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At StagWeb we have over 80 destinations to choose from. Whether you're seeking the sun looking for some hot bars serving ice cool drinks or all action destinations we've got it covered. From Sofia to Reykjavik and all stops in between we can help you build your own stag weekend abroad that's tailor made for your group.

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What are the best European stag do destinations?

  1. Amsterdam - You don't have to see red to get the most out this amazing city.
  2. Barcelona - With all the class and style of Messi's left foot, Barca is a top choice.
  3. Benidorm - Sun, sea, cervezas and stag do perfection. With tans!
  4. Berlin - Packed with history, hilarity and top-notch beer. Cheers.
  5. Budapest - Good clean fun in the land of beer baths and big laughs.
  6. Dublin - If you can't have a good time in Dublin you need to check your pulse.
  7. Galway - One of the world's friendliest party destinations. With added Guinness.
  8. Hamburg - One stag city that definitely isn't for the feint-hearted.
  9. Ibiza - Quite simply one of the greatest party destinations on the planet!
  10. Krakow - Crazy nightlife and some of the biggest stag challenges ever.
  11. Lisbon - Add a touch of sophistication and sunshine to the big weekend.
  12. Ljubljana - Home to some of the craziest stag missions ever invented.
  13. Marbella - A stag do destination that really needs no introduction.
  14. Prague - A city renowned for beer consumption. What's not to love?
  15. Riga - Something totally different with healthy chunks of man-madness.

When In Rome...

Stag dos abroad have become increasingly accessible in recent years with budget airlines and cut price flight deals meaning you can get to many of our European stag destinations for less than the price of a tank of petrol.

With affordable air travel the world is your lobster allowing you to look further afield in search of the perfect playground. Here's just a small selection of the wide variety of European stag weekend cities available.

If you need more information on any other destinations just give us a call (01225 474200) or send us a brief enquiry and we'll help you build a made to measure stag party package tailored to your group.

"Bienvenue", "Willkommen", "Bienvenido", "Zapraszamy"

"Welcome!" Wherever you decide to explore for your European stag adventure you can be sure of a hearty welcome. At StagWeb we have quite literally scoured Europe for the very finest stag destinations. And we're not talking "pins in maps". We take the time to regularly visit all our European destinations to find new activities, great hotels and to work on the great European partnerships we've built up over the years.

We won't pack you off to a hotel we can't be sure of. Like you we enjoy weekends away but expect comfort, convenience and value for money, that means if a hotel isn't good enough for us we certainly won't consider it for you.

And paying regular visits means we can keep those standards high to ensure your weekend is the huge success and great weekend you've all been looking forward to.

Benidorm - It's more than just epic nights out, great weather, cold beer and fantastic activities. Although to be honest with just those basic ingredients you can be sure of building a massive weekend for party loving lads.

Top 3 Activities - Catamaran Cruise, Waterpark, Foot Golf

Barcelona - One of Europe's most exciting cities. Barcelona has everything, big nightlife, miles of golden beaches, huge activities and bags of charm. It's little wonder it is one of Europe's most visited cities.

Top 3 Activities - FC Barcelona Tickets, Go Karting, Beach Games

Dublin - "Dere's more to Dublin dan dis" we have often said in our terrible attempts at Irish accents, while clutching pints of Guinness. And yes, there is soooo much on offer in Dublin, a city that just loves to party. And the old story that Guinness tastes better in Dublin? Inexplicably true.

Top 3 Activities - Guinness Tour, Gaelic Games, Horse Racing

Ibiza - Ibiza is just awesome! Indisputably one of the greatest places to party on the planet! Sun, sand, sea and some of the biggest and best clubs in the world with top class DJ's have made it Europe's party capital.

Top 3 Activities - Ibiza Rocks, Waterpark, Seabobs

Amsterdam - Stag parties have been heading to Amsterdam for decades and yet it's still as lively and fresh as ever. A city that never sleeps, with a totally different take on life. You can relax into the laidback Dutch attitude or party hearty in a massively diverse a vibrant club scene.

Top 3 Activities - Heineken Experience, Beer Bike, Red Light Tour

Sofia - Not only is it great value for budget conscious stags but it's utterly bonkers. You can be sure of plenty of laughs in a city that is still relatively off the beaten stag track but has so much to offer any action hungry stag party.

Top 3 Activities - Whitewater Rafting, Target Shooting, Snowmobiles

Prague - The first (and arguably still the best) of the big Eastern European stag party destinations. Prague has thrown open its doors to stag and hen groups and welcomes them in with bars, activities and nightlife perfectly to suit any stag party.

Top 3 Activities - Jelly Wrestling, Target Shooting, Tank Driving

Rome - When in Rome… Have an awesome weekend! For stylish grooms in search of something a little more suave, Rome fits the bill perfectly. You can mix frenetic all action activities with Rat Pack cool as you relax, soak up the atmosphere and find music to watch girls by.

Top 3 Activities - Gladiator School, Vespa Tour, Watersports

Albufeira - Albufeira has everything you could possibly need for a stag weekend of legendary proportions. The weather, the nightlife, fantastic beaches and sporting challenges to keep any group of lads entertained for days. The possibilities in Albufeira are quite simply endless!

Top 3 Activities - Buggy Safari, Shark Fishing, BBQ Cruise

More Europe For Your Euro

Everyone likes to have a bit more cash in their wallet and it's certainly handy to have a few more beer tokens to spend on a stag weekend abroad. That's why one of our chief aims is to save you money and increase the fun.

Here's how it works;

"But you're a business so why don't you charge us the same and pocket the profit?"

As a company we thrive on our repeat custom and recommendations. Many of our stag parties are recommended to us by their mates who have booked with StagWeb previously.

That means we always aim to supply great weekends at even better prices. If every stag do abroad is a massive success at a really good price then we'll find groups coming back to us time and time again, which many guys do.

European Stag Weekend Drinking Tips

Well you could go on a European stag weekend and not drink, but frankly what’s the point (unless you’re tea total in which fair play to you and carry on soldier)? Our continental cousins have taken years, in some cases centuries perfecting the perfect brews, so for you to go out there and just disregard generations of hard work? Rude!


If you're going Dutch then it has to be Heineken, Holland's and one of the world's most popular beers.
Drinking Fact - Heineken is so successful the company's revenue is greater than the GDP of Jamaica, Estonia or Zambia.
Hangover Rating - Light to moderate


The Barcelona Beer Company have created a fine range of dancing waters, our pick of the crop is their la Bella Lola blonde ale.
Drinking Fact - Spain has more bars per person than any other European country.
Hangover Rating - Just a mild tickle


Put the Guinness down and step away from the bar, you look like a tourist! When in Dublin go native and try some poitin.
Drinking Fact - Poitin is a type of moonshine vodka, traditionally home brewed in a single pot using potatoes.
Hangover Rating - "I can't feel my legs."


Going to Munich and not drinking beer is like, well, going to Munich and not drinking beer. It goes against all stag party codes of practise and decency.
Drinking Fact - Germans take their beer so seriously the country even has a beer purity law.
Hangover Rating - Beer-able


Brennivin is a type of schnapps that could sink a whale and tastes like a mixture of cough syrup and mouthwash. Definitely an acquired taste.
Drinking Fact - Iceland banned booze between 1915 - 1935. Beer was still outlawed until March 1st 1989 which is now known as 'Beer Day'.
Hangover Rating - Oh dear god, make it stop!


Port would be the order of the day. The Romans brought vines to Portugal but it wasn't until the 1600's that the locals started mixing their wine with brandy.
Drinking Fact - Port should always be served with cheese or tapas.
Hangover Rating - Mild brain melt


Try some Vana Tallinn ('Old Tallinn') which will put hairs on your chest, tongue, palms and just about everywhere else. It'll also melt your taste buds from 20 paces, you have been warned.
Drinking Fact - Enjoy singing after a few beers? Estonia had a singing revolution which brought about independence.
Hangover Rating - "Please, somebody remove my brain."


Marbs is a very affluent area where the order of the day is sipping Rioja wine while watching the sunset.
Drinking Fact - In Spain drinking is best done with food, 'The Spanish way'.
Hangover Rating - Uncomfortable


Bercherovka is made from a mixture of herbal bitters that taste like medicine and at 38% ABV could definitely put you in hospital.
Drinking Fact - Czech's drink more beer per capita than any other nation on earth. Good work fellas.
Hangover Rating - "I think I'm a goner."

Please note - Always remember to drink responsibly, look after group members that might have over-estimated their limit and respect your host city.

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