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You're havin' a laugh!

Home to the world's greatest comedy festival, Edinburgh is all about laughs, whether it's the mad activities, the friendly bars, hitting the Royal Mile or just chilling with the guys, Edinburgh stag weekends are comedy central.


...Let StagWeb do the hard work for you. Great, knowledgeable & friendly staff will help you every step of the way. Edinburgh was the real star of the weekend. A beautiful, lively and friendly city!...

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A Guide To Your Edinburgh Stag Weekend

Edinburgh Activities
Action icon

Action Stations!

Highland Games - Test your highland credentials by taking on this range of tartan sporting challenges including caber tossing, welly hurling and the tug 'o' war.
Mountain Biking - It's a downhill race all the way, and may the devil take the hindmost! Alternatively, last stag there buys the first round. 'Tis the Rules of the Stag.
White Water Rafting - Take on an extreme white water ride on grade 2-4 rapids with steep drops and tight bends. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!

Best bars in Edinburgh
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Best Bars in Edinburgh

The Holyrood 9A - This trendy bar is a laid back, chilled out place to try the best of Edinburgh's local ales amongst a hip crowd who really know their pints.
The Bow Bar - Now this is what a pub should look like, smell like and best of all taste like! As well as specialising in local beer, The Bow Bar features a unique selection of whiskies to try before a big night on the town.
The Hanging Bat - With a selection of over 120 bottled beers and local brews on tap, The Hanging Bat is in an upside down league of its own. In fact, we'd go as far to say they're one of the best pubs in Edinburgh if not all bonnie Scotland!

Edinburgh event calendar
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Event Calendar

August - The Fringe. A festival so famous it needs no introduction. Europe's largest arts festival and funnily enough the greatest comedy festival in the world.
August – Royal Military Tattoo. An Edinburgh institution and an iconic way to celebrate the best of Blighty. All together now... "God save our gracious Queen..."
October - Oktoberfest. The flavours of Bavaria hit Scotland with a festival dedicated to beer and the drinking of. "Das ist gut ya?"
December - Hogmanay. There's no other city in the UK that does New Year's Eve quite like Edinburgh, without so much as a Jools Holland in sight.

"There is some really good crack when I come back here. This is where I learned to swear."
- Ewan McGregor

Edinburgh districts
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Where to Head...


If you've "got a thirst on yae" then the Royal Mile is a great stretch running from Edinburgh Castle all the way "doon" to Holyrood Palace (HRH's Scottish gaff that sits opposite the Scottish Parliament). The city's most celebrated street is packed with an unbelievable amount of pubs and bars for the daddy of all pub crawls.

Must see...

There is just so much worth seeing in Edinburgh, the Castle and Vaults are well worth a trip. If you’re heading down the mile you can stop off at Outlook Tower for a mind-bending look at Edinburgh. For any Edinburgh stag do that are feeling the effects of the night before a quick stroll up Arthurs Seat will clear out the cobwebs.


"The proper drinking of Scotch whisky is more than indulgence;
it is a toast to a civilisation, a tribute to the continuity of culture,
a manifesto of man's determination to use the resources of nature
to refresh mind and body and enjoy to the full the senses
with which he has been endowed."

David Daichs

A taste of Edinburgh
Taste icon

A Taste of Edinburgh

Eats - The Witchery by The Castle has totally unique, gothic surrounds that wouldn't look out of place on a Harry Potter set and there's magic in this menu with mouth-watering dishes like hot-smoked Loch Duart salmon and the fillet of borders beef Rossini. "Mischief managed" we'd say.
Drinks - BrewDog pubs are popping up here, there and everywhere these days and we aren't complaining! But on home soil these delicious brews really do taste somehow even better and you can try the latest bottles in Edinburgh's lively BrewDog bar.

"A townscape raised in the teeth of cold winds from the east; a city of winding cobbled streets and haughty pillars; a city of dark nights and candlelight, and intellect."
- Alexander McCall Smith

Getting around Edinburgh
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a great transport network, buses, trains and (long awaited) trams operate in the city. The city is noted for its hills so if you don't fancy letting your legs take the strain grab a OneTicket for unlimited travel. For great bike hire (half day hire available) head to the Leith Cycle Co.


"Keep the heid!" - Stay calm and don't panic
"Bawbag" - Scrotum/ term of derision ("Ya wee babag!")
"Ha ya doon?" - How are you?
"Ach ya wee bastar!!" - Oh bother, that hurt.
"Bampot" - Numpty
"Numpty" - Idiot (ya numpty!)
"Pished" - Drunk
"Dinnae bother pal" - Don't worry old chap.
"Ach dinnae bother pal, the bawbag's pished again!" - Don't bother yourself chum, my friend has simply had one too many.
"Fish supper" - Fish & chips
"Deep fried mars bar" - Health food
"Wit the fu... The pubs are all closed?!?!?" - State of national mourning

40 Reasons Why Edinburgh Rocks!

'Auld Reekie' - Thankfully it doesn't stink so badly these days, but Edinburgh's nickname came from the sheer amount of smoke hanging about because of all the coal and wood that used to be burned in the city.

Naughty Drawings - Edinburgh is a city of firsts - one of those firsts being the first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica which was actually considered to be rather controversial due to its 'unvarnished portrayals of the unmentionable parts of the human body'.

Calton Hill - One of Scotland's oldest public parks just happens to provide the best 360 degree views in the city. There are unusual pieces of classical architecture to admire on the top of Calton Hill as well - there's a reason why Edinburgh is sometimes called 'the Athens of the North'.

Edinburgh's Shame - The monument on Calton Hill isn't officially named anything because it was never really finished. Money ran out, and construction came to a grinding halt - leading the locals to describe it as 'Edinburgh's Shame', a name that's stuck to the present day.

Highland Games - If this activity doesn't bring out your inner Celt, nothing will. The Highland Games are physical, fun and extremely competitive. Only real men win here...

Whiskey Tour - Scottish whiskey is arguably the North's finest export, and a whiskey tour is the perfect way to celebrate a tipple which will soon become your new drink of choice, if it isn't already! Find out more...

Scottish Real Ale Festival - Anybody can drink a beer, but it takes a real guffawing hair-laden man of a man to take on the challenge of real ales. This is the Scottish equivalent of Oktoberfest, and you and the boys will gie it laldy.

No sh*t Sherlock - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of many infamous Edinburgh residents is said to have based the character of Sherlock Holmes on Professor Joseph Bell, the ex-President of the Royal College of Surgeons. 'Elementary, my dear Watson...'

Ebenezer Who? - Charles Dickens famously came up with the idea for the character of Ebenezer Scrooge when he misread the gravestone of a highly successful Edinburgh merchant by the name of Ebenezer Scroggie. Someone should've gone to Specsavers!

White Water Rafting - Edinburgh's White Water Rafting course is truly epic. Take on the challenge of the rushing waters and discover who comes out on top; Man, or Mother Nature?!? Read more...

Dolly the Cloned Sheep - In the National Museum of Scotland, you can find the stuffed remains of Dolly, the first animal to be successfully cloned - although we don't recommend attempting to clone the stag, one's bad enough...

Sky Bar - You and the lads will love getting suited and booted for a few sophisticated cocktails in the city's best penthouse bar. See the city's skyline at night while listening to smooth jazz and have some top notch banter with your party before moving on to the clubs down below. Read more...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - This annual celebration of the performing arts featuring the brightest talents in Britain is the biggest in the world. You can enjoy side-splitting comedy performances as well as up-and-coming bands on the cusp of Radio 1 success and some of the craziest street performers we've ever seen. Discover the Fringe Festival...

Timberyard - This rustic restaurant deal in real man-food for real men. Treat yourselves to slow-cooked venison, delicious trout and the tastiest pork dishes in the city. This is timber that you won't mind putting on. Find out more...

Mums - If you've had a wee too much to drink the night before, you could be left feeling seriously rough. Luckily for you, Mums café produces the most hangover-conquering grub we've ever tried with traditional comfort dishes like bangers and mash, bacon and eggs as well as a classic bit of Haggis. Visit Mums...

Creeping Parliament - Back in the 16th Century, the locals gave Scottish Parliament the nickname of the 'Creeping Parliament' because they had to crawl into council to avoid enemy gunfire on...talk about a hostile work environment!  

Mons Meg - This was the medieval equivalent of a nuke, and rather alarmingly, it belonged to the Scottish! This cannon fired massive stone shots weighing 400 pounds a piece at a range of two miles - that's serious firepower considering this was back in the 15th century!

Edinburgh Castle - You can find Mons Meg as well as a host of other medieval relics at Edinburgh Castle. This historical site is a close reminder that once you take away the dragons, the white walkers and the magic powers, Game of Thrones isn't that far removed from real life. Do try to resist screaming 'winter is coming', but let's be honest, you've simply got to in these epic surroundings.

The Bongo Club - This club is lively, colorful and always buzzing. The city's students and young working professionals can all be found here on a weekend throwing shapes to the sounds of chart hits and guest DJs. Find out more...

The Voodoo Rooms - The only voodoo that's at play here comes courtesy of the bewitchingly delicious cocktails like the From Tusk till Dawn and the Bloody Prejudice. Get your voodoo on...

Opium Alternative Bar - Heavy metal stags will love this awesome bar dedicated to big tunes of the head-banging variety. Play table football and pool with the lads downstairs before moving upstairs to party on the diminutive but rocking dance floor. See more...

Nor Lock - The Prince Street Gardens might seem pretty chilled out, but in fact they've got a dark past. It was here that 300 witch trials took place - the gardens used to be the location of 'North Lock' where women were thrown into the waters and you probably know the rest; if they floated they were executed, if they drowned? Then that's too bad...just a tad harsh we reckon.

Burke and Hare - These 19th century body snatchers are infamous in Edinburgh. They murdered around 16 people so that they could sell their corpses to Doctor Robert Knox for use in anatomy lectures. They were thankfully caught and hung in 1829, so you can probably rest easy on your Edinburgh stag weekend...

Studio 24 - An eclectic playlist of musical genres from the past four decades accentuates the nights in Edinburgh's best underground clubbing establishment. Sick of mainstream music? This is the place for you. Read more...

Dragonfly - It's chilled out to the max, and the drinks here are bloody lovely. Dragonfly might be the perfect pre-party venue with DJs spinning relaxed tunes as well as delicious cocktails such as the El Diablo and the daring Guinness Daiquiri. Find out more...

Recording Studio - If you and the lads are up for it, this is a great laugh. Record your own version of an AC/DC smash hit, or perhaps you'd prefer to put your own spin on one of Iron Maiden's heavy metal anthems? See more...

The Mosque Kitchen - This is possibly the best curry in Edinburgh. It's tasty, as hot or as mild as you like and totally budget friendly. Plus it's basically been scientifically proven that curry is the perfect fuel for a stag do. Look, don't question the facts; just help yourself to another papadum. See more...

The Jam House - The Jam House is the brainchild of musician and TV personality Jools Holland, this venue is dedicated to jazz, rhythm and blues. Grab a smoky whisky at the bar and enjoy some of the best jamming sessions in town. P.S. this is definitely a favourite with the ladies, and you'll need to brush up well!

Heart of Midlothian - Commonly known as Hearts, this Edinburgh based football club has done reasonably well for itself, having won 4 league titles and 12 Scottish Cups. Although they've dropped off in recent years, they're still a match for anyone on their day.

Hibernian - The Hibees can be found playing in the Scottish Championship, but their status as a second division club doesn't mean that their football isn't as captivating as their derby rivals Hearts. This club has seen some great moments over the years with 4 league titles and 5 Scottish Cups, and you get the impression that there's more to come from the Hibs.

Edinburgh Rugby - Rugby fans will be pleased to know that Edinburgh also has its own Rugby Union club. Playing in the GuinnessPro12, Edinburgh have actually been relatively successful in their recent history, just falling short of a major international title to become runners up in the European Cup in 2015.

Scotland Rugby - As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is also the home of Scotland's national side. Having won the Triple Crown in the Six Nations more times than any of the home nations, Scotland are a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, a fact their opponents are reminded of every time they scrum down with the boys in blue.

J.K. Rowling - While the famous author wasn't born in Edinburgh, it's a little known fact that she began her massively successful Harry Potter series in one of the city's coffee shops. So if the lads suddenly feel compelled to start writing in the pub, don't stop them. They could end up richer than the queen...

Sir Chris Hoy - Not every town has a six-time gold medal Olympian to speak of, but that's exactly what Edinburgh's got in Sir Chris Hoy. He's a true British sporting icon, and while he's retired now, he's still racing. Albeit in GT cars as he prepares to compete in Le Mans 2016!

Sean Connery - The man's rendition of James Bond is iconic, it's the original performance and some still say that it can't be beat. Give From Russia with Love a spin on a wet Sunday afternoon and you'll discover that Connery's Bonds have a timeless charm - and it all started in Edinburgh.

Ronnie Corbett - One half of The Two Ronnies, Ronnie Corbett's portfolio reads like a must-watch list of classic comedies. Career highlights include the infamous 'fork handles' and 'class' sketch with Ronnie Barker and John Cleese.

A-List - ...while Edinburgh has its fair share of celebrities, the real A-List in this town belongs to the architecture. More listed buildings can be found here than anywhere else in the world.

Duels - Scotland's most famous dueling area can be found in the land beneath Arthur's Seat - however nobody's fought there for 170 years, the last duel apparently involved a Judge by the name of Lord Shand in 1850.

Alexander Graham Bell - Look in your pocket, what's in there? Your phone? Thank Alexander Graham Bell. This Scotsman invented the first telephone, although he famously considered his massive breakthrough as a massive nuisance and refused to have one in his study.

Charles Darwin - You know all about Darwin and his theory of evolution - 'all we need to tell that we're descended from apes is to have a look at the groom's ugly gaggie!'

Top Tweeters - Seminal Edinburgh crime writer Ian Rankin's witty observations are well worth following, whether you're a fan of his bestselling books or not. This Is Edinburgh will keep you up to date with all the latest goings on in the city and they'll alert you to any special dining offers so you can grab some top grub for a great price.

Facebook - Live Edinburgh News will let you know what's happening in the city, as its happening so that you're always in the know. Mi Edinburgh puts the power in your hands; make the city yours with some epic special offers. 

City image of Edinburgh The Royal Mile.

There are 9 women for every 8 men in Edinburgh.

Why: reasons for an Edinburgh stag weekend

It's Edinburgh... need we say more? There's a reason it was once voted European Destination of the Year - Scotland's capital is one of the greats when it comes to throwing a party! It's got a buzzing nightlife. It's got style.  It's got extreme action adventure. In fact, an Edinburgh stag do is in the city that's got it all. And at StagWeb we've got the knowledge, accommodation and great offers to pull everything together and build a truly amazing stag weekend experience.

When: the best of times, the busiest of times

Festival season - The city sees in the New Year with the mighty 'Hogmanay' and really doesn't let up from there. Careful planning will be needed for late July/August, when trying to get something booked might prove a little tricky, as the world famous Edinburgh festival packs the capital to its limits.

The great British weather - The weather doesn't dampen the spirits of the hardy locals, and it certainly won't get in the way of a good time, but it can play a part in the winter months when the availability of one or two of the big activities like the high ropes is limited. But the shorter days bring the seasonal activities into their own, so why not add a spot of curling, skiing or some whisky tasting to your itinerary.

Scotland's capital is without doubt an exciting place to host a weekend experience, and with some careful planning an Edinburgh stag do will be a sure fire hit anytime of the year.

How: travelling to Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fringe is the World's largest arts festival.

One of the UK's major capitals, getting your stag party to the city couldn't be easier. The Scottish motorway network provides easy access by road, so driving is a definite option, or if you'd rather sit back and enjoy the ride why not make use of the bus and coach services that head out from all major UK cities? Travelling by train is another solid option, with great rail links across the country. You could even opt for a sleeper. See our flights page to find the best current prices for travelling by air. Taxi services are available to take you the 25 minute journey to the capital, and shuttle services run 24 hours a day between the airport and the city.

Where: on location, hanging out & bedding down

Edinburgh image 2

Edinburgh is an impressive capital with a rich history and healthy appetite for entertainment. Head down to the cobbled streets of Old Town, home to the Royal Mile and vibrant Grassmarket, which boast some of the best drinking spots in the city. Take a trip to New Town, where you'll find the famous and lively Princes Street, or make your way to the trendy Leith district. With its mixture of fine dining, chic bars, top bistros and infectious upbeat attitude, the Shore area is well worth a visit. We have a great range of accommodation available across the city, but Edinburgh is a hugely popular destination so it really does pay to plan ahead.

What: Edinburgh action

For some testosterone fuelled action take to the water for more extreme activities such as white water rafting, duckies or hovercraft racing. If you have more than a few would-be Lewis Hamilton's amongst the group our driving experiences include Honda pilots, go karting and tank driving. The sporty can take to the high ropes or the rugby pitch, or for something altogether more relaxing why not take a trip to the health spa or spend an evening perfecting your cocktail mixing skills before sampling the end results!

Whether fast paced or chilled, indoor or outdoor, Edinburgh's selection of activities really does offer something for everyone.

How much: Edinburgh budget

Reportedly the most haunted city in Europe.

Scotland's capital city is a hugely popular tourist destination and prices can certainly rise at peak times, but with such a massive range of choices available we're confident we can offer a stag weekend to suit every pocket. So whether you want us to build you a tailor-made experience unique to your group, or you'd like to take advantage of our selection of ready-made packages, with prices starting at £99 per person, we really do have a programme to suit every budget.

And now: what to do next...

If a stag do in Edinburgh seems to tick all the boxes and you'd like more ideas, have a browse of our website and view the kind of packages available. If you're still unsure or would just like a bit more information send us a brief or request a call-back and one of our friendly team of experts will start building you the best Edinburgh experience to suit your needs and budget. StagWeb provide full financial protection and offer no risk, no obligation quotes, so why not get in touch today?

Looking for information and stats about Edinburgh? See more info here.

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