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No one is pretending that the Torquay stag nightlife is going to compare to seaside cities like Blackpool, Brighton or Bournemouth. But we're not going to hide the fact that when you decide to get up and head out on a Torquay stag night, there's a genuinely good selection of different venues and locations to choose from. There's a pub on every street corner, from friendly local haunts to nosier group pleasers in the centre of town. You won't be short of nightclubs either, and they come with unexpected benefits in a smaller location; fewer options means all of them are likely to be heaving with a pulsating, energetic atmosphere, as well as the town location letting you and the lads move from one to the other without forking out on taxis or wandering the streets. Torquay is a busy, buzzing venue after dark, keen to keep those tourists happy after the son goes down, and you're in prime position to take advantage of everything a Torquay stag night has to offer and give yourselves a real night to remember.

I've got a cunning plan…

We don't know about you, but we think hitting the clubs is a fairly standard weekend activity and what turns a good weekend into a good stag weekend is getting to do something a bit different with the boys and making some memories to celebrate the end of the stag's days as a single man. If you're looking to make more of a night of it, try one of our nightlife options to get a little more bang for your buck.

  1. Travel in style - nothing lets the masses know that you boys are there and you're ready to party, like pulling up in a limo. Arrive in style, or there's just no point arriving at all.
  2. Strike Out - ten pin bowling isn't the most common stag activity in the world, and we can't figure out why. It's competitive, it's fun, it can be played whilst drinking beer and eating nachos what's not to love?!
  3. Playing your cards right - making a profit off a stag weekend has to be the best way the night could possibly go. Even if you don't, practicing your poker face against the big shots is still a great way to spend the night. Las Vegas it isn't, but at least in Torquay you're allowed to tell the stories afterwards.

Lining your stomach

Every group of lads knows that it's important to fill up before heading out, and doubly so if you're just coming off a particularly action-filled day. Naturally, there's a lot of fish-food to be found, with seafood dishes dominating the restaurants try Hanbury's Fish Restaurant to get something to take away, Below Decks, or The Offshore Bar for live music from local bands whilst you eat. There's a selection of international restaurants too Simla Spice has brilliant Indian food, or Cotton Eye Joes if you want to sink your teeth into some meat. If you want to keep the whole thing simple, let StagWeb help we can arrange the meal for you, if you want something pre-booked or pre-paid. Just let us know your budget and tastes, and we can do the rest.

Stag Night Staples

Some things are just meant to go together … the groom and his best man, fish and chips, sea and sand … and stag nights are no exception. There are few things that fit better with a stag night out than spending a few hours (or the whole evening) at a lap dancing club. With lap dance entry in Torquay you'll not only get to visit the best club in the area, but you'll also get to avoid the hassle of trying to organise the event yourself, and the embarrassment of queuing up at the door with the rest of the men trying to get in it's straight through to the girls for you! All you'll all need to do is bring a bit of money for the ladies remember to treat the stag. Or if you live in fear of the bride to be finding out, head for a completely respectable nightclub instead. We'll get your guest list, VIP entry to Torquay's top nightclub, skipping all the pointless, one-in-one-out queuing and arguing with the bouncer.

So Why StagWeb?

Torquay is a brilliant destination for a stag weekend, but figuring out exactly how to make the most of it can be a difficult job for one man to face alone. Luckily, there's a team of guys who've got your back. We can find you the best Torquay stag nightlife spots, as well as the best night activities to start off the evening and arrange the whole thing for you. Let us know exactly what you want for the big night, and we'll see what we can help you put together for a terrific Torquay stag night.

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