do isn't easy that's why it's entrusted to the best man. Luckily, we can help to make sure you live up to the event. We've got the best Torquay stag ideas all thought out, you just need to pick which ones you're interested in trying with your mates. It's easy to overlook the daytime activities with the promise of a legendary night out on the horizon, and we make sure that the days don't get lost in the fray. And with StagWeb, none of it has to break the bank either. In fact, we can provide everything you need for a top day of Torquay stag activities.

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