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Experience the craic of a Dublin stag weekend! The home of Temple Bar, the Guinness Storehouse and Jameson's Whiskey, Dublin has loads of awesome activities and insane nightlife to keep you entertained. Be sure to take the sting out of the planning process and book a memorable send-off with StagWeb!

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Fantastic communication and staff were really friendly and helpful. Dublin and our hotel were great. All the stags loved the Guinness Brewery Tour, it's a must when in Dublin.

Dublin Stag Weekend | Andrew Probert | 13/09/2021 - 5 out of 5 stars

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Dublin Stag Do Ideas

  1. Guinness Brewery - Find out just how they make a pint of 'the black stuff'.
  2. Go Karts - Wheel-to-wheel action to find the weekend's fastest stag.
  3. Clay Shooting - The world's most extreme stag weekend hangover cure.
  4. Gaelic Games - A sporting test with a selection of top Irish games.
  5. Battle Archery - Who doesn't want to shoot the groom with a bow and arrow?
  6. Bubble Football - Why isn't this an Olympic sport already? Bonkers and brilliant!
  7. Foot Golf - Two of the world's great sports, in one awesome stag competition.
  8. Escape Room - You have just 60 minutes to escape before it's 'Game Over'!

A Guide To Your Dublin Stag Weekend

Where to Drink in Dublin

We’re all thinking the same thing – Temple Bar. Temple Bar in Dublin is the epicentre for stag parties and is the drinking destination we can’t keep away from. It’s always loud and always going off. Maybe it’s old school, but that’s the USP of the place. Old school suits us just fine when it comes to banging pubs.

North of the river is a little quieter but perfect for setting the world to rights in a converted church venue or opulent speakeasy.

As with any party capital (of which Dublin is definitely one) if you head a little further out you’ll hit hipster-ville. Out in Camden, it’s edgy and alternative with a mix of the historical; really old pubs, underground wine cellars and sports bars. Dublin never disappoints when it comes to booze.

"I only take drink on two occasions - when I'm thirsty and when I'm not."
- Brendan Behan

Where to Visit in Dublin


Temple Bar is the legendary traditional drinking district. Locals tend to stay away from an area they now see as being overrun by tourists but it is still well worth a visit. Be warned, though, prices do tend to be a little high. Baggot Street and Merrion Square are other worthy traditional spots for a great night out in a city that is renowned for its drinking prowess. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to not have a good night out in Dublin, if you can’t have a great night here we’d suggest you check your pulse.

Must see...

Guinness Storehouse - If you’re looking for an activity in the Emerald Isle then no trip to Dublin is complete without a "point aff da liffey water" and a trip to pay homage at the Guinness Brewery.

Pub Trivia

Across the world, an average of 10,000,000 pints of Guinness are produced a day!!!
Dublin has one of the youngest populations in Europe with over 40% under the age of 35.
On St Patrick’s Day, the River Liffey is dyed green to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint.

Getting Around Dublin

As well as buses, the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) is a rail network all around the city and Trams (Luas). A nattily named "Leap Card" allows you to hop on and off public transport all round the city.
If you’re feeling a bit more energetic or want to freshen up your hangovers then you can always jump on a Dublin Bike which can be found dotted around Dublin.


"Ah, oi’ve a feckin’ thirst one me so I have." - Gosh, I really am jolly thirsty.
"Good man urself, pour uz a point aff da Liffey." - I’ll have a pint of Guinness, please, Landlord.
"A roight wagon, even the tide wouldn’t take her out" - She has a lovely personality I’m sure.
"Blow it out yur hole ye bollix!" - I’m sorry, Sir, but I beg to differ.

Dublin Stag Do Trip Tips!

Flights & Ferries

The majority of UK airports will have flights directly to Dublin, so you’ll be able to get there with ease no matter what part of the country you hail from. If you fancy heading in convoy and taking the ferry, you can drive to Holyhead in north-west Wales and drive aboard the boat which will take 3 hr 15 mins.

Getting from Dublin Airport to the City Centre

The city centre is situated 11 kilometres away from the airport so you’ll need to hop on a bus or a taxi. OR, even better, why not arrange for your own private Dublin airport transfers to whisk you straight to your accommodation in a flash. Less time faffing, more time partying!

Is Dublin Good for a Stag Do?

Dublin is in the elite tier of stag do destinations! The party never stops in the world-famous Temple Bar, plus our range of Dublin activities are second to none. Guinness Tour, Gaelic Games, Party Bike and more, there’s loads to do, loads to see and loads to celebrate - so you may as well do it in style!

Cost of Guinness in Dublin

A Guinness in Temple Bar will probably cost you between €5.50 to €6.50, but the further out the tourist centre you go, the cheaper it’ll be.

Dublin Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 8/2
  • February - 8/2
  • March - 10/3
  • April - 13/4
  • May - 15/6
  • June - 18/9
  • July - 20/11
  • August - 20/11
  • September - 17/9
  • October - 14/7
  • November - 10/4
  • December - 9/3
48 hours to Party in Dublin

Ahh, Dublin, the crowning jewel in the Emerald Isle, boasting a legendary party scene the likes of which the world has never seen! It’s a certified stag playground and an awesome place to give the groom a monumental send-off! If you have 48 hours to party, this is how it should be done...


So, you’ve touched down in this fantastic party town, you’re gonna want to bounce on through the airport and head to your accommodation sharpish so you can ditch the bags and head on out to sample Dublin’s finest. And, by finest, of course, we’re talking about the delicious Guinness. Gents, the stag weekend starts here!

48 hours in Dublin
Temple Bar

The world-famous Temple Bar is Dublin’s vibrant party hub where you’ll find like-minded partygoers looking to set it off in style. The party starts early and carries on ‘til late, so you won’t be short of brilliant boozers, bustling bars and chaotic clubs to keep you occupied on your first night in this buzzing district.

The Club

The Guinness is flowing like a dark ruby red river (yeah, it’s not actually black, who knew?!!), the groom’s pulling out the Irish jig and a group of you are discussing the logistics of a biannual Dublin trip - yep, the stag do is officially in full swing. But it’s hit that time in the evening for you to leave the quirky pubs and head to a bouncing club. Luckily the best man had the foresight to arrange Nightclub Entry so you and the boys can skip the long queues and head straight on in! What a geezer!


You wake up slightly worse for wear, but there’s no time to feel sorry for yourselves, it’s the first day proper, you’ve got to get up and have at it. Head to one of the great cafés located in Temple Bar for a full Irish breakfast to set you up for the day ahead!

48 hours in Dublin
Activity No. 1

Just like you can’t come to Ireland and not sample the Guinness, you can’t not try out some traditional Gaelic games! A fantastic hangover-buster, you and the boys get to try your hand at hurling, Irish handball and Gaelic football as you go toe-to-toe and team-to-team to crown the Gaelic sporting champs - your last chance to get one over the groom-to-be before his weekend’s are filled up with trips to IKEA and changing nappies!


After a fast-paced morning of competitive stag action, it’s about time you fuelled up before your afternoon adventures begin. Bounce on back to Temple Bar and seek out a traditional Irish stew to complete the Dublin hat trick (Guinness, Gaelic games and said stew)!


After your lunch, you take a leisurely stroll up to Pheonix Park to take in the natural sights and snap a few squad selfies to prove you didn’t just spend the whole weekend going from boozer to boozer. You sophisticated sightseers, you!

Activity No.2

Just like going to Rome and looking around the Colosseum or going to Paris and going up the Eiffel Tower, a tour of the sacred Guinness Brewery is a must. Split over seven floors, you and the boys make your way up to the tippy top which is a glass pod with stunning views out across the city and beyond, and you get to try a perfectly poured pint of Guinness, straight from the source!


Because finding a restaurant to house a large group of you without booking is a major pain in the Dublins, you and the boys made the very wise decision of booking up an epic Backyard BBQ feast in the centre of the city. That meant not only did you get a delicious meal in a reserved area of a vibrant bar, you also positioned yourself perfectly for your big night out! A well-deserved pat on the back is due!

48 hours in Dublin
The Big Night Out

Now you’ve got your dancing fuel onboard, it’s time to hit the town for round two! You see large groups of guys being turned away from bars left, right and centre, but being the well-organised stag troop you are, you booked up your Bar Pass which guarantees you entry into some of the biggest and best venues about, that often won’t let groups in! You lot are crushing this stag organising malarkey.

The Final Morning

You awake to a loud knock at the door. After a swift headcount, you realise it’s not one of your group getting back early in the morning. Who could it be?! The police? No, nothing bad happened last night. Room service? But no one seems to have ordered anything. You apprehensively open the door… oh, yeah, the groom’s big surprise! Well, you couldn’t have a big send-off without giving him one last look at what he’ll be missing as he enters marital life… this Sexy Wake Up Strip Show was a helluva shout!


What a start to the morning, that’s one way to take your mind off those hangovers! You and the boys bounce back to Temple Bar for another outrageously good Irish breakfast before your final activity of your awesome Dublin stag do.

48 hours in Dublin
Activity No.3

A bona fide stag classic! Clay Shooting has been a stag do staple for years because, quite frankly, it’s all sorts of epic. Time to give the groom one last thrashing before you head off home! “Eat my clay, fellas!”

Home Time

You came, you saw and you well and truly conquered! Time to grab your luggage and wave goodbye to one of the biggest weekends of your lives. Godspeed, gents!

Dublin? Completed it!

You land back in Blighty. You’ve spent the whole flight trying to convince half the guys to propose to their other halves just so you’ve got an excuse to come back and do it all over again, but, alas, the weekend is over and its time to snap back to reality! Thanks, Dublin, it’s been colossal!

40 Reasons Why Dublin Rocks!

What's in a name? - Dublin, or as it used to be known, 'Dubh Linn' translates directly from old Gaelic as 'Black Pool'. Could it have been a premonition of the 10 million pints of Guinness produced daily?

Guinness Brewery Tour - It should probably be illegal to visit Dublin without paying your respects to one of the most beautiful beers in the world with a trip to the Guinness Brewery.

Dubliners - The city's famous literary folk include playwright George Bernard Shaw, Roddy Doyle (The Commitments), James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.

Friendly Locals - Dubliners are statistically more likely to buy you a drink than locals from anywhere else in Ireland - although we wouldn't push your luck with this...

Pub City - There are over 600 licensed boozers in this city, meaning that there's an incredible choice of watering holes on your Dublin stag do. Let our knowledgeable guides take you straight to the best so that you can avoid the rest!

Vikings - Dublin originally began as a Viking settlement - the Nordic warriors called the area the 'Norse Kingdom of Dublin' way back in the 9th century - which explains some of the epic facial fuzz on display in the town.

The Big Smoke - Dublin is massive, covering a total land area of 44.5 square miles - it's a genuine treasure trove of pubs, bars and beery good times - the perfect destination for your stag party!

Rage Buggies - You've got the license to drive these buggies in anger - they treat rough terrain with virtually no respect and one ride in one of these bad boys will have you clamouring for more.

Young Blood - Dublin has one of the most youthful populations in all of Europe - around 50% of the city is younger than 25 years of age, meaning that the bars are always packed and the nights are always rocking!

Croke Park - The largest sports stadium in Ireland is one of the biggest sports stadiums in Europe with a capacity of 84,500 - only the Nou Camp, Wembley Stadium and the Santiago Bernabeu can beat it for size.

Football - Dublin is home to no less than six League of Ireland association clubs. These are Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians F.C., St. Patrick's Athletic, University College Dublin, Shelbourne and Cabinteely F.C.

Dracula - Bram Stoker, the author and creator of the famous gothic villain, graduated from Dublin's Trinity College. Where did the story's inspiration come from? Best not to take any chances and make the groom wear a necklace of garlic bulbs to keep "mummy's little soldier" safe.

Ireland Rugby - Dublin is also the home of Ireland's national rugby team. The boys in green have been pretty successful over the years, and some of their past players have become household names with Rugby legends like Brian O'Driscoll leading the line.

Greyhound Racing - This is big business - Dublin stag weekends at the track are properly electric and when the dogs are waiting to shoot out of their paddocks, you can cut the tension with a knife.

Peruke & Periwig - With so many pubs around Peruke & Periwig really does manage to stand out. It's an old fashioned speakeasy that comes across as being properly cool while retaining its quirky character from yesteryear - they also happen to do the best beef sandwiches in town.

The Brazen Head - This is the oldest pub in Dublin, roughly 900 years young! Luckily, they've changed up the drinks menu in that time to include all the beers you know and love as well as some seriously tasty pub grub; The Brazen Head Burger is especially hunger-conquering.

The Book of Kells - This is an Indiana Jones movie just waiting to be made - Ireland's national treasure is closely guarded in the Trinity College Library. The golden book was made by Celtic Monks in 800 AD, and who knows what might happen if you remove it from its resting place... (but please don't try).

U2 - One of the most successful bands in Irish history calls Dublin home. The charismatic group featuring Bono and The Edge have written countless hits including Beautiful Day, Vertigo, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and With or Without You.

Gaelic Games - Reconnect with any Gaelic ancestry you might have in this epic test of both strength and skill on your Dublin stag do. This is the only time 'Hurling' is acceptable on your big weekend.

Colin Farrell - One of Dublin's favourite sons, Colin Farrell, has achieved Hollywood box office success as well as plaudits for his superb performances in In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths and more recently True Detective.

Brendan Gleeson - It seems if a drama needs a grumpy Irishman, then Brendan Gleeson is the man to choose. Having starred in countless films and stage productions, he's one of Ireland's greatest actors and the apple doesn't seem to fall far from the tree as his son, Domnhall, landed a starring role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

How Many Pints?!? - Dubliners collectively drink a mind-boggling 9800 pints an hour between the hours of 5.30 pm on a Friday and 3.00 am on a Monday. You really won't keep up, so please drink responsibly.

Big Weekends - Dublin is Europe's most popular destination with travelling stag and hen parties - a whopping 600 groups head to the Irish capital every weekend - so you can guarantee you won't be the only group of lads in fancy dress when you hit the clubs.

Distillery Tour - It's not all about the black stuff in Dublin. Ireland is famous for its delicious whiskeys, and on your stag party, you can discover how it's made and enjoy a tasty tipple while you do.

O'Connell Bridge - Believe it or not, this Bridge used to be made of rope - thankfully these days it's been replaced with a concrete structure that's won the slightly odd title of being the only bridge in Europe that's as wide as it is long.

18 - That's the total number of cities going by the name of Dublin worldwide with twelve of those in the USA and six in Australia. Although, none of them have come close to replicating the irreplaceable charm of the Irish original.

Buck Whaley - As a wealthy gambler during the 1700s, Buck Whaley managed to wrangle himself an income of £7000 a year, which is more like £7,000,000 a year in today's money.

Casino Nights - Although you'll find it hard to replicate Buck Whaley's amazing feats, you could get lucky in one of Dublin's premier casinos. There's big banter to be had as you show off your poker faces while suited and booted like Bond.

Montgomery Street - Amsterdam's reputation for its saucy streets used to be practically minuscule when compared to this scandalous road. 1600 prostitutes used to frequent the area, making the 'Monto' Europe's biggest red light district.

Haunted Dublin - The Irish capital has its fair share of ghost stories including wandering girls in hotel corridors, disappearing phantom pub regulars and the roaming spectre of one very loyal dog.

Thin Lizzy - Ireland’s greatest rock export were unstoppable in their day. Hits like Whiskey in the Jar, Jailbreak and The Boys Are Back in Town solidified their place in the annals of rock history - and it all started in the mean streets of Dublin.

Krystle - This LED-light-filled, multi-tiered venue is the club of choice for many a Dubliner, probably because you can enjoy spirited banter with the boys in the properly stylish penthouse bar before heading downstairs to mingle with the locals on the dance floor.

Vintage Cocktail Club - If you're going with a Blues Brothers fancy dress theme then a glass of Absinthe Minded or a Fernet Me Not in this 60's style speakeasy bar is an absolute must on your big night out before you head on to the city's best clubs.

Robbie Keane - The former Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool hitman is a born and bred Dubliner.

Conor McGregor - There's been a few fightin' Irishmen in Dublin over the years, but none as fearsome as Conor McGregor. His dynamic fighting style and his charismatic personality have led him to success after success in the UFC, the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

Ed Byrne - His satirical swipes at everyday modern living are absolutely hilarious. Whether he's taking aim at wedding planning, video games or virtually anything else, Ed Byrne's observational humour is always on target with maximum wit.

Matt the Thresher - This fantastic restaurant specialises in man-size portions of the best seafood dishes available in Dublin. Wrap your laughing gear around a delicious fish burger or help yourselves to the stupendous seafood platter.

The Workmans Club - As a permanent fixture in Dublin's massive array of clubs and bars, The Workmans Club is dedicated to alternative music and up-and-coming artists. Gigs here are always atmospheric, largely because this 300 capacity venue is always packed out with real fans of real music, who give as much as the band on stage during any performance.

The Accent - The Dublin accent is bouncy, light-hearted and extraordinarily friendly.

Top Tweeters - Lovin Dublin will keep you up to date with the city's best live events, and they also provide some incredibly useful pointers as to where to grab some top grub - bonus! Overheard in Dublin is worth a follow simply for the hilarious and true things that people overhear from the city's quirky residents on a daily basis - it always makes us chuckle.

Facebook -  Dublin Town have all the latest on entertainment in the city as well as any cultural events that might interest you during your stay, and Dublin Event Guide are your one-stop-shop for information on the best free events in the city.

Dublin - StagWeb's guide to the world's friendliest stag city

One of the best choices anywhere in Europe and by starting your Dublin stag do research here, you’re already a step ahead. We love this amazing city and have been sending groups across the Irish Sea for over a decade - you’re in good hands! If you know where to go and what to do, Ireland's charming capital is a welcoming watering hole of generous hospitality and without doubt a legendary location for the stag weekend - prepare well and you can guarantee you’ll have a trip to remember! The global rebirth of the city over the last few decades has seen Dublin comfortably transform into one of the greatest cities in the world and stand shoulder to shoulder with most European hotspots - you won’t be disappointed.

Things to Do On a Dublin Stag Do

You’ll find numerous historic and high-quality venues throughout the city from some of the most charismatic pubs you'll ever visit to award-winning dining to casinos, comedy, music and top clubbing. Plus, to keep you busy in the day, a Dublin stag weekend provides an entertaining range of group-pleasing action, some of it like the racing, the golf and the fishing are a bit special. A lot of good stuff seems to come together very well here making it a really memorable place to celebrate a big event in, and with velvety Guinness at source, your Dublin stag do could be among the finest you ever go on.

Why You Should Go On a Stag Do in Dublin

Because it's Dublin – one of the greatest, most hospitable, friendliest cities on the planet, making it all the more appealing as a short stag weekend visit. Ireland's capital is a shoo-in to a lot of "bucket lists" and certainly for a lot of stags. If you haven't been for a weekend, you really should – it's enlivening, different but familiar and for a stag do, Dublin sets a friendly, easy-going standard that's hard to beat. All of that's even before we've started on the activities and nightlife! Gents, you're in for an amazing trip.

The Best Time to Go On a Dublin Stag Do

Plan well and you can expect to have a great time all year round - it's as reliable as a Riverdancer’s Rolex. The climate’s similar to our own and the seasons bringing different benefits to the city’s visitors. In winter posting up in the cosy, charming pubs and amazing bars is no hardship, neither is enjoying a huge choice of fantastic dining, getting jiggy with Irish dancing and taking on a few activities. Yuletide is also a fine time with a lit-up Grafton Street and a busy waterside market. In January the New Year party continues with the Temple Bar TradFest late in the month. Spring is big for rugby and of course the Six Nations, it also brings the arrival of arguably Ireland’s most famous festival - St Patrick’s Day (March 17), you won’t be surprised to read the party tends to spill over for a couple of days. Mid-March celebrations, closely followed by the clocks going forward is the start of a long, fun summer, and, as a rule Spring through to Autumn is a great time to plan a stag weekend in Dublin and when most groups tend to go. Events and festivals run through the calendar year, but a couple of the other big events you may be interested in are the Fringe Festival (September) and Oktoberfest (October). It’s safe to say Dublin’s got that extra special quality that makes it an exciting place to visit anytime, especially for a stag celebration, even when it rains it doesn’t dampen the spirits - or the Guinness or the Jamesons!

How to Get to Dublin

The obvious and most cost-efficient way is early booking via the budget airlines, RyanAir, in particular, have numerous flights daily, but don't overlook Aer Lingus, Aer Arann and Flybe. It's very easy, literally up and down, so if you travel light and check-in online in advance, travelling should be over pretty quickly. The speed of travel to Dublin from the UK could be a welcome factor if you want to go international for the stag weekend but keep the travelling to a minimum. You could also consider the ferry, and it could be cheaper with a hired minibus and a crossing fare, but it takes a lot longer, so we reckon it's only really a worthwhile option if you're up for a road trip.

Where to Go On a Dublin Stag Do

The city, split by the River Liffey into North and South, is a good size but it's easy to get around so as long as you're fairly central you'll be fine. However we reckon the best location to base yourselves for the Dublin stag weekend is close to world-famous Temple Bar with its wealth of pubs, bars, clubs and more. Other top locations to look out for and consider are St Stephen's Green, Merrion Square, O'Connell Street, Capel Street and Christchurch. In terms of pubs, you'll do well to find a better collection – the Irish do pubs every bit as well as the UK and, in many cases, better – and Dublin's got a few world-beaters. Like all modern European Capitals, the bars and restaurants are excellent, and there are more than enough stag friendly venues to enjoy during the weekend.

What to Do on a Dublin Stag Do

In keeping with a mighty capital, you can choose from an impressive selection of activities. As mentioned above, you’ve got some outstanding horse racing and massive fixtures - each of the five big courses (namely Curragh, Leopardstown, Fairyhouse, Naas and Punchestown) offer some big events. It’s exciting to get up, head out for breakfast, a Guinness and a cheeky 9 holes and then get picked up for one of the best horse racing events you’ll ever go to - that, gentlemen, is a big stag day - even before a big evening. As you’d expect the golf can be outstanding, so it’s well worth considering as part of a weekend itinerary - it acts as both a very welcome "freshener-upper" and an activity to drop a gear or two for at least a couple of hours that nobody's going to mind. A Sunday morning round is also a very agreeable way to finish off the trip, we'll even arrange your club hire if you need us to. Then, of course, you’ve got to make time for a stag pilgrimage to the Guinness Brewery or you could choose a whiskey distillery, why not do both! We’ve got over 30 stag do activities in Dublin to choose from, highlights include sea fishing not least because the Irish Sea air should fix any hangovers! Gents rest assured the Dublin action is good, plan it well and you won’t be disappointed.

Is Dublin Expensive for a Stag Do?

If you’re looking to save on your stag weekend, then put StagWeb to the test. We’ve been sending stags to Dublin since 2002 and have built up a superb network of stag friendly hotels and activities across the city. During that time, we’ve laid the foundations and built partnerships meaning we can offer you the best deals on everything you’ll need to give the groom a legendary send-off without breaking the bank.

Why not see what we can do for you, you'll get your own dedicated event team, top suggestions and soon realise that StagWeb's remarkable value and exceptional client benefits deliver way more for your budget. Call our team on 01225 474200 or enquire now.

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