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When the sun goes down over Bath's stunning, iconic skyline, you and the boys are in need of some serious entertainment. The city is all yours, so stride around like modern-day Caesars and give some of our awesome nightlife activity options a good try. From relaxed drinks and meals to VIP clubbing, we've got it covered and luckily, Bath nightlife is buzzing year round due to its huge student population and thrill-seeking crowds, so there are countless cool bars, cosy pubs and fun clubs to suit just about every taste.

Here are our top picks!


There's nothing better than a good laugh to kick off big Bath nights and the city's premier comedy club is one of the best in the country, so you can be sure of the best quality one-liners out there! Sadly we can't promise that you'll avoid getting pointed out as most comedians tend to pick out stag groups as good material (well, if you will dress as Willy Wonka and his oompa loompas...) but really, that's all part of the fun. We can arrange food, drinks and club entry for you and the boys as extra to this activity just one call to StagWeb and you'll be laughing!

Restaurant Meals

If you wouldn't like 'em to see you angry, then don't let them get hungry, so make sure there's enough food about to keep everybody free from hulk-outs. There's nothing more irritating than collecting up money at the end of a big meal out and dividing out different bills for separate meals, only to realise that at least one of your mates doesn't have cash on him… Luckily, we can organise meals for you, so that everything's paid up, sorted and ready to go before you leave and best of all, because we have great connections, we can find you the very best deals around! Get everybody ready to go on your Bath nights out with a good hearty meal.

Comedy Roast

This is the perfect way to stitch up your stag but only if you know he has a good sense of humour! Fill in a professional top class comedian with as many embarrassing stories and facts about your groom-to-be that you can remember and watch him squirm as he sits down unwittingly for what he thinks is a night of laughs at the comedy club before slowly realising that the joke is actually on him! Far better than duct taping your best mate to a lamp post and leaving him out in the cold until morning, this Bath nightlife activity will really break the ice and make for some good laughs and lasting memories without taking things too far or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Dinner Cruise

Eating your dinner in a restaurant a little bit too mainstream for you? If so, look no further than our fantastic river cruise! Sail smoothly down the river Avon and catch the world famous historic sights which put Bath on the map over a delicious three-course meal. It's a classy and stylish way to kick off your big night out and the coolest way to see the sights.

Guest List Clubbing

The clubs in this city are varied and always promise really great Bath nights out. There's a really big student population in the city which ensures that drinks deals are to be found and that DJs and music stays fresh. However, everyone knows that Bath breeds a certain level of refined clientele, so expect to see some eye-wateringly expensive bottles of bubbly being flashed about! Even if your dance moves are more MC Hammer than Rihanna, don't give it a moment's thought our guest list clubbing passes mean that you and the boys can simply saunter straight to the front of the queue and bypass all entry fees. Perfect! Bath nightlife is second to none.

Where's the party?

If you're looking for a pre-club drink or two, George Street is where you want to be and in summer, the chilled out al fresco terraces are just perfect to hang out at with a pint of cold local cider. The train station and its surrounding streets hold most of the city's nightclub action, but head down to the river too for even more music and dancing. The city centre of Bath is relatively small and bars are most certainly not in short supply, so even if you're not quite sure where you are or where to go next, you'll never be far away from your next pint!

Why StagWeb?

We know Bath well so you can be sure that so you'll have top-notch info to get the most out of your weekend. There's a massive range of packages on offer here in the Roman City and nightlife most certainly doesn't take a back seat. 'Bath Time' is a real bumper experience of accommodation, off-road buggies, quad racing and clay pigeon shooting as well as dinner and guest list clubbing when the sun goes down or try 'Bath Bling' for a real taste of the city. Stay in a hotel, eat dinner in your own personal private dining room, have a go at clay pigeon shooting and go to the real Bath Spa, comedy club and golf. Phew!

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