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Southampton has long been populated by groups known for their love of a drink and a good party: pirates, sailors, and now, students. Between the well-established and lively bars and pubs, and the modern, pumping clubs, Southampton has brought in the best from its past and present to create a brilliant stag playground, with limitless options for you and the lads on a big night out. Things don't dry up once you leave the watering holes either; Southampton is one of the biggest cities that far south of England, and with about 4 million visitors per year it's not short of ways to entertain lads on a Southampton stag night.

Man With a Plan

Rocking into Southampton with an ID and some money in your pocket simply isn't enough anymore, not if you want to send your stag off into matrimonial bliss with the sort of fanfare and celebration befitting of someone who has attained the rank of your best mate. No, you want something bigger, something better than just a night on the dance floor in the first club you see. StagWeb has plenty of options to let you have a night that gives your stag the last hurrah he deserves on his Southampton stag night, adding in extras to your evening to turn it from just another night in the town to the grand send-off he deserves.

Stag Night Staples

Although we strongly advocate adding in a pre-clubbing activity or two, chances are there are one or two things that the lads would be pretty disappointed if the night didn't include at some point. Never fear; StagWeb has those covered too. We can offer guest list nightclub entry into some of the loudest and busiest clubs in the city, letting you sail past the plebians waiting outside (the ones that didn't have the foresight to book with StagWeb) and right into the heart of the party. If you and the lads would prefer to start (or end, or spend) the night in a club of a slightly different nature, head to a lap dancing club instead! We've already searched all through Southampton stag nightlife for the least seedy, best quality clubs with the most beautiful and talented ladies (it's a hard job), and we can let you know where to find them too!

Lining the Stomach

A big night on the town needs a big meal beforehand, unless you want it all to end in a big mess. We don't want to sound like your mother, but eating something substantial before hitting the bars means your far less likely to spend the night having fun and a few drinks with the lads, rather than hugging the toilet. More than anything else, though, sitting down with a good meal (rather than just grabbing a burger on the go or waiting till the post-pub kebab) gives you the chance to sit down with all the boys, toast the stag and his impending nuptials, and enjoy some banter and chat as you catch up with the days activities over a hearty and filling meal. There are plenty of restaurants in Southampton suitable for stags, and StagWeb can help you find the best of these, no matter what your tastes or budget. Head towards Oxford Street, High Street and Bedford Place to find a selection of Southampton's top restaurants. It's not all about the seafood here; as a port Southampton has seen an influx of foreign cuisines to the city, meaning you can pick from things as diverse as Cajun, Malaysian or Afghan… or you could go for an Indian or a steak if you'd rather something you know the lads like on your Southampton stag night.

So Why StagWeb?

StagWeb has been planning stag parties since 2002, and in that time we've discovered a lot where the most lively nightlife can be found, how to get the best deals and discounts, what lads on a stag enjoy most… we know it all, and we're willing to share it with you. We not only know all the top spots, we've also got the best activities on our books, the ones that will get your evening off to a brilliant start and get your night set up for success. We've got the reviews to back it up. Give us a call to find out more, or have a look through our options and start planning what you and the lads want to do on your Southampton stag night!

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