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Exeter stag do ideas

Exeter stag do ideas

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Exeter stag weekend -
16/08/2014 -
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City image of Exeter "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Devon claims to make better cider than Somerset. You decide.

Why choose an Exeter stag do...

An Exeter stag do might not be the first thing that leaps to mind as a top lads holiday, but the city is fast becoming a powerhouse of the southwest region. The residents of Exeter enjoy some of the best nightlife in the UK - which translates to top quality stag nights, with excellent hotels, restaurants, and entertainment around the city to keep you and the boys busy. There are over 100 pubs to choose from too, and the selection of clubs for you and the lads to visit is nothing to sneer at either. Although incredible, the pub selection in Exeter isn’t even the main draw (I know, we’re surprised too). Instead, stags should be flocking there in droves to try the unbelievable range of activities on offer around the city, clambering over cliff faces, water sports on the river Exe, traipsing around the Devonshire countryside, or revving your engines with some motorsports. Exeter sure isn’t the first word in adrenaline fuelled stag dos – but it certainly is the last.

A brief history of Exeter

Throughout its history people have invaded, or tried to invade, Exeter. Who knows exactly what has drawn groups there ... maybe it’s the buzzing nightlife, maybe it’s the huge array of activities on offer... maybe it's the fact that it's located close to the mouth of the River Exe, making it very easy to attack. We couldn’t possibly say for sure.

Exeter saw the UK's last trial and execution for 'witchcraft'.

  • 250BC - The Romans settle in and commence trading, recognising Exeter as the place to be before it gets cool. They’re like toga wearing hipsters.
  • 658AD - The Britons and the Saxons both like Exeter a lot and manage to coexist happily for a while.
  • 876 - The Danes, realising what a party hotspot Exeter is, begin a game of invasion and expulsion with Exeter that will last over a century.
  • 1136 - A siege against Rougemont Castle in Exeter ends only when the castle inhabitants run out of wine. You can’t say that Exeter men don’t have their priorities right.
  • 2001 - We start sending stag groups to celebrate the way the Romans did – with lots of drinking, dancing, and general merriment.

When’s good to visit Exeter?

As a seaside destination, Exeter is pretty hot during the summer months, when the weather gets ... hot. The British Channel isn’t exactly warm at any point so you’ll want to hop in at its most temperate - unless the wedding scheme calls for all the groomsmen to have turned a fetching shade of blue. Don’t feel you’ve got to restrict yourself to the summer though, since plenty of our activities run just as well, if not better, in the wetter, muddier months (quad biking, we’re looking at you). The party atmosphere remains at a premium all year round too, with the students waking up as September ends, and keeping the buzz alive when other coastal towns are going to sleep. There are dozens of festivals through the year too, so Exeter’s certainly no fair-weather friend to stag dos.

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Banking on Exeter

As one of the few Devonshire destinations that isn’t swarmed by flocks of tourists every season, prices don’t skyrocket every summer either, and the students keep the costs low the rest of the year. With pints coming in at about £3, there’s no need to skip your round on an Exeter stag weekend.

How to arrive - travelling to Exeter for the stag do

As long as you’re heading south and west, you’re more or less on your way to Exeter. More specifically, Exeter is at the south end of the M5 so you can follow that to Exeter’s doorstep. Trains run from London about hourly, as do trains from Bristol. South Wales and Birmingham run lines too. If you’re economising on the transport to save for the good stuff, National Express and Megabus do coaches to and from Exeter, and are a good, cheap option if you’re coming in a group.

Muse, Ben Howard and Metronomy are all from Devon.

So why StagWeb?

We’ve got over 11 years experience putting together stag weekends around the country and beyond, so we’re pretty good at it by now. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when planning the biggest night of your best mates life (alright, second best if you include the wedding), and we can help you make sure nothing gets missed out, from accommodation to daytime activities to an action packed night. Look in to one of our Exeter packages if you don’t believe us – running from as little as £82pp, we can help you sort everything. Just give one of our advisors a call, or send us a brief, and we’ll help you put the perfect package together.

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