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Not only does a Torquay stag weekend boast some of the coolest activities in the UK, but it also knows how to party despite being smaller than many of its big-city counterparts. Take the faff out of the planning and let StagWeb help you create an unrivaled weekend!

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8 Best Torquay Stag Do Ideas

  1. Coasteering - Get the adrenaline pumping with some rock climbing and cliff jumping.
  2. Goggle Football - Grab your goggles and gear up for a twisted version of the beautiful game.
  3. Bushcraft - Get back to basics and go full on Bear Grylls.
  4. Quad Biking - Mechanised, off-road, tough terrain mayhem.
  5. Clay Shooting - Eat lead you pesky (clay) pigeon!
  6. Caving - A real, once in a lifetime, subterranean adventure.
  7. Assault Course - Do you have what it takes to tackle our brutal assault course?
  8. Paintballing - Go full blown John Rambo as you compete in some stag-on-stag warfare.

A Guide To Your Torquay Stag Weekend

Torquay Activities

Action Stations!

Unbeatable English countryside and some of the best coastline in the UK have made Torquay an action packed stag activity haven. Dry land gives adventuring lads to chance to learn some Bushcraft Survival, go full blown Rambo on the Paintball battlefield or compete for stag supremacy on the Assault Course. Seafaring stags can get wet and wild Paddleboarding, Coasteering or Sailing or stitch the groom up with some Sexy French Maids - Torquay stag do activities are epic!

Best bars in Torquay

Where to Drink in Torquay

There is so much to do and see in Torquay, but there’s also so much to drink! Too much, probably, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

The area around the harbour is the busy hub of Torquay where you’ll find great places to post up for the evening and watch the sunset. After this, the Fleet Street triangle has a selection of bars with a cosmopolitan edge that’s striking in this Devonshire beauty.

For traditional pubs, the adorable Park Lane passage will lead you straight through the doors of two seaside locals with heaps of charm and friendly staff.

Guest: "When I pay for a view, I expect something more interesting than that."
Basil: "But that is Torquay, madam."
Guest: "Well it's not good enough."
Basil: "Well may I ask what you expected to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain..."
- Fawlty Towers

Torquay districts

Where to Head...


In Torquay everything is kept brilliantly simple, the best of the action can all be found in the town centre, there's no need to get lost, or waste tie in cabs. Just follow the sound of music and join in the fun. Even better, all our Torquay stag parties hotels are in the heart of the town centre, near the best of the action.

Must see...

Oddicombe Beach is one of the best in Devon. Featuring incredible red brick coloured cliffs, this secluded beach offers the stags the chance to kick back, relax and try and lessen the effects of their Torquay stag party hangovers.


Agatha Christie, Monty Python, Banksy and Ray Winstone have worked in Torquay.
Classic British sitcom Fawlty Towers was inspired by a mad Torquay hotel owner.
Torquay is home to one of the UK's most important Stone Age sites, some 40,000 years old.
Torre Abbey was used to house 397 Spanish prisoners after Sir Walter Raleigh defeated the Spanish Armada.

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Torquay

Coastal Torquay is easy to conquer on foot and there are few better places for a hungover stroll than the English Riviera. There are a number of places in and around Torquay to hire pushbikes too, which means the boys can get around the staggering coast a bit quicker, without breaking the bank or wearing out their feet.


Sailing terms for a wet and wild Torquay stag do...

"Ahoy!" - As in "Look at that beach babe!"
"Romper" - A ship that goes ahead of formation ... or a stag that gets carried away.
"Run aground" - To hit ground, as in "Steve's had so many drinks he's run aground."
"Batten down the hatches!" - To prepare for a stag's sudden emotional outburst.
"Three sheets to the wind!" - Absolutely ship faced!

A guide to your Torquay stag do

If you want a luxury stag holiday experience but can't afford to skip the country and set off to pastures new, a Torquay stag do might be just the thing you need. It's the closest thing the UK has to Nice, giving you and the boys an exotic holiday destination without actually having to leave the country. It's the capital of the English Riviera, which means some incredible views, hotels and food to try, guaranteed to make you lads feel like suave international jetsetters - without even having to get out your passport. If just the word ‘Riviera' is bringing you out in a rash at the thought of coastal walks and family holidays, think again - it's one of the most popular spots in Devon for big nights out, with some brilliant multi room nightclubs, and a great selection of bars, with both raucous pubs serving real ale, or cosmopolitan, city-style wine bars and cocktail lounges. There are around 31 watering holes in Torquay - more than enough for a crawl on Friday night with a plenty left over on Saturday. It's the nine award winning beaches in Torquay that really put it ahead of the crowd though. The seaside location means one very important thing for stag parties: extreme water sports. A Torquay stag party has everything from banana boats to water skis, so if you and the boys want a top weekend on the water, get yourselves to Torquay today!

Tourists in Torquay

Torquay has a long history of visitors stopping by to enjoy everything the town has to offer -and we mean a really long history:
44,200 - 41,500 BC - A homo sapien man wandering around Torquay loses his jaw and leaves it behind for us to find, making him the earliest anatomically modern human ever discovered.
1803 - 1815 - Skipping forward a few years, in the early 19th Century Torquay is buzzing with sailors and navy officers, with sun, sand, and a bloody big fleet of ships docking there during the Napoleonic wars.
Mid 19th Century - The good temperatures and clean air drives Victorians to Torquay in flocks, believing that the climate cures all sorts of illnesses. We don't know if it's true, but it certainly bodes well for the Sunday morning hangover.
1938 - 1960s By the twentieth century, Torquay has got popular with healthy people again, Torquay can attract over 20,000 visitors by train a day! Doesn't seem sleepy now, huh?
1990 - 2000's - Torquay is injected with new life, with dozens of new pubs and nightclubs opening around the harbour. As stag destinations go, it's a good one.

When's good to visit Torquay?

Obviously, a summer stag do in Torquay should be right at the top of your list for the best stag parties in the south west. The tourists arrive, bringing the town to life - and more importantly, the girls arrive with them, ready to top up their tans and let down their hair. Eye candy aside, it's also much better in the summer for making the most of the sea, since some water activities are seasonal. If you're gunning for a winter stag do, there isn't any reason to give up hope. StagWeb has plenty of activities that don't involve dunking yourself in to an arctic-esque sea, so don't be afraid to take the plunge and try a winter Torquay stag party.

Where should we stay in Torquay?

Good question - you're not short of options in Torquay, as there are literally dozens of different hotels, hostels, B&B's and self catering accommodation to choose from (have a look through our accommodation to see what's on offer, and avoid ending up in a Fawlty Towers situation). If you're hoping to enjoy the Torquay nightlife, or get sunbathing on a beach, we'd suggest the area in between Union Street and Victoria Parade. Most of the top bars and clubs are around here, as well as one of the famous beaches.

Getting the lads in...

If you're all driving in, the M5 will take you most of the way, and the A380 the rest of it. There are two railway stations, Torquay and Torre, though these are mostly local lines. Boys coming in from further afield the UK may have to change at a larger station first, like Bristol or Exeter. If you're coming down from Oop North for a bit of balmy southern sun, the nearest airport is Exeter International.

So why StagWeb?

We've been planning epic Torquay stag weekends since 2002, we’ve built a huge network of stag friendly hotels, activities and nightlife here. And we’re bigger than you. No offence meant, but in terms of buying power we send so many groups to Torquay we get special rates which you won’t get when booking alone. These are discounts we can pass on to you to get you the best deal possible. Give us a call to find out more.

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