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Reading is a town on the go, and it's high time you and the boys got yourselves in on the action. There's plenty of green countryside around the outskirts of Reading, meaning there's plenty of space to spread out and stretch your legs with some outdoor adventure. It's the biggest town in England too, so you're not short of city-quality activities to pass the days either. StagWeb has been working in Reading since 2002, so we know all the best activities around here for stags, and we've selected a huge range of the best Reading stag ideas for you to choose from.

Need for Speed

A good stag party is one that hurtles forward full throttle and luckily Reading stag activities are going to have you zooming towards success. Racing always brings out the best in stags; they're competitive tests of skill and nerve, and never fail to be a lot of fun. As a stag weekend activity, go karting consistently wins a podium place, and our Reading karts are no exception. Practice laps, five full races and a finale ensure an exhilarating ride for all the boys as well as setting you up for a real winner. If you're not such a fan of breakneck speeds or are looking for something a little different, try our segway racing stag do! It's quirky and weird, and almost certainly something none of the group have tried before. For the ultimate stag Reading stag idea racing experience though, there's really only one option beer kegs racing. It's exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, and even more fun.

Gentlemanly Pursuits

Just because you're on a stag do, doesn't mean you have to act like hooligans. You lot are a classy bunch (or at least willing to play at it), and you deserve some top quality Reading stag activities to show it. Golf is one of the least energetic, dirty sports you can play with the possible exception of darts so if you want to get out on the green and enjoy a good walk, this is a great way to banish a hangover. If you're feeling too delicate to even deal with that, sitting in the golf buggy or playing caddy for the rest of the lads is a good compromise. After a punishing day of activities, or an exhausting night on the town, you might want to stop in for a quick respite at the health spa. Kicking back and relaxing with a swim or treatment to rest your weary muscles might be a good idea, or hit up the gym to keep pumped instead. Punting is the sort of posh-boy activity usually reserved for the snooty classes of Oxford and Cambridge, so put the aristocrats to shame and flex your own rowing muscles - or just knock back the two free glasses of champagne and let someone else do the hard work for once.

Bizarre Battles

A little competition is no bad thing on a stag do nothing gets the banter and laughter flowing faster. The difficulty is finding something you haven't all done on a million other stag dos… and Reading has some completely bonkers selections to offer. Instead of a standard 5-a-side, try human table football instead. It works exactly like the pub game, except with you lot as the little plastic men. Just pray there's no vengeful god watching who'll be tempted to spin the handles wildly. If you'd prefer to go at it mano-a-mano, that can be arranged, too, sumo wrestling is a fight like no other, and the stag in a padded sumo suit is just the humiliating photo opportunity you've all been waiting for. And if you haven't all looked quite stupid enough yet, try Gladiator Duelling. Whether or not you dress up as Wolf, Cobra, or one of the ones everyone's forgotten is up to you, the important thing is bashing each other with various inflatables.

So why StagWeb?

Simple - because with StagWeb, you know you're getting the best Readings stag activities for the best value. Organising a stag do is hard work, getting the numbers, money, booking and transport. And we can do all that for you… well, apart from the numbers. You'll have to find your own mates. If you want, we can even arrange the entire weekend - look into trying a full package for maximum entertainment for your money. All you'll need to do is show up, and man the keg.

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