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Bournemouth Stag Nights: The Lowdown

Over the last few years, Bournemouth's reputation has gone from that of quiet little seaside retirement town to South Coast Party Central. A large swell in university students and a greater concentration of bars and clubs has rocketed the town up the charts of the best places to party in the UK. We certainly consider a Bournemouth stag night to be one of the best you can have.

The town has become increasingly cosmopolitan and offers a wide array of great evening entertainment, bars, clubs, casinos and comedy clubs. Just because your daytime's competition has ended it doesn't mean you can't keep seeking to gain bragging rights long into the night, we offer a range of Bournemouth stag evening activities as well.

Whatever you feel your evening should consist of then we're well placed to get you where you want to be. With years and years worth of experience we know the best places you should go to on a Bournemouth stag do and thanks to long-established relationships with the best venues, we won't just get you to the front of the queue, we'll get you on the top of the guest list and in the door. It's not a bad way to arrive at a nightclub, imagine the look on the guys' faces when you all turn up at the door, you give your name and like Ali Baba in A Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the magic words you've uttered will open the doors before you… "V.I.P? Right this way, gentleman…"

"If your name's not down…"

It's not that you shouldn't queue up to get into the best bars, it's just that with StagWeb you won't have to if you don't want to. Our genuine desire is for you and your guys to have the best Bournemouth stag night you can without any time being wasted. That means getting you to the right places, at the right times and having everything in place to get you in the door.

Plus we don't just find you good prices, we find you the BEST prices. Having built on relationships with venues and suppliers alike for over a decade we don't just get you the best available prices on the night, we have exclusive deals and prices you simply won't find anywhere else.

Bournemouth Eateries

While there's probably no doubt that sooner or later you and the guys will just happen to find yourselves in the type of establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, let's not forget that you're also going to have to keep the troops fed. There are some great places to eat in Bournemouth whether its traditional fish & chips or something a little more upmarket there is a great selection of eateries in The Triangle which will hopefully avoid the need for any late-night kebabs. You can always take the hassle out of proceedings and let StagWeb arrange your meal for you! Speak to a member of our friendly team today or check out our food options above.

Plan Your Bournemouth Stag Night in Advance!

Too many stag parties fall foul not of bad ideas and sometimes not even bad planning. But bad management will get you every time. We appreciate you might not be a local to the Dorset coast and so getting around Bournemouth, knowing the hottest places to be, what time they get busy, the best, bars, clubs, restaurants, its all the little details that can turn a good stag weekend into a GREAT stag weekend.

Local Bournemouth Nightlife Knowledge!

Traditionally the Friday of your Bournemouth stag night is where you find your feet, there's no doubt about it you're going to have a great time but it is still something of a precursor to Saturday. In amongst the drinks and the laughs you'll use Friday as "recon" to get a feel for the town and weigh up your options for the main event. Once again StagWeb's local knowledge and inside information can get you one step ahead, we'll happily give you the gen on where's hot and where's not. Bournemouth really does have a massive selection on offer and you don't want to be stood at the wrong bar listening to the strains of S Club 7 when somewhere across town the best of Bournemouth's beauties are all partying without you.

And it is worth bearing in mind that not every venue wants to see large groups of guys all arriving on mass. Once again we'll get you where you want to be and line up your Saturday night action. Do you want to target the soon to be "him indoors" with a comedy roast from a top-notch comic not just making a few choice gags but putting him in his place while you all enjoy the show? Perhaps you want to start the night at a more sedate pace and enjoy a dinner cruise to say farewell to the future fallen comrade? Or are you still after more action to take your winning streak on to epic proportions?

Talk to us. We're more than happy to put our money where our mouth is. So tell us your party criteria and we'll do the running around for you, we'll find the best match for your party, line up the best prices with VIP treatment available and give you all the insider news to make sure that even the smallest details are taken care of so you can concentrate on the important thing… Having a great time.

Our Top Bournemouth Nightlife Picks!

Channel your inner James Bond and conquer the casino like the suave gents you know you are (even if it's deep, deep down!).

Give the groom one last look at what he'll be missing as you and the guys head to Bournemouth's premier lap dancing club for a memorable night!

A surefire way to get the laughter flowing as you head to Bournemouth's finest comedy club to watch new up and coming comedians cut their teeth.

Enjoy a flutter and potentially win some extra money for the beer kitty as you head to the races for a unique night out!

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