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What to Do in Oxford!

When we think of Oxford, what comes to mind? The University, students, libraries…? Nothing particularly stag-worthy perhaps? Well, you couldn't be more wrong, there are a massive array of top-quality Oxford stag activities for you and the guys to get on board with. Whether you're adrenaline junkies or would prefer something slightly more relaxing to ease you out of a Sunday morning funk, Oxford provides some of our most loved and best quality activities that will provide maximum banter with the guys as they fight for bragging rights. From rally driving to rage buggies and tractor driving to target shooting, you won't have to rack your brains for hours down the pub trying to suit everyone, instead, you can sit back, let StagWeb do the hard work for you putting together your stag activities in Oxford, and enjoy those pints getting geared up for the epic weekend ahead! Here are a few suggestions of our favourite Oxford stag activities…

The Top Gear

For the ultimate reckless activity, Skid Pan driving is the one for you. Imagine being able to race around in these custom-built machines as you skid through the course, learning to drive in wet conditions, including careering over black ice and aquaplaning with perfect accuracy. This activity is run in group challenges, racing around the course and involving quick changes in the pits with the other guys, it really is an adrenaline-fuelled manic session for the inner daredevil in all of us!

Don't take a shot in the dark!

Want activities that require skill, precision and a competitive edge? Then you need to take a look at our shooting activities and they don't come better than what's on offer in Oxford. Finally, it's your chance to be a secret agent and get your hands around some of the best guns on offer. Try out Pistol Shooting and VIP protection, where you will be issued with an assault vest and drop leg holster and given targets to engage with from all different angles. You'll be given tips on how to draw quickly and efficiently then open fire while looking slick and calm, just remember - the mother in law won't appreciate you showing off your new skills on the dance floor on the big day! Now that you've mastered the relatively small pistol, move onto airsoft machine guns on offer as part of our close quarter combat course. You'll be shown how to patrol a bunker with an assault rifle and how to cope when you come under fire. We use AK47 airsoft weapons that fire 6mm BB pellets and although they're not harmful, they'll get the blood pumping in a close quarter combat scenario and you will experience an adrenaline thrill like no other! What lad hasn't once in their lives pretended to be on the front line and what could be better than handling these babies in a (relatively) safe environment of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Licence to thrill

Did you know that some of the British Move classic The Italian Job was filmed in and around Oxford? Well now you do, why not go for a mobster-themed weekend? We have a variety of Oxford stag activities that suit the bill and that will ensure top-notch stag fun. Start the weekend with the SWAT experience! This includes rescuing the stag from a group of radical terrorists (aka the blokes from the activity site), working as a team to break into the building, find the hostage and eliminate any threat. It will all be recorded on CCTV and personal head cams which are edited and sent you after the event so try and keep it clean for the in-laws! Once you've got into the mentality of a double agent it's time to take part in something a little more realistic in the Diamond Snatch. You will receive training from our qualified instructors to use snipers, pistols and close quarter machine guns with automatic rifles and pump-action shotguns and if you run out of bullets we'll even chuck in some axe throwing! The aim of the game is to get the diamond out while eliminating all the threats. This activity guarantees an adrenaline fuelled, exciting thrill like no other. With no experience required and even if you do, keep that one under your hat, this Oxford stag activity provides the perfect base to get all the lads involved in an afternoon that you won't forget in a hurry.

Can't decide what to do?

We've got a range of carefully crafted packages for Oxford that will suit all bills. You'll get to try the likes of hovercrafting, quad biking and even clay pigeon shooting (it's a proven hangover cure). It really is a no-brainer to take advantage of these incredible activities that are available all year round. You may need to whip out the long johns in the colder months but if you're stuck for activity ideas, come to us and let us pass on our expert knowledge of Oxford'ss hidden gems.

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