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If you're after an evening to remember for a long, long time then a Dublin stag night is one of the standout events in anyone's calendar, it'll add legend to the weekend and provide at least one of the great evenings of the year if not the decade! Populated with well over 600 central pubs many of them more than a century old, Dublin is certainly one of the world's most hospitable and musical cities, from Temple Bar to St Stephen's Green it seems there are mesmerising bars on just about every street and for many the city's one of the most memorable destinations in Europe to party in. There's something genuinely magical about Dublin and a couple of well planned big nights contribute to a pretty unforgettable Irish experience. Gentlemen, a Dublin stag night is a must, at least once.

Where to Party... Dublin's Best Nightlife

As mentioned above Temple Bar is the epicentre of the city's most concentrated nightlife and no stag night is really complete without at least a visit there but be warned it gets busy! Close by in and around Grafton, George & Great George's Streets there are loads of great pubs and bustling venues to try out. Dublin is referred to as a city of villages and there are no shortage of neighbourhoods to party in but one you should consider as a priority after Temple Bar is the area around St Stephen's Green it's full of fantastic and well-celebrated pubs. You'll be far from disappointed with a healthy collection of some of Dublin's outstanding venues in Merrion Row, Baggot Street and Dawson Street. Whatever day or time of year you go Dublin's nightlife provides one hell of a backdrop to any stag party.

Partying In Dublin... An Irish Stag Night

With a city like Dublin, it'd be plain wrong not to take in at least a few of the amazing Irish pubs, historic, charismatic and probably pouring the best Guinness (aka "Gat") you'll ever taste. There are plenty enough of these exceptional venues to keep you and the boys entertained but you might also want to take in some uplifting Irish music which is another exceptional contribution to many a stag night in Dublin. Why not then an Irish night of Irish pubs, music and dinner at an Irish restaurant. Follow that with a jig or two of your own at a top nightclub and you gents will have enjoyed a "noight" to remember so you have! If you need an Irish toast to kick off your stag night in Dublin with here's a beauty …

"Here's to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A pretty girl and an honest one.
A cold pint and another one!"

Essential Dublin Stag Night Planning

Get the itinerary and planning right and the lads will love you 'to be sure' (sorry), preparation is the key to a better Dublin stag night. Here are a few things you might consider …

  1. What kind of venues do you fancy?
  2. Do you fancy a little Irish music?
  3. Dress codes & entry times
  4. What time do you want to get started?
  5. Will you be eating, if so have you any preferences?
  6. Where do you want to end up?
  7. Clubbing or casino or both?
  8. The dogs or lap dancing or both?
  9. Taxis & getting back?

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than being on a night out and walking from one slightly disappointing pub to another as you try and work out exactly where the party is at. The boys will all have shelled out their hard-earned in the belief that everything has been well planned and fine-tuned to ensure the best night possible. They don't want to be walking around for ages as you stare hopefully at your iPhone trying to Google the best nightspots in the Emerald Isle's fairest city.

Not only are StagWeb ABTA bonded giving you complete financial security but we have 11 years working in Dublin, have spent the odd night or three raising a glass there ourselves and have great ties to the bars, hotels and activity providers. So that means you can put everything in our hands and relax knowing that you'll be the one getting the plaudits (and hopefully pints) from the rest of the stags to congratulate you on a job well done

Planning is everything, why not let us help with the whole party, send a brief now…

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