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This alternative party region is a massively underrated stag playground, boasting a load of incredible activities its big-city counterparts simply cannot offer. Throw in the fact it also has a fierce nightlife too and you've got yourselves a surefire winner! Book your Harrogate stag weekend today with StagWeb and prepare to party in style!

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Harrogate Stag Review
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Max Cooper
| 20/04/2022 -
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8 Best Harrogate Stag Do Ideas

  1. Off Road Karts - Tear up a specialised mud track in these 260cc karts!
  2. Blindfold Driving - How would you get on driving a hefty 4x4 without your ability to see?
  3. Horse Racing - Hit the races for a flutter and some heart-pumping racing.
  4. Paintballing - Mask up and lock and load as you do battle in this epic stag classic.
  5. Grass Karting - Go Karting 2.0! We take these high-powered karts out in the elements.
  6. Bubble Football - Forget your fancy footwork, this is a bigger test of bounce ability!
  7. Quad Biking - Head off road for a spot of high-octane, blood-pumping, quad bike action.
  8. Clay Shooting - How’s your aim? A stag contest to find the groups sharpest shooter.

A Guide To Your Harrogate Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

Parked conveniently closely to the Yorkshire Moors, Harrogate offer a wealth of extreme stag action for boys who like their toys to come with a healthy dose of competition and danger. Bubble Football, Quad Bike Trekking, Grass Karting and Blindfold Driving are just some of the activities on offer when you're not giving the groom a Dulux makeover at the Paintball field of conflict.

Where to Drink in Harrogate

When in Yorkshire, stags need to check out the traditional pubs on offer up in this friendly, casual and uber-relaxed area of the UK. Harrogate, in particular, isn’t short of old boy locals and craft brew boozers. As far as the spectrum of beer is concerned, it’s covered in this Northern brew-haven.

Parliament Street is Harrogate’s take on a boozy strip, with bars beckoning you from either side of the street. There are tonnes of names from the big to the independent that’ll draw you in with neon and delicious tipples to try. But, just promise us you won’t leave without taking the opportunity to set the world to rights over a pint in one of the town’s proper pubs.

"Being from Yorkshire is as much a state of mind as a geographical fact."
- Liam Allen

Where to Head...


The fine folk of Harrogate don't complicate matters, if you're after a great night out head to the town centre where you'll find the best of the action. Everything is within easy walking distance of our handpicked stag accommodation in Harrogate making sure you're never more than a quick stagger away from your beds.

Must see...

If any of the lads are suffering the morning after the night before then a quick stroll up to Brimham Rocks will clear clouded heads. An area of outstanding national beauty and a great place for hardy stags to get out in the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors.

"The queerest place with the strangest people in it leading the oddest lives..."
- Charles Dickens on Harrogate

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Harrogate

Harrogate keeps it's public transport nice and easy, it's "t'bus" or "nowt". Thankfully they have got nifty M-Travel cards allowing you unlimited travel over a set period. And being the kind chaps that we are, here at StagWeb we've made sure all our Harrogate stag party accommodation is in based right in the heart of the action so there's no need to shell out for taxis as the best bars and clubs will be right on your doorstep.


"Keks" - Trousers
"Plother" - Trouble
"Barmpot" - Idiot
"Brew" - Cup of tea
"Yon" - That
"Nowt/Out" - Nothing/Anything
"Summat" - Something
"Reet grand" - Jolly Good
"Look't yon barmpot, up to 'is keks in plother, ee's bin chatting t't barmaids and got nowt but a pint and a scowl to show fer eet." - Bloody idiot's crashed and burned. Again!

Why choose a Harrogate stag do?

As one of the very best destinations in Northern England, Harrogate exudes a classy Yorkshire charm that really is hard to replicate down south.

Sometimes it's overshadowed by York and Leeds but with such a huge range of nightlife and activities, it's every bit as fun! This famous spa town is one of the classiest spots in Yorkshire which is just right when you want to get away from it all to somewhere just a little less crowded than bigger UK cities. There's plenty of Harrogate stag weekend action to be had, from spectacular 4x4 off road driving and motorsports to a wide selection of exciting spectator events like horse racing to cricket. Lively entertainment continues well into the evening on your Harrogate stag weekend with a whole host of pubs, clubs and restaurants and believe it or not, this Yorkshire jewel is even home to a leading, top quality lap dancing venue. Sound good? Why not give us a call on 01225 474200 and get things moving!

When to visit for a Harrogate stag weekend?

Although you'll never be short of something to do on your Harrogate stag weekend, most tourists prefer to visit during the summer months to make the most of warmer weather. In July, make sure to give the ever-popular Harrogate Festival a look in which gets bigger each year. In December, there's Culture Shock which hosts talented local bands and dance groups every year. At the back end of October, the Harrogate Comedy Festival comes to town and hosts big names like Julian Clary, Stewart Lee and Sean Hughes across a week of events.

Where to stay and hang out in Harrogate

A stunning spa town close to Leeds, Harrogate offers a great mix of fantastic restaurants and bars in a relaxed, country surrounding as well as a surprisingly buzzing nightlife and great sightseeing. Cambridge Street and Oxford Street are the main shopping streets where you'll be able to find plenty of cafes, bars and shops and Cheltenham Mount and John Street are great for restaurant meals in the evening. The Royal Baths and Parliament Street make up the centre of the town's nightlife scene. The surrounding rural area could hardly be better for letting off some steam with the lads in a quad bike or on a high ropes course. With so much to do on your Harrogate stag weekend, you're guaranteed a good time! Lush with greenery and rich with the town's famous spa water which is said to have healing properties (although we can't promise that a few sips will cure your hangover), it's hardly surprising that charming Harrogate has been voted one of the best places in the UK to live again and again.

And now?

Interested? If you fancy holding your stag do in Harrogate, there's so much to choose from within our great range of packages that can easily be tweaked to fit your own individual requirements. Our 'Like a Splat Out of Hell' package really makes the most of the surrounding countryside with half a day of paintballing, and quad biking and then guest list nightclubbing - but only after you've washed off all the dirt! Alternatively, 'Harrogate Honeys' is a must for the ladies man. Let off some steam paintballing and then treat yourselves to a top quality lap dance later on - and best of all, guest list clubbing comes free! Get ready for a whole lot of good times in Harrogate.

Eh by gum! - a quick guide to Yorkshire dialect

When you visit for your Harrogate stag do, you might notice a couple of weird and wonderful Yorkshire dialect doing the rounds. Drop a couple into conversation and see if you can fool the locals into thinking you're a real man of the moors!

  • Chuddy - chewing gum. When you're out and about on the town in Harrogate and get chatting to a lovely Yorkshire lass at the bar only to realise that your breath leaves much to be desired, be sure to ask around for a piece of chuddy and not 'chewy' or 'gum' which is more likely to leave you with blank faces than minty fresh breath.
  • Cludger - toilet. A good one to have around in case you get caught short.
  • Keks - trousers. Try not to lose these on your stag night...
  • Plother - mud. You and the boys might find yourselves caked in more than a little plother after quad biking or grass karting!
  • Scran - food. Luckily, the Yorkshire lot take their scran very seriously, so you won't be going hungry anytime soon.
  • Sup - drink. Sup means more than just a streetwise greeting up North. It comes with a pint on the side.
  • Nesh - a little bit pathetic for feeling cold. If you're coming from the south, you might hear this when you head out of the door in anything more than a t-shirt in February. 
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