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Stag activities in Amsterdam provide a refreshing range of sports and adventure to fit between a couple of huge nights out. You can choose the more traditional pursuits like guns, motorised sports, alcohol-centric events (eg The Heineken Brewery and the superb beer bike) or from a selection of the slightly more unusual, right down to a sex museum. On the sporting events side of the fence, you and the boys can enjoy a trip to Dutch footballing giants Ajax, with a stadium tour and match day. We have a detailed guide on our huge range of Amsterdam stag activities listed below and even more are available by special arrangement, we're ready to help show you how to plan an outstanding event.

11 Best Amsterdam Stag Activities

Amsterdam stag activities and ideas
  1. Beer Bike - Take a tour aboard your own pedal-powered pub. It's the greatest form of transport ever invented!
  2. Heineken Experience - Go behind the scenes and see how Holland's favourite export is made. We'll drink to that!
  3. Red Light District Tour - Because you can't go on a stag weekend and not visit Amsterdam's most famous streets.
  4. Bubble Football - Forget ‘total football' this is total carnage. The most hilarious version of the beautiful game known to stag-kind.
  5. Go Karts - Get all revved up with nowhere to go. Wheel to wheel action on Amsterdam's No. 1 go kart track.
  6. Sexy Hitch-hiker - An awesome prank for the groom and a stunning welcome to Holland for all the stags to enjoy.
  7. Glow Golf - Forget the Ryder Cup, if you want to see some real sporting rivalries get the guys onto the glow golf course. Fore!
  8. Escape Room - Locked in a room, you have just sixty minutes to escape, or it could be ‘Game Over'. Permanently.
  9. Target Shooting - Who will be top gun and who couldn't hit a Kardashian's backside with a banjo? Game on!
  10. Stag Arrest - Quite possibly the funniest and cruellest stag prank ever invented with a superb ending all the stags will love.
  11. Foot Golf - Two of the world's best-loved sports come together in this epic competitive hybrid. Top sports action.

Why you should book at least one Amsterdam stag activity

Let's face it you don't go to Holland's capital city for the crepes, you go for a huge weekend and a couple of monster nights, which means the days can be a little dehydrated. Given that the days may be viewed as a recovery period it's important you get the energy back and there's no better way to do that and keep the banter going than with an activity or two - even if they're of the more sedate variety. Bottom line - you should definitely book something, even if you're just taking pedalos down the canals! It'll keep the lads on their toes and add a dimension to the Dutch experience.

Which activities are going to work best?

That largely depends on your group, age, budget and desire to name a few. We can talk to you about that and steer you right as we go, in the meantime the following could be useful. On the action side, the best of Amsterdam's stag activities are the never boring go karting, quad bikes and target shooting. But if sport's your thing you could combine a visit to Ajax with your own stag version of the beautiful game: we can arrange a wheezy game of five-a-side football for you and the lads. For more unusual events you could choose from low land games to indoor snowboarding to blokarting (aka land yachting). Then gents, there's a chance to make it fun with a bike tour (beer stops allowed) or even our beer bike and … ahem … keeping on a theme, even a trip to the famous Heineken Brewery. Just let us know what you need and we'll tailor make a programme to fit your group! And don't worry about fitting in Amsterdam's red light district, you can visit this later as part of the evening's events.

Smart scheduling in busy Amsterdam makes a big difference

If you're organised enough to get a good run up you'll be in a better position to schedule the Amsterdam stag activities a lot more agreeably, as you already know it's a really popular destination so programmes do book out quickly. Allowing for preferred times we'd suggest not attempting anything too early for a couple of reasons, if you've had a big night (1) you might still be over the limit and (2) the lads are bound to bend your ear if you roust them out of bed for a 9am start. So we'd suggest thinking about an easy late-morning activity followed by a lunch break and then something decent in the afternoon. You could flip that a little and start an activity after lunch followed by a few rounds on the beer bike followed by a tour of the Amsterdam red light district before refreshing at the hotel prior to legendary evening number 2! That sir would be a very decent, group pleasing day. We're expert in group events with loads of Amsterdam stag experience - it's our job to consider all the angles and get you more out of your trip, so just tell us what you need and we'll help you schedule it.

I'm in, let's roll…

Beautiful, planning something to do and make the most out of your main day instead of just sitting in a pub is a smart move as an organiser and we're here to help save time and hassle, plus when it's all said and done we'll save you money and financially protect you as well! It couldn't be easier to sort the Amsterdam stag activities from here, just drop us a line on the briefer. "Hoera!"

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