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Viva, Las Vegas!

The grandmaster, numero uno, mac daddy of stag do party destinations; Las Vegas is the biggest party city on the planet and nothing comes close to it. From casinos to clubs, helicopter tours to all-day parties, it's COLOSSAL from start to finish! Make it a once-in-a-lifetime send-off with a Las Vegas stag weekend!

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Las Vegas Menu

8 Best Las Vegas Stag Do Ideas

  1. Helicopter Grand Canyon Tour - Next level spectacular. Check out the Grand Canyon in style.
  2. Seal Team Shooting Package - The ultimate test of stag vs stag manliness.
  3. Track Day - Hit speeds of up to 180mph as you tear up the track!
  4. Limousine Airport Transfer - The only way to travel from the airport in this party city.
  5. Dune Buggies - Carve up the desert in these high-octane speed vehicles.
  6. Extreme Skywire - Reach up to 60mph as you fly down these high wires.
  7. Smoking Hot Target Shooting - Guns and smoking hot babes - the perfect combo!
  8. Indoor Skydiving - Adrenaline fuelled entertainment without jumping out of a plane.

A Guide To Your Las Vegas Stag Do

Best Bars in Las Vegas

Where to start? You know just as well as we do that Las Vegas is made for booze-thirsty stags. It's bright, it's buzzing and it never fails to impress the groups of stags that we send out there.

The Strip is, of course, the go-to area when finding a place to grab a drink. It's opulence at is finest and one of the most entertaining places on Earth. It's everything we think of when we hear 'stag party'. If this is your first trip to Sin-City, prepare to have your mind blown!

Downtown Las Vegas also boasts some of the best cocktail joints known to stag-kind. You'll find anything from a speakeasy classic to diner-style venues with long (very long) menus that can keep a group hydrated all night!

Where to Head...


Pretty much everything that matters in Vegas can be found on the Strip. This famous road bisects sin city and is a great place to take a stroll and check out the high-rollers and hot young babes cruising up and down in some seriously tricked up wheels. Although with so much in your own resort you might not even find time to make it out past the gates.

Must see...

The sheer scale of Vegas is mind-blowing! Everything is done on a grand, eye-catching scale. Once you've seen the action on the Strip itself it's worth stopping off at the Bellagio Hotel to see the grand Bellagio Fountain. The best way to really see Vegas is from the sky so ask our team about a helicopter tour.
Another trip of a lifetime is over the nearby Grand Canyon which stretches an incredible 277 miles (further than London to Blackpool, the "Vegas" of the North).

Top Tip - The Gambler's Store

Want to take a souvenir home but don't want to settle for cheap plastic chips or Vegas sign T-Shirt? Head to The Gamblers Store, it's packed with old casino chips, cards, dice, blackjack shoes and all kinds of genuine casino goodies to create your own illicit gambling den back home in your man cave. If you love poker then this should be top of your to do list, you won't be disappointed.
The Gambler's Store - 800 South Main St

Pub Trivia
  • Reclusive multi-millionaire Howard Hughes stayed at the Desert Inn for so long he was asked to leave… so he bought it.
  • 41 million people visit Vegas every year.
  • Some claim to have seen the ghost of Elvis lurking backstage in the Las Vegas Hilton (others claim he's alive and well and working in their chip shop).
  • A Vegas marriage license costs $55. The average cost of a divorce is $450.
  • Vegas has 17 of the world's 20 largest hotels.
  • In 2004, Englishman, Ashley Revell, sold everything he owned, including all of his clothes, booked a ticket to Vegas, and bet $135,300 on red for a single spin of a roulette wheel… He won $270,600.
  • The largest slot machine jackpot in Vegas was just under $40,000,000.

A Taste of Las Vegas

Eats - This is a millionaire's paradise, there's nothing you can't find in Vegas and many restaurants that stay open 24/7 to feed the "whales" (name given to the super-rich, big steak) gamblers. Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood is well worth checking out, f**king big burgers made by Gordon f**king Ramsay.
Drinks - Cocktails are a big deal in Vegas. They're proper cocktails, created by award winning mixologists. Every good hotel will have a superb array of signature cocktails that are worth serious investigation.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."
- Every stag do ever

Getting Around Las Vegas

Vegas is well set up to help transport the 41,000,000 annual visitors. You can hop on and off the monorail which runs along the Strip. Buses and taxis are also easily available. If you want something a little different there are plenty of unusual modes of transport that can be hired up and down the Strip.

Speaking The Lingo

"Eighty-sixed" - Thrown out of a casino for cheating
"Green" - $25 chip
"Black" - $100 chip
"Pigeon" - A player who chases their losses
"The pit" - Staff area behind the tables
"Stiff" - Player who doesn't tip the dealer after winning
"Fish" - Novice gambler
"Low roller" - Low stakes gambler
"High roller" - Big stakes gambler
"Whale" - The grandest of high rollers who will bet upwards of £1,000,000 in a single Vegas visit.

40 Reasons Why Las Vegas Rocks!

Casino city - There are more than 150 casinos in the Las Vegas valley area. Are you feeling lucky, stags?

Bet on gambling - Only 13% of visitors say they come to gamble, but 87% of visitors end up gambling anyway. So if the missus complains, just show her the stats.

Living underground - The City of Lights is literally so big that an estimated 1000 people (at least) have moved beneath the surface to live in underground tunnels. A perfect alternative if the wedding doesn't work out?

Thriller - Michael Jackson had plans to build a 50ft tall, moon-walking robot replica of himself in the Las Vegas desert. Mad but true!

Howard Hughes - Infamous business tycoon and multi-billionaire Howard Hughes once outstayed his welcome at the Desert Inn, his strange behaviour led them to ask him to leave. So he bought it.

The Hangover - One of the greatest comedies of all time was based in Vegas. The antics of Phil, Stu and Alan pulled a massive $44,979,319 on opening weekend, which is more than some slot machines pay out.

Vegas veterans - It would take 288 years for one person to spend a night in every hotel room in Vegas. What better time to start than right now?

City of lights - The Vegas Strip isn't just visible from outer space, it's also the brightest place on Earth.

Hear me roar - The MGM lion outside the Grand Hotel is the heaviest bronze sculpture in the USA. It weighs a whopping 50 tonnes.

Best in the world - 15 of the world's 25 best hotels can be found in Las Vegas.

Sky-high - At 1,149 feet the Stratosphere Las Vegas is the tallest observation tower in the USA.

Slot kings - The biggest winnings ever taken on the Vegas slots were won at the Excalibur. A 25-year-old software engineer scooped a massive $39 million. Result.

Sphinx - The Luxor's replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza is actually even bigger than the original, standing at 101 feet.

Shrimp - Las Vegas' favourite cuisine is shrimp. 60,000 pounds of the stuff is consumed per day, that's more than the rest of the US combined.

In the slot - For every eight Las Vegas residents, there's one slot machine. And we imagine about as many gambling support groups?

Neon lights - There's approximately 15,000 miles of neon tubing in downtown Las Vegas, that's three times the distance from London to Vegas.

The MGM Grand - As well as being the perfect hotel for your Las Vegas stag do, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is the largest hotel in the US and the 2nd largest in the world. Read more about the MGM Grand here...

Rainy night in Vegas - Las Vegas' annual rainfall is just over four inches. Back home Birmingham gets around 26 inches a year.

Wedding capital - With over 300 weddings per day, Las Vegas is one of the world's top wedding destinations second only to Istanbul for the highest number of weddings in a single city.

Nice to meat you - The Excalibur Hotel burns through 15,000 pounds of burger meat, 4,200 pounds of prime rib and 44,000 Cornish game hens every month. Now that's what we call a feast fit for a stag party.

Doors Off Helicopter Tour - This is a phenomenal way to see the sights on your Las Vegas stag weekend while raising everybody's pulse before a big night on the town. Read more here...

How much? - The Luxor pyramid's shining light beacon costs a huge $51 per hour to run. And you thought your electricity bills were bad...

Fit for the Gods... - Its atrium is 29 million cubic feet - that could hold nine Boeing 747s on top of one another. It's truly one of Vegas' most incredible sights.

4 - Some of Las Vegas' hotels don't have floors that start with the number "4". This is because it's seen as an "unlucky" number in many Asian cultures.

Neon cowboy - The Pioneer Club's iconic "Neon Cowboy" was the largest mechanical sign in the world when he was first erected.

Elvis - "The King" once performed 837 consecutive sold-out shows at the Las Vegas Hilton. We hear it was "Heartbreak Hotel" when the run ended (we'll show ourselves the door).

The Bellagio - A luxury base of operations for your Las Vegas stag weekend with a stupendous 3,933 bedrooms. In fact, that's more rooms than the number of residents in ACTUAL Bellagio, Italy. See it here...

Betting statistics - The average gambling budget per person is $560, while the average amount of time a person will gamble is 4 hours.

CSI - The famous procedural drama is based in Las Vegas, although we don't think they've based an episode on a stag do... yet.

Sammy Davis Jr. - One of the greatest jazz singers of all time spent the majority of his career wowing Vegas crowds as "the greatest living entertainer in the world".

UFC - Dana White's juggernaut promotion that took MMA to a whole other level has its home in Las Vegas and StagWeb can even arrange tickets to the UFC's biggest fight nights.

LFC - Like the UFC but with smoking hot babes, lingerie and more catfights than you can shake a stick at. If only there were something like this in the UK!?! See more here...

LFL - More bikini-clad sporting madness, the Legends Football League sees beautiful Amazonians doing battle in the gridiron in nothing but their briefs. Las Vegas Sin are the home favourites... And they've quickly become favourites here at StagWeb HQ as well.

Machine Gun Shooting - A Las Vegas stag weekend simply isn't complete until you've stopped at a shooting range to get hands-on with some of man's most powerful weapons. We're talking SMGs, MGs and target-crushing .50 calibre sniper rifles. Read more here...

The Black Book - Nope, it's not a myth. Las Vegas really does have a black book, and if your name winds up in its cursed pages you'll be banned from every casino in Vegas. Be warned...

100+ years - That's how long the Golden Gate Casino has been operating. Having first opened its doors in 1906 as "Hotel Nevada", the Golden Gate is the oldest continuously running hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

The Venetian - The Venetian is one of the best hotels for a Las Vegas stag weekend and even has two incredible canals with 814,000 gallons of water. "Mamma mia!" Read more about The Venetian here...

Golf - With an astonishing 37 golf courses, Las Vegas is one of the best cities in the world for a round in the sun, and it's the perfect way to get the boys away from the one-armed-bandits for a morning. Read more about Golf in Vegas...

The Meadows - Las Vegas translates directly from Spanish as "the meadows". Odd when you consider the city is in the heart of the Mojave Desert...

A guide to your Las Vegas stag weekend

Vegas, baby! That's all you have to say to conjure up an image of perhaps the ultimate stag weekend - shades on, dressed like Elvis, and ready for the time of your lives in the famous Nevada capital of leisure. You've got to go at least once in your life to see how the Las Vegas groundbreakers actually managed to make a piece of desert into one of the largest gambling and leisure-focused resorts on the planet! Why not head for the stag weekend city of cities on your next weekend away with the boys? It might just be the trip of your lives, you'll never forget it.

The ultimate Las Vegas stag dos

The Las Vegas "Strip" is where you want to be, this incredible avenue of towering hotels, lively bars, tasty restaurants, internationally-acclaimed shows and great value shops continues to grow and grow. It's worth going for the hotels themselves, whether your planning an Oceans 11 style stag weekend at the Bellagio or a sporting weekend at Caesars Palace, there are themes galore for a boys tour! You've got 5* super hotels, mid-range titans and lower budget boltholes that are still mind-blowing, and every major hotel seems to have a sizeable casino, loads of bars, clubs, restaurants and possibly a stage for a supershow! You could honestly go for a short break, spend the whole time in the hotel and still not see all of it!

Apart from the hours you can spend in the hotels and casinos themselves, we've got a lot of options for you to make this Las Vegas stag do one to remember. The activities are up there with the hotels themselves, but you must definitely consider the desert buggy racing, the target shooting and the indoor skydiving for starters. After that, there's karting, quad biking, pool parties, and plenty more!

The legends are true, don't think twice about it, Las Vegas is the pinnacle of stag weekends. Get yourselves there and you'll have planned quite possibly the greatest stag of all.

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