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The party capital of the south coast, Brighton has a big reputation for being extraordinary with incredible activities and nightlife options to choose from. Sidestep the stress when planning your Brighton stag weekend and secure an unforgettable celebration with the help of StagWeb!

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Top 8 Brighton Stag Do Ideas

  1. Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Experience - Who knew prison would be such a laugh?!?
  2. Bubble Football - The greatest/weirdest version of the beautiful game ever!
  3. Zombie Survival Day - It's time to go all Rick Grimes to survive the coming apocalypse.
  4. Axe Throwing - It's like darts, for real men. A potentially lethal sports challenge.
  5. Inflatable Games - A crazy sporting challenge for stags who really should know better.
  6. School Sports Day - Take a walk down memory lane, with this hilarious retro fun.
  7. Foot Golf - Two of the world's greatest games collide in this sport mashup.
  8. Clay Shooting - Competitive sporting challenge and extreme hangover cure.

Best Bars in Brighton

This city just keeps getting cooler! Taking to the Lanes is a surefire great night out, with pubs that put a twist on tradition, versus sophisticated spirit havens and a sports bar or two. A late-night wander around this area is synonymous with a trip to B-Town, believe us.

When you’re ready to throw some shapes, the area around the Pier is a great place to start for the best clubs in Brighton. You’ll find the city’s biggest venues and slamming hangouts that take you into the early hours.

"Brighton looks as though it is a town helping the police with their enquiries."
- Keith Waterhouse

Where to Visit in Brighton


Kemptown and the Lanes are where local bright young things flock, the area has an easy going, boho vibe and great music scene. The city's biggest clubs can be found on West Street, while there are also a number of great bars along the seafront just off the beach.

Must see...

Brighton Pier - No trip to Brighton is complete without being beside the seaside and a wander on the pier. Brighton Pier features a couple of handy bars but there are other great beach bars within easy striking distance.

Pub Trivia

The world's first ever porno movie was filmed in Brighton. Shot in 1896, the "blue" movie was originally advertised as being "for gentlemen's smoking concert audiences only."

Getting Around Brighton

Brighton is a big city, while the bracing sea air will do your hangover wonders, once you’ve had enough of route marching up and down the seafront Brighton offers buses or taxis. There’s no tram or metro but bikes are readily available and easy to hire.

Brighton Stag Do Trip Tips!

Brighton Nightlife

From Brighton nightclubs to a great array of pubs and bars, there’s plenty to keep the boys occupied when you’re partying on the south coast. Kickstart your night in Brighton Casino before treating the groom to a sensational night at the best strip club in the city. Or, alternatively, head out on a bustling bar crawl before you head to one of their premier nightclubs to dad dance your way through until dawn.

Getting to Brighton

Brighton Train Station is slap bang in the centre of the city making it a super easy to get to and from this buzzing party city. For those driving, be sure to check whether your accommodation has parking and if not there are a number of secure car parks dotted about.

Is Brighton Good for a Stag Do?

Not only is Brighton one of Britain’s best party cities, but this vibrant coastal town also offers up an incredible mix of inland and coastal stag activities so you’ll have twice as much to choose from when it comes to planning the groom’s big weekend celebration.

Is Brighton a Good Place to Party?

Just mention the name "Brighton" and people instantly think of dirty weekends by the sea and epic parties. It's simply one of THE places to party in the UK. Some would even argue why consider anywhere else in the UK when a Brighton stag do offers so much? Great stag activities? Check! Great bars and clubs? Check! A warm welcome for stag groups? Check! Hot southcoast lovelies? They migrate here like swarms of long-legged, sun-worshipping uber-cool, goddesses. CHECK! Seriously, if its thrills, laughter and eye candy you’re after, Brighton is just what the doctor ordered. It's what's helped Brighton consistently remain one of the UK’s top 10 destinations.

"London by the Sea" as it's often referred is the perfect party playground for the urban man about town looking to escape the confines of the city and lead the lads in search of sea air and good times. StagWeb have been sending stag groups to Brighton since 2002 to enjoy its mix of cosmopolitan cool and high adrenalin activities. For any stag weekend Brighton is the perfect mix of action and relaxation, hardcore nights and soft summer vibes and we’re proud that not only do we have the best activities and venues at our fingertips but our working relationships gives us exclusive deals and prices to pass on to you.

Brighton Stag Do – The History of a Party Town

Now pay attention chaps, we’re going to keep this brief...

1787 - The Prince Regent rocks up to get away from London, has a "bally" good time and tells all his mates about the virtues of chillaxing in the sea air and beach parties with hot totty wearing only knee length bathing costumes.
1800-1900 - Thanks to young George, the coastal weekend bender becomes the fashionable thing to do. Brighton starts building hotels, piers, etc and selling "My butler went to Brighton and all I got was this lousy scullery maid" T-shirts.
1920’s - After the Great War the roaring 20’s brings money & good times back to Brighton. They invent crazy dances like the "Flapper" and turn away some bloke who tries to get them all doing a thing called "The Gangnam Trot".
1940’s & 50’s - Another war ends and in search of happier times the kiss me quick squeeze me slow crowd enjoy cockles, winkles and mild titillation before being scared off by…
1960’s - ...the mods and rockers who drive down from London to do battle on the prom attacking each other with anything that comes to hand, deckchairs, bike chains, Mr Whippy’s. "Look out boys! He’s got a Flake!"
1970’s & 80’s - Brighton gets a bad reputation as a seedy weekend getaway for fat marketing managers to take their secretaries. "Mr & Mrs Smith" don’t stay for long and the city starts to rebuild itself into...
2000 - Now - ...Southcoast Party Central! The seafront gets a face lift and Fatboy Slim starts holding shindigs for 250 thousand of his nearest and dearest. Media, music and assorted ‘slebs’ start buying property on the seafront. Macca, Noel Gallagher, Steve Coogan and Katy Price are seen hanging around outside Lidl talking about the school run.

When is the Best Time for a Stag Do in Brighton?

The sunshine always brings good times and beautiful people to Brighton so from May to September it can be a bit of a full house, especially for stag weekends. That doesn’t mean to say you won’t get in but you need to plan canny. With our local knowledge and long standing partnerships with some great hotels we can help you get exclusive deals. So if you’re looking to party hearty in the buzzing city then get in touch with us now. All enquiries are no obligation and we won’t hound you with phone calls. Give us your brief, an idea of when you want to go and what you want to do and we’ll do all the searching on your behalf, find you the best deals and put together an unbeatable package to get your feet wet in Brighton.

Brighton has so much going for it and so much going on. If you want to tap into its busy calendar then be sure to book well in advance but there are plenty of great events to find the perfect Brighton stag weekend for you;

  • March - Sussex Beer Festival
  • May - Brighton Festival & Brighton Fringe
  • July - Paddle Round the Pier
  • October - Brighton Comedy Festival
  • December - Burning of the Clocks

What to Do On a Brighton Stag Do

One of the many great things about a Brighton stag weekend is the sheer variety on offer. Whether it’s the wide choice of bars, clubs and dining options or the many and varied areas of the city itself, Brighton Marina, the trendy bars tucked away in the arches of the seafront, the famous Laines with some amazing pubs hidden away or Kemptown with its Bohemian artistic vibe, there really is something for everyone catering for all musical tastes and energies. And lets not forget the activities. We offer over 40 different stag activities in Brighton from 4x4 driving to assault courses to axe throwing to see the full array of activities on offer check out our Brighton stag do activities page.

While perusing our veritable smorgasbord of the wild & crazy or cool, calm and collect activities be assured that as the man making the plan and therefore responsible for the guys hard earned being spent in the right places, we will always ensure that you get the best deals and most for your (and their) money.

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