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By planning something active in the day you genuinely get a better group experience, it breaks up the weekend in a really good way, stimulates banter, memories and you definitely get more out of your trip. Lucky for you Dublin's activities are second to none, we've been putting on group events here for well over 15 years so we know how to set you and the boys up and below you'll find a useful guide to the best of the action. The city's famous for many reasons but often overlooked are Dublin's top quality events, the horse racing for starters is among Europe's best and with half a dozen courses within easy reach the sport of kings is always an attractive option. Then there are the more traditional Dublin stag activities such as go karting, paintball, clay shooting and world class golf. And on Sunday morning why not try the white water ribbing for a turbo charging the hangover! You can start planning the greatest activities right here!

Ideas for picking the right Dublin stag activities for the group

If you've got a few ideas and can't make up your mind don't worry we're here to make sure your stag activities in Dublin are the right choice for the group. Even if you're short on ideas we'll help you with tried and tested, expert recommendations that are likely to fit the group best, cover off all the preparation, coordinate timing and logistics, plan towards any budget and get you the most out of the day. Get the activity ball rolling by sending us a brief, we can work with you from there, if it's possible we'll get it arranged - there's not much we can't do. Before you know it the pressure's off, the organisation's taken care of and a short time later the lads can be sure of enjoying first class Dublin stag activities! We're even on hand as back up should you need us!

Idea 1 - Something Big

Pick one big Dublin stag activity that's a feature of the weekend, giving it a focus and great value. You could even consider a special event like the Six Nations (provided you book earlier enough) and St Patrick's Day.

Idea 2 - Double Bubble

Pick a pair of activities in Dublin to get even more out of your trip. We love the idea of golf and racing because it combines two of Dublin's highest quality activities, but just as easily you could pick karting and paintball, 5-a-side and deep sea fishing, quads and the Guinness Brewery.

Idea 3 - Funday Sunday

Too often Sunday morning is overlooked and left to the hangover, we say 'pah' to the hangover! It's an ideal time to rouse the lads and wake them up with another fun group activity before heading home and in Dublin, we've got some serious ribbing for you. The results of which could make for some hilarious photos so have your camera ready. Alternatively, this is a great time for a round of quality golf.

If you've got no idea, talk to us, we're seasoned experts with loads of experience and we can help with the best things to do in Dublin. Of course, if you're short on ideas you don't have to do anything and you can sit in the pub - they're lovely but the trip will be over before you know it and you can pub session anywhere, anytime plus there's no doubt it dims the evening's events. To get more out of your visit we definitely recommend shoeing in at least one activity for the daytime.

Planning for your activities - checklist

Here's a quick checklist to run through when you're thinking about your Dublin stag do ideas ...

  1. Budget & any booking conditions
  2. Time of year, weather and the seasons can influence the choice
  3. Calendar clashes, busy times mean less availability
  4. The physicality of the group, make sure all the stags can participate
  5. Do you fancy playing or spectating or both
  6. The number of activities, 1 or 2 and Sunday morning?
  7. Preferred scheduling, early birds or later gators?
  8. Deposits, guarantees & financial protection. There's no substitute. Short cuts usually mean shortchanged.
  9. Transfers, you may need them
  10. Insurance, make sure everyone has their own personal insurance and an EHIC. See our international tips for some useful advice.

So there you have it why not start looking into something today …

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