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Oxford is carving out a reputation as an elite level party city, making it ideal for the groom's massive weekend away. Big nights out, amazing activities, incredible eateries - an Oxford stag weekend has it all. Get the help of StagWeb to avoid all the planning stress and secure an unforgettable celebration!

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Oxford Menu

8 Best Oxford Stag Do Ideas

  1. Rage Buggies - Crank up the chaos with an all action stag racing competition!
  2. Diamond Snatch - You and the boys try to pull of the biggest heist of all time.
  3. Quad Biking - Tear up the track in this high-octane stag race.
  4. Paintballing - Real life stag warfare, put down the controllers and pick up your guns!
  5. Multi Activity Day - Forget one stag challenge, turn up the carnage with 3 epic activities.
  6. Bubble Football - The beautiful game bounced (repeatedly) on its head!
  7. Rally Driving - Drift sideways around hairpin bends in this full throttle stagtivity.
  8. Craft Beer Tasting - After all, what's a stag weekend without beer, eyy?!

Action Stations!

Oxford: home to history, academia and a shed load of adrenaline pumping activities guaranteed to keep the lads grinning from ear to ear over the course of their stag do! Whether it's Top Gear, wheel to wheel action at our Rage Buggies sessions or sharpshooting stag pleasers like SWAT Experience, Diamond Snatch or Special Forces Training Day, Oxford's got the lot!

Where to Drink in Oxford

It's a cultural capital where you'll find watering holes that have hosted big names in literature over the years: J. R. R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemmingway have all frequented many of the locals around Oxford City Centre.

You'll find these quirky pubs hidden down cobbled passages and behind the architectural triumphs. You haven't done Oxford if you haven't had a pint in a medieval-style free house!

George Street is the go-to for well-known franchises, but you're only a short walk from some much more interesting and unique establishments! The best advice when it comes to Oxford: head for secret passages that look the least likely to have a pub at the bottom. The fun is in finding your own secret place to start the party.

"The Truth is Strong"
- Oxford city motto.

Where to Head...


Oxford city centre has got everything you'll need to make your stag night one to remember, no matter how much you have to drink! With great nightclubs, huge crowds and more bars and pubs than you could possibly visit over the entire weekend. This university city knows how to party.

Must see...

Get medieval on your stag do with a visit to Oxford Castle, a Norman castle that has spent much of its past as a prison. With almost a thousand years of history in its walls and some great views from its top turrets, Oxford Castle is a sure fire stag hit.

Pub Trivia

"Oxford" means the shallow point in a river (ford) where cows (ox) can cross safely.
England's capital shifted to Oxford during the Civil War of 1642-1646.
Oxford avoided bombing in WWII as Hitler intended it to be his new English capital.
The continent of North America has 27 places called Oxford.

Getting Around Oxford

While Oxford's centre is compact and easily walked the best way of getting around is on a pushbike. Oxford is one of England's flattest counties and is filled with cycle lanes, Boris Bike inspired rental schemes and bike shops for longer pushbike loans.

Of course if the stag party has some tired legs in its ranks Oxford's buses operate a flat rate in the city; especially useful if you want to save your legs for the inevitable stag night dad dancing.

Oxford Stag Do Trip Tips!

Oxford Night Out

Starting off in some of the best pubs in Oxford, before heading to a vibrant bar and then a bouncing club - Oxford has a great party scene which caters for all tastes.

Getting to Oxford

The station is very close to the centre of the city meaning you'll arrive in the heart of the action. For those driving, make sure you check the parking situation before you go - whether you have parking available at the accommodation or whether there is a car park nearby etc.

Is Oxford Good for a Stag Do?

Great daytime activities, stunning surroundings, a top tier night out - Oxford has the lot (and more), and it is a fantastic city to celebrate the groom's memorable send-off into married life.

Quickfire Oxford FAQs

Does Oxford have good nightlife?

A city with two universities can't afford to disappoint with its nightlife and it definitely doesn't! From underground clubs where you can party til the early hours to vibrant bars and cracking pubs, the city is the definition of elite when it comes to nightlife.

What is the best time to visit Oxford?

Oxford has a buzzing nightlife scene all year round, which means that your stag celebrations will be welcomed any time of year, but you'll also find that when the academics finally close their textbooks and take a break in May – June, you'll be set free in "unclaimed student discounts and 2-4-1 cocktails" territory.

How far is Oxford from London?

Oxford is only 55 miles west of Central London, which means that a 1 hour 20 min train from London Paddington, or a 1 hour 50 min coach via M40 and A40 will both get you to Oxford Station and smack bang in the city's centre. Make sure not to get off at Oxford Thornhill Park (unless you mean to), as this station is on the outskirts of the main city area.

Is Oxford walkable?

If you mean "Can I walk from this awesome pub right here to that other one over there?", then yes, Oxford is definitely walkable. The city's compact size makes it a breeze to get about.

How many days should I spend in Oxford on a stag do?

According to our statistics, analytics, calculations and interpretations, 60% of stags book for a weekend or longer. Well, come on, there's plenty to do and explore – and that includes the nightlife.

A guide to your Oxford stag do

Lying slap bang in the middle of the country, an Oxford stag do could be the city of dreams for your stag do weekend. Known as the city with dreaming spires Oxford has everything to offer in terms of adrenaline pumping activities, excellent nightlife, as well as top notch, quality stag do accommodation. Probably best known for its University which is made up of world-famous colleges, Oxford has a huge cosmopolitan culture combining students from across the world.

It boasts a heady mix of gritty bars and modern pubs set against a backdrop of stunning architecture which Adolf Hitler apparently admired so much that he instructed troops to leave the city remain untouched throughout World War II.

The man had big plans to make the city the country's new capital after his successful invasion. Although it's one of our favourite destinations too, there's no need to go quite as far as the Fuhrer in order to enjoy Oxford's stag do brilliance!

Whether you're a bunch of active lads who want an adrenaline fuelled weekend full of twists and turns or a milder group seeking some much needed relaxing, Oxford really will cater for you all - send us your enquiry and let us help!

Fancy a beer or three on your Oxford stag do son?

A small fact that you may not be aware of is that Oxford has a very long history of brewing. In the 16th century, brewing was the most popular trade in the city and several of the University collages had their very own mini breweries. By 1874 there were 9 breweries in the growing city and a further 13 brewers shipping in beer from elsewhere - these guys were getting serious.  The biggest and oldest brewery belonged to the Morrell Brewing Company spanning 2 centuries from 1782 to 1998. The iconic brewery was designed by local architect Harry Drinkwater (we're not sure he kept to his names sake!) and has a very distinctive yellow brick chimney. Sadly, the brewery is no longer in use and has now been converted into luxury apartments however Drinkwater also designed many other pubs for the Morrells. Why not visit The Cape of Good Hope situated on Iffley Road during your Oxford stag weekend, where none other than Roger Bannister ran the very first 4 minute mile. We've all heard of gasping for a pint but ol' Rog was clearly parched.

Petrol Heads

Another of Oxford's big industries is that of the motoring world and it was once an important hub of motor manufacturing. Morris Motors established their business there in 1910 where the infamous Morris Minor was first built in 1928. The world famous, mini coopers were also produced in Oxford and still are to this day. These days however, you will find higher octane vehicles to feed your appetite, such as Honda pilots and Off Road Karts. Get to grips with these powerful machines in a destination that is steeped in motoring history.

How do I get all my stags to this magical land?

We hear you scream. Handily, Oxford is slap bang in middle of the country and is easily accessible by a number of means of transport.

  • Firstly, there are regularly direct buses travelling from Manchester and London including airline services from Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton.
  • If you fancy relaxing while travelling why not grab the train? The Great Western Railway travels from Paddington, through Oxford and up to Birmingham, Manchester and even Edinburgh all directly.
  • If the guys a bit more strapped for cash you could all bundle in the back of your cars and head off in the direction of the M40 that runs right through the centre of the country - perfect!

So why should you let us help with your Oxford stag weekend?

At StagWeb we've been planning Oxford stag weekends since 2002, our dedicated Oxford specialists have visited the city themselves and scoped out all the best bars, pubs and club to send you and the guys to and trust us when we say they had a legendary time. Whether its action-packed activities or a chance to catch up with the lads while getting to know new ones, we will arrange every detail of your weekend and take all the hassle out of last minute decision making as well as herding the guys around the city. Check out our top, budget friendly Oxford packages and sit back and feel the weight of the mammoth task ahead fly right off your shoulders.

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