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5 Hottest Essex Stag Nights

  1. Guest List Club Entry - Enjoy stylish entry at Essex biggest clubs, like the stag legends you are. Because you're that damn cool.
  2. Stag Dinners - Reserved table, pre-paid dining, man-sized meals. Enjoy superb weekend stag-sized feasts with absolutely zero hassle.
  3. Lap Dance Club Entry - Give the condemned man/groom one final look at everything he'll be giving up for a life of wedded bliss.
  4. Sexy Bar Crawl Babes - Our sexy party masters will guide you on an evening of hilarious games, challenges, drinks and good times.
  5. Comedy Club - You're 'avin' a bleedin' laugh intcha? Of course we are, this is Essex, home to some of the UK's top comedy talent.

Tighter Than Russel Brand's Trousers

Essex boy Russell Brand might be a legendary party maestro but not everyone has his party budget. And let's face it, with all that bling, bubbly and everyone 'larging it', Essex can give your wallet a bigger spanking than Manchester City vs Billericay Town FC. So you need to shop smart.

StagWeb have a great selection of Essex stag nightlife options that will add a touch of VIP style and guest list access to your big weekend while also saving you money. It doesn't take (Essex girl) Rachael Riley to work out that if you plan early you can save a few numbers.

Party Harder Than Your Budget

Ok, put the pints down and pay attention, here comes the maths bit that could save you some "serious folding". Essex style.

If you're booking your own night out, you'll be expected to pay the going rate, that's normal. You can try using your charm, but this is Essex, most venues' regular customers have got more front than Southend so even your winning charm might not work this time.

Here at StagWeb, we book thousands of events every year, that gives us a bit of bulk buying muscle which you can tap into. What we do is secure discounts and pass on those great savings to you, that way you're quids in and all the guys are happy.

Don't Be That Guy

If we were to give you one piece of Essex stag night advice it would be; don't leave it until the last minute. Essex is a lively place, there's always something going on and things get booked up pretty quickly. So don't be that guy that has to tell the lads they've missed out on the best deals and can't get into the top bars and clubs because he didn't get his finger out and get it sorted sooner.

But that doesn't mean hassle...

One call, one instruction. Tell us what you want, where you want it and we'll take care of the rest. You can put your feet up and open a cold one knowing that everything is in safe hands. And best of all, when the weekend rolls around and all the guys are raving about what a top weekend it's been, you can take all the credit like the legend you are.

Essex Nightlife Legends

Some of Essex' top party boys.

Joey Essex - He's so Essex they named the entire county after him. While it might be true he's no Shakespeare when it comes to classic prose, he definitely knows how to have a good time.

Lord Sugar - Doesn't seem like your typical party boy but he once bought his own football club. He's so rich he can buy your entire party and the venue you're holding it in!

Glenn Tamplin - He also bought a football club. Owner of Billericay Town FC and second on Essex's most powerful list, the multi-millionaire is a famed philanthropist who also knows how to enjoy himself.

Ollie Murs - His stag party antics have made national newspaper headlines on numerous occasions. He also has an army of female fans falling at his feet. Since finding X-Factor fame he pretty much rains good times.

Eddie Hearn - The boxing promoter knows all about having a top night out and tends to do it all VIP style. He's also got some pretty big mates to call on if there's a problem.

Big Narstie - Can he party? Is Rachael Riley a bit good at maths? Just check out his YouTube channel for some of his famous frolics.

James W. Phillips - A true playboy, James is a brand ambassador for superyachts, supercars and lives a Monaco lifestyle. Nice work if you can get it.

Essex Stag Nights

Don't leave it to chance, set StagWeb on the case and let us take care of your Essex stag nightlife so you can focus on the important stuff, like pranking the groom while simultaneously giving him the best weekend of his life. Put us to the test and get a hassle-free, no obligation quote today.

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