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8 Best Bath Stag Do Ideas

  1. Somerset Challenge - Sporting chaos with an epic groom prank!
  2. Off Road Karts - Hit speeds of 50mph as you rip up the track.
  3. Zombie Survival Training - 4 epic activities rolled into one - remember to aim for the head!
  4. Escape Room - Tackle one of our eerie escape rooms, if you dare...
  5. Rugby Spectating - World class rugby with some fine west country ales.
  6. Clay Shooting - A bit of stag vs stag competition as you fight to be the group's sharpshooter.
  7. Quad Biking and Axe Throwing - Two epic activities smashed into one.
  8. Assault Rifle Shooting - Awesome competitive action and an extreme hangover cure.

A Guide To Your Bath Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

Imagine the Wurzels took over the Olympics and force fed the a competitors and strict diet of scrumpy cider and pies… Welcome to the Somerset Challenge. The most fun a stag party can have with their wellies on! A hilarious, physical challenge all the guys can really get stuck into.

Where to Drink in Bath

When it comes to Bath you’re spoilt for brilliant boozers. We’re lucky enough to have our offices here, so we know all the best spots around. George Street boasts several of the city’s unique underground bars which are famed for their sophisticated vibe or take to Walcot Street for some independent artisan drinking holes with craft beer at the centre of things.

When searching for Bath’s best drinking spots, take comfort in the fact you’re never more than a few doors down from a pub; some of the finest in the country, we think. You simply can’t beat a South West pub, and in summer they open their doors to sun trap-gardens and terraces to spend a sunny afternoon ale session. In winter, head to the area around Queen Street for speakeasy spirit bars and cosy establishments!

Bath was described by the Romans as "...a city of decadence and debauchery."
Which makes it just about perfect for a stag do!

Where to Head...


For great nights out Bath really couldn’t be easier to navigate. The city centre is nicely compact so everything is in easy walking distance. Particularly handy after a massive day of hard fought stag activities in Bath and also if you’ve reached that point of the evening where the ground doesn’t appear to want to stay still.

Must see...

If you’re rugby fans Bath RFC are located right in the city centre on the banks of the Avon River.

Pub Trivia

While girls might flock to Bath for a touch of Jane Austen and Mr Darcy, Bath was also the birthplace of another literary character of note, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
England’s first King, Edgar, was crowned in Bath.
Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage and Van Morrison have all lived in Bath.

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Bath

Bath city centre is nicely compact which means you won’t need to shell out or hang around for taxis. If you need to clear any tender heads after a decent night out then you can hop on a Bath Bike which you can find dotted around the city.

Getting there...

By Road

From London, South East and the Home Counties are just a hop along the M4 (jct 18) from most areas and a 20 minute drive off the motorway.
Coming from the North West you can drop down the M6 (jct 8), M5 (jct 15) to take you way out West and a Easterly route along the M4 (jct 18).
Those in the North East will need to tackle the M1 (jct 6a) until the M25 (jct 15), to the M4 branching off to Bath at jct 18.
From Wales it’s a simple hop across the Severn Bridge on the M4 (jct 18) and then a swift exit onto the A46.

By Rail

Bath is easily accessible by rail with the mainline London connection leaving from Paddington. Check trains.

By Air

For the fancy few who need to get to Bath by air the nearest airport is Bristol Airport.

30 Reasons Why Bath Rocks!

Bath Rugby - No matter how many times the Welsh beat our boys, we'll still back them to the bitter end, and Bath Rugby have had their fair share of England stars in their ranks including Sam Burgess, Rob Webber, David Wilson, Jonathan Joseph, Anthony Watson and George Ford. The fans are fiercely loyal, making for an epic match day experience down at The Rec - gwarn', lads!

Mission Burrito - The south west's premiere burrito brand have a tidy little shop just off the high street that makes for the perfect hunger-conquering grub on a day of stag mayhem - it's also a proven hangover cure, probably because the hotter salsas make you sweat the booze out your system!

Somerset Challenge - Bath is deep in the heart of the South West, which makes it the perfect place to try your hand at the mind-bending and hilarious Somerset Challenge. If you're a Cider Drinker and a big fan of The Wurzels then we've got a brand new activity and 'we'll give you the key!'

Cider - Speaking of the good stuff, Bath is possibly one of the biggest cider capitals in the country. There are loads of amazing independent brews that you can't find anywhere else, including Dorset Draft, Cornish Orchard's Gold and the mighty Beesting by Lilley's - we treat all of these ciders with extreme caution, they're so delicious, it's dangerously easy to have a few too many.

Celebs - Bath is full of them, Johnny Depp reportedly owned a house here, and only a few years ago, no-one other than Nicolas Cage had the honour of turning on the city's Christmas lights!

Scott Sinclair - Professional footballer Scott Sinclair is a born and bred Bathonian. He's played for Chelsea, Manchester City, Swansea City and Celtic – not a bad little career, that!

Andrew Lincoln - Fans of the hit US show The Walking Dead will be surprised to hear that undisputed badass Rick Grimes was actually brought up in Bath, although we can't say we've seen any zombie hordes wandering the streets... that is unless you count the droves of hungover students.

Zombie Survival - That being said, one of the UK's best Zombie Survival Training centres is located in Bath, so should you fear that the end is nigh, you can get ahead of the flesh-eating masses and learn some epic combat skills so that when the dead do rise, you'll be well prepared to violently tuck them back into bed.

The Saracen's Head - This pub is worth a visit even if it's just to keep the missus quiet about the fact that you've come to Bath and ignored all the history in favour of beery good times. What are we on about? Charles Dickens visited this boozer all the way back in 1835, although that's not to say you'll get a free pint if you go up to the barman with your empty glass in hand to ask 'Please, Sir, I want some more?!'

Off Road Buggies - Bath is hidden deep in the countryside, which means that there's plenty of country to slide on in some of the most brutal off-roaders around. Seriously, these bad boys treat rough terrain with the same contempt that a hardened white van man treats inner-city cyclists - and they make for a helluva lot of fun.

Russell Howard - This West Country comedian is a Bath born lad through and through. His offbeat observations on the news and everyday life have been showcased on Mock the Week and his own BBC Three show, Russell Howard's Good News - he also happens to be bloody hilarious.

Bath Ales - Bath's ciders are good, but the city's premier range of ales is possibly even tastier. Bath Ales' pubs are ten a penny in this town, and it's a good thing too - where else can you sip on a filling pint of Dark Side, or perhaps a refreshing Gem is more up your street? You won't know until you try...

Pieminister - If you've never tucked into a Pieminister pie, you're missing out. These bad boys are seriously delicious, whether you're looking for filling grub before you hit the town or the perfect hangover eats. This epic Bristol brand sells their wares at The Raven, a centrally located pub that's perfect for early evening pints. Sorted.

Bubble Football - Bath's Bubble Football pitch is one of the best to play on... that is if you can get to the ball without being bowled over by the opposition. Bubble Footy is truly mental, it's crazier than Luis Suarez at an all you can eat buffet, and it's a game where literally throwing yourself and your inflatable casing at the opposition can actually be a sound strategy for success. All the same though, lads, it's goals that win games...

Adventure Golf - Feeling hungover? No problem, drag your aching bones to Bath's pitch and putt and pretend you're a mini Rory McIlroy while enjoying top quality banter with the lads. It's all in the swing, stags, it's all in the swing - although you'll probably find winning is more to do with luck than actual skill!

Clubs - Bath's clubs are hidden away underground so as to avoid offending the peaceful folk of this chilled-out town, but that doesn't mean that they aren't absolutely nuts when the night gets going. Because the dance floors are so small, they're always packed and the atmosphere is always vibing.

Pubs - Bath is full of them, whether you're looking for a trendy, modern boozer frequented by the city's working professionals or an old, smoky watering hole filled with guffawing old gents, this town has got it all.

The Accent - 'Alright, my luvveeeer!' The West Country accent is both friendly and hilarious. It's perfectly acceptable to quote Hot Fuzz in this city, and the locals have a great sense of humour, 'Still no luck catchin' them swans then?!?!'

Paintballing - Bath's paintball course is the perfect place to engage the boys in stag warfare on your big weekend. With 20 different game zones, no two battles will ever be the same, and with 100 paintballs included in your package, you've got plenty of ammo to unleash upon the enemy!

Les Miserables - While some stags might have been Les Mis after being dragged to watch this smash-hit musical movie in cinemas by the missus, it's more than likely that there are a few lads who actually, wait for it... ENJOYED Les Miserables! Bath's streets made for a very convincing Paris in the film, and the city's famous weir was the filming location for Russell Crowe's untimely demise - some say you can still see his artificial body double bobbing up and down in the river...

SouthGate - Whether it's to pick up a few toiletries that you forgot to pack or to buy some killer new threads to impress the ladies on the dance floor tonight, Bath's upmarket shopping district is sure to have what you need. Plus it's right next to Maccy D's, so if you're feeling the hanger you can wrap your laughing gear around a Big Mac and carry on - no rest for the wicked, boys!

Bath Golf Course - Just opposite Victoria Park, Bath's premier golf course is the perfect place to enjoy a few rounds with the boys while catching up on all the latest banter from back home - and it's another opportunity to completely show up your best mates with your epic golfing skills, obviously.

Escape Games - Bath's Escape Games are some of the best in the UK - it'll take all your wit and determination to solve the challenges and break out of these traps in the time limit - or you might just be stuck in there forever... imagine The Cube mixed with Saw without Phillip Schofield's helping hand and you've got a good idea of what you'll face in this thrilling activity!

Hidden Treasure - In 2007, archaeologists found a hoard of 17,500 Roman coins in the foundations of the Gainsborough Bath Spa. Talk about saving the pennies, lads! Wonder what they were after with all that dosh? More importantly, how much is it worth now... (For the record, it took a massive £372,500 grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund for the council to be able to buy the hoard!)

Uranus - William Herschel discovered Uranus in his back garden - oi, stop laughing, yeah, you at the back!

Architecture - The Georgian/Roman architecture is usually the first thing you notice on arrival in this awesome city, but did you know that the Royal Crescent and the exclusive Circus was built to represent the sun and moon? Somebody call Kevin McCloud because we've found some Grand Designs...

Frankenstein - Without Bath, Mary Shelley would never have been inspired to finish writing her famous novel, Frankenstein. We're not sure if that's a compliment or not to be honest...

Precious streets - Bath is the only UK city to have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That's right, wherever you walk in Bath, you're treading on protected, historic ground... although the Romans and the Georgians had a good time here, so why can't you?!?

Volcanoes - It's a little known fact that the city sits in the mouth of a long-dormant volcano - hence the famous hot springs. Don't worry though, it's been extinct for millennia, although you never know when it could wake up...

Top Tweeters - Now Bath will keep you up to date with what's going on in the city as and when it happens, so you and the lads won't miss a thing.

Facebook - Show your support for local heroes Bath Rugby and keep up to date with all the team news, and who knows, you could pick up a few pearls of rugby knowledge to wow your fellow stags with if you decide to watch a game during your stay. Follow Komedia Bath for up-to-date listings on which comedy acts are in town when you are - you could end up seeing one of your current favourites!

Why: reasons to be cheerful, a background to the Bath stag do

Want to lord it like a Roman emperor on your stag do? If that sounds about right, then look no further than Bath, the quintessential Roman city of decadence and debauchery which has everything set up to make sure your big weekend turns out an absolute Stag-us Maximus! Stroll around incredible historic streets and take in the kind of sights which tourists travel from the other side of the world to see and enjoy a wide range of fine indoor and outdoor activities fit for the only king of stag dos. Bath is a truly amazing UNESCO-recognised world city which is small but perfectly formed, meaning that getting around bars and clubs at night is a piece of cake - if you and the boys have never visited this incredible city before, then make sure it hits the top of your list! When you’re keen to keep things classy on your Bath stag do, it really is the number 1.

When: the best of times - when to visit Bath for the stag do

Bath is a really cultural city which has a strong connection with tourism and visitors, so there’s always something going on, from highbrow literary festivals to tasty treats at food events all year round. Towards the end of the year, check out the Christmas markets which bring visitors from all over the UK to Bath – enjoy mulled cider out on the streets, tasty seasonal food and Christmas spirit aplenty! If you’re feeling peckish, the Great Bath Feast in October should have something to suit. Spanning the whole month, catch demonstrations, meals and tasters all over the city. Also in October, the annual Bath Chilli festival adds a little spice to the University of Bath and is perfect for those who really do like it hot!

Where: on location, hanging out & bedding down

Being a small city, Bath is really easy to navigate and so it’s ideal for those who are new to the area. When the sun goes down, George Street is the place to be, where great continental-style al fresco bars work well for summer or cosy pubs which rock in winter. The streets in and around the train station are the number one for clubs and watering holes favoured both by the huge student population and a swankier breed of clientele which heads up nightlife here in the city.

What: Bath stag weekend sport & activities

As lads’ weekends go a stag in Bath is probably a little more reserved than some of its bigger counterparts, however, the activities pack a punch and go toe-to-toe with anything else the West has to offer. Rugby’s big here and an afternoon at the "Rec" is a great addition to the itinerary, and if you like your sport, the horse racing’s also well worth a look - ideally with evening fixtures you might be able to do both. We’ve got plenty of Bath stag activities there's something for all types of stags. If you and the guys are after recommendations, we’d love to help, whether it’s hilarious Mini Motos, a Clay Shooting competition or even our very own Somerset Challenge, there’s more than enough group pleasing action to keep the boys alert!

Roman Holiday: the Bath stag do budget

Bath is one of the South West's best party cities. But it can get a little pricey. No.1 Book early, you can really save a few quid by being organised. Get someone to do the booking for you. Not only are we local (our offices are right in the centre of Bath, a city we know better than any other stag provider), but we book hundreds of stag and hen parties here every year, that means we get some great hotel discounts we can pass on to you. You're welcome!

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