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Amsterdam Nightlife: The Lowdown

If you're thinking "ultimate boys weekend = Amsterdam stag do" keep in mind there's much more to this incredible city than its coffee shops and Red Light District, although you should definitely consider taking the eye-opening Red Light tour, it's a world-famous one off! Amsterdam's lively nightlife scene is likely to deliver one of the best stag nights you ever go on, the relaxed Dutch capital is host to a wealth of exciting venues providing entertainment hungry visitors with some of Europe's coolest bars, restaurants, nightclubs and, of course, gents clubs. The city has loads of districts, but for a shorter stag-friendly geography lesson, the city-centre is effectively split into a trio of complementary entertainment districts, and conveniently they're all within walking distance of each other, "Hoera!" Planned right the Amsterdam stag night will be unforgettable, rest assured with StagWeb's enormous experience and a reliability you can count on, we'll guide you to get a whole lot more out of your evenings whilst you're there.

Picking your Amsterdam nightlife options!

The combination of some of Europe's most liberal entertainment and an easy-going Dutch attitude makes for a very appealing atmosphere, but planning a better stag night in Amsterdam has a lot to do with choosing where you want to go and smart scheduling. You want a group pleasing, well-paced, venue-smart nightlife itinerary that's going to make you look great as an organiser and give the boys an evening to remember, it's too good a city to miss out on.

Choosing the right party district!

Amsterdam is made up of three awesome party neighbourhoods, so picking the right one for you is vital! It would be just plain wrong not to kick off with De Wallen, the closest to central station, this is the city's world-famous Red Light District. As you'd expect it's pretty vibrant with flesh-filled window displays, loads of inviting bars and a collection of 'unique' retailers, "high" street shopping can be a little different here! That's not to say the Mrs won't appreciate a present. A tour around this notorious neighbourhood is often seen as an essential part of the trip, the Red Light District is a mainstay of stag nights in Amsterdam and you should definitely try and fit it in it's a great way to start the weekend. A short stroll from there will bring you to Rembrandtplein. Lined with pubs, restaurants and cafes, the area is a magnet for visiting tourists. Rembrandtplein is filled with modern bars, Irish bars, sports bars and traditional Dutch pubs often playing real Dutch music (jury's still out), along with a couple of top quality nightclubs. Last of the key tourist hotspots is the Leidseplein or Leidse-square, one of Amsterdam's most frequented nightlife locations, it's packed with restaurants, clubs, bars and coffee shops. Bustling Leidseplein is easily accessible by foot or tram and, like the mighty Rembrandtplein, it has a wide selection of bars with the all-important outdoor seating. If that wasn't enough to keep your Amsterdam stag night busy, this entertaining hotspot also boasts a large casino and two of the city's most popular nightclubs.

Planning your Amsterdam stag nights!

Amsterdam is one of those city's which pays to get right. Sure you can turn up and take your chances but as stag nights go, Amsterdam is a pedigree destination and whatever you end up doing we recommend you invest in at least a little planning, you'll get a lot more out of it. The right venues are key as is the pace, some of the boys could be like kids in a sweetshop and that'll make your job as organiser more demanding - something you want to avoid if you can. The last thing you want is everybody running all over town, getting lost or burning out too early and you, or worse still the groom, having to firefight all weekend. So think about the first night, you could start with a few gentle beers in a couple of lively venues followed by the red light tour to get the party started, grab a tasty crepe, put in a quick visit to the casino or a couple more bars and lap dancing on the back of that and 'hey presto' you have an easy-going but well scheduled first night. The second night is equally important because you've got to keep the group on their toes and maintain the forward momentum and quality experiences. Why not start with a guided bar crawl which takes a lot of pressure off you taking the boys to a collection of new venues, followed by a themed Dutch dinner, another quick post-dinner pit stop before finishing with some serious clubbing way into the small hours? As far as planning a very manageable, cost-efficient itinerary goes, to us that sounds like a very decent couple of Amsterdam stag nights.

Plan your epic night with StagWeb!

As you might have guessed by now, stag nights in Amsterdam are some of the best and most memorable you'll ever go on, and with StagWeb on your team, we'll help you plan a better time, save time, make you look great and make ensure you get more out of it. All you've got to do next is send us a brief!

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