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Bournemouth Stag Review
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All the lads had a great weekend and the rage buggies and shooting were the best.

Bournemouth Stag Weekend | Alan Walshaw | 03/05/2022 - 5 out of 5 stars

Rated 4.47/5 from 131 reviews

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8 Best Bournemouth Stag Do Ideas

  1. Rage Buggies - Gear up for an all-action afternoon of adrenaline-pumping carnage!
  2. Zombie Survival Training - Prepare yourselves for the zombie apocalypse (believe us, it’s coming).
  3. Quad Biking - Tear up the track as you tackle a custom course on these four-wheeled beasts.
  4. Foot Golf - A mash-up of two of Britain’s best sports. “Foreeee!!!”
  5. Assault Rifle Shooting - Real life Call of Duty, put down the controller and grab your guns!
  6. Go Karting - Hit speeds of up to 50mph as you and the boys go wheel to wheel.
  7. Ultimate Paddleboarding – Take to the waves on your own giant surfboard.
  8. Clay Shooting – Put your sharpshooting skills to the test in this epic gun-blasting activity!

A Guide To Your Bournemouth Stag Weekend

Epic Activities!

Coasteering - Sort the men from the boys (and possibly the breakfast from the stomach of weaker stags) with this extreme coastal adventure.

Assault Rifle Shooting - Discover who's a "Top Gun" and who couldn't hit fish in a barrel with this explosive target shooting session using all-powerful assault rifles.

Where to Drink in Bournemouth

Seaside towns always impress with a plethora of traditional waterfront boozers and bars for days. Bournemouth doesn’t debunk the trend, and you won’t be short of places to enjoy a drink on a sunny afternoon or late night.
The venues around the Triangle are the usual hangouts for stag parties. All the best pubs and bars are in easy walking distance so no traipsing around following Google Maps.
Enjoy live music over a pint if you fancy a chilled one or check out one of the many cool clubs on Exeter Road. You’re never far from a refreshing pint or cocktail joint.

Where to Visit in Bournemouth


Bournemouth couldn't be easier to navigate, even when trying to usher along a group of wayward stag lads ("like herding kittens"). The biggest and best evening action is right in the town centre. For daytime laughs in between Bournemouth stag do activities, the beach front is the place to be to organise beach soccer or a game of volleyball.

Must see...

The Lighthouse - Billed as the largest arts centre outside of London this modern facility offers everything from comedy, new circus, theatre, cinema, visual arts, events and workshops.
Bournemouth Promenade - A potential head-clearing, sight-restoring, hangover-curing landscape. Drag the lads out of their bunks in a Regimental Sergeant Major fashion and push them on to the prom for the restorative powers of the sea air. Then chill on the beach while waiting for your heads to stop hurting and the afternoon’s challenge.

Pub Trivia

George Best (referred to by Pele as "the greatest") played for AFC Bournemouth.
Amanda Holden once rode through the town centre naked on a motorbike to win a £20 dare (please don’t dare the groom, whatever way you look at it he really is no Amanda Holden).
The first of the arrests in the Great Train Robbery were made in Bournemouth
Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien lived here. Rumours that he used to stand on the pier, shouting "You shall not pass!" as people walked past are probably just made up… by us. 

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Bournemouth

Everything within Bournemouth is within easy walking distance. However, if you are precious about wear and tear on your loafers then "Getting About Ticket" gives you a single day of unlimited travel on most buses in the town.

Bournemouth Stag Do Trip Tips!

Bournemouth at Night

The bars in Bournemouth are buzzing, the pubs in Bournemouth are atmospheric, the clubs in Bournemouth well and truly go off! Whatever you’re looking for from that big night out, this coastal town has it… and then some!

Getting to Bournemouth

Bournemouth Train Station is situated a mile and a half from the town centre, so a speedy taxi won’t cost much if you don’t fancy dragging your suitcase. If you’re heading down by car, be sure to check the parking situation at your hotel/self-catering property before you arrive.

Is Bournemouth Good for a Stag Do?

Bournemouth boasts twice as many stag activities as some of its UK counterparts as not only do you get all the classic inland adventures on offer, but you can tear up the coastline in a number of incredible wet and wild activities!

48 Hours to Party in Bournemouth

With seven miles of golden sand, an awesome stretch of coastline for some offshore stag adventures, and an insane nightlife scene, Bournemouth has all the ingredients which make for the ultimate stag weekend. So round up the boys and head to the south coast… it’s gonna be a big one!


The sun’s blazing, the views are spectacular, is this Bournemouth or Bondi?! A quick Google Map check reveals you are in fact in Blighty and it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you! Bournemouth is an awesome stag destination all year round but it definitely comes alive in the summer sun – throw your bags in your new digs and get going, fellas! No time to waste.

48 hours in Bournemouth
Activity No.1 – Zap Cats And Ribbing

Zap Cats is speedboating on steroids! Serious white-knuckle, adrenaline-fuelled action, you and the boys carve up the coastline zipping off at speeds of up to 50 mph! Hopefully the groom’s packed a spare pair of underpants, you know what he gets like when you exceed 30 mph in a car!

Sports Bar

So the groom’s had a quick change and now you can kick that first night out off in style! You and the boys will head off for some Pub Grub before cranking up the competition with the awesome Sports Bar & Games. The groom can certainly talk the talk, but let’s see if he can put his money where his mouth is as you and the boys go toe-to-toe and cue-to-cue in a pool tournament! Loser gets the first round in when you hit the club later!

The Club

You skip the long lines to one of Bournemouth’s biggest nightclubs thanks to Stagweb’s Guestlist Nightclub Entry! The groom heads off to get the round in following his devastating defeat in the pool tournament whilst you and the boys hit the dance floor and start pulling out some outrageous shapes!

48 hours in Bournemouth
The Morning

The sun blasts through as you and the boys rise for your second day of hilarious stag-do antics. Everyone is surprisingly spritely following your first night on the town. Even the groom seems ready and raring to go which is a shock considering he took that tumble when he was pulling out the moonwalk! Luckily it’s only his pride that took any damage!

Activity No.2

After a stag-sized full English, you and the boys are pumped for your second high-octane stag adventure. You’ve had your fill of adrenaline-pumping water adventures so it’s time to tackle their on-land equivalent with the manic Rage Buggies. Fast, furious and very Mad Max, it’s time to kick up some dust in an epic off-roading experience. Again, the groom better pack a spare pair of undies!


After another speedy change from the groom, it’s time to grab another quick bite to eat before your final stag activity of the weekend! And whilst the first two adventures got the pulses racing, it’s time to bring things back down to Earth with a leisurely round of golf, but with an awesome twist...

Activity No. 3

A hybrid of two of the greatest sports of all time, footgolf is the ultimate stag sporting competition. You take to the course for a round of 18, but instead of clubs, you’ll be using your own hoofs to try and sink a 30-yard putt with a full-sized football! As is standard stag do practice, loser buys the beers.


You can’t go wrong with Burgers and Beers for fuel for that big night out! It’s the perfect opportunity to dissect your footgolf session and get everyone in the party mood for what’s to come. For someone who claims to be decent at football and golf, the groom spent an awfully long amount of time trying to hack his ball out the bushes whilst the rest of you breezed round the course with ease! He’ll be getting the beers in when you’ve finished your food!

48 hours in Bournemouth
Pub Crawl

Imagine going all the way to a new party town and ending up in all the wrong venues because you haven’t got a clue where the best bars are! Luckily, the best man had the foresight to book up an awesome Pub Crawl. Not only that, the crawl is spearheaded by two stunning guides who’ll help start the party and keep it pumping, legend!

The Club

The pub crawl is the gift that keeps on giving! When you’ve finished bouncing around some of Bournemouth’s best bars you’ll get queue jump entry into one of the biggest and best clubs about so the groom can have another crack at the moonwalk!

The End of the Night

The night’s winding down, everyone’s had a blast and the groom’s telling you how much he loves you! You’ve gone hard and partied like champions, and you and the boys can officially bask in the glory of being certified stag legends!

48 hours in Bournemouth
Bournemouth? Completed it!

Yes, gents! You came, you saw, you conquered and you’ve given the groom an incredible send-off into married life! Hats off to you, fellas, you arranged one helluva weekend!

40 Reasons Bournemouth Is An Awesome Stag Town!

The Old Fire Station - If your dancing style closely resembles the flail of a burning man, then this is the club for you. Set in an Old Fire Station, the venue has an insanely cool buzz about it plus it's where Bournemouth's babes come to let their hair down. Superb DJ's and great drink deals.

Amanda hold-on... - In her youth, TV personality Amanda Holden allegedly rode around Bournemouth in the nude on a motorbike after making a £20 bet, she even screamed 'say no to crack' at a presumably baffled security guard. 

The Beatles - Paul, John, Ringo and George loved this seaside town. The fab four played most of their UK gigs here (after London and Liverpool) and the cover for their sophomore record 'With the Beatles' featured a photograph of the group at the Palace Court Hotel in 1963.

Indian Ocean - A great curry is a traditional part of any decent stag do and on your Bournemouth weekend we'd definitely recommend a early evening visit to the Indian Ocean's Asian to get set for a big night out. Just be a little choosy as to who you're going to be rooming with afterwards.

Charles Rolls - One of the co-founders of Rolls Royce became the first British man to perish in an aircraft crash in Bournemouth. He was flying his Wright Flyer made especially for him by the Short Brothers at the time.

Bourne Writers - JRR Tolkein, Enid Blyton and Robert Louis Stevenson all spent time in Bournemouth perfecting their literary craft. Stevenson actually wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde' in this seaside town.

Seven Miles - That's the full length of Bournemouth's beaches. The abundance of sand and sea attracts around 100,000 visitors every weekend and between 50,000 and 60,000 people a day during the summer. You can do the maths as to how many hot bikini wearing babes that is.

Beach Boys - On a sunny day in Bournemouth there's nothing better than to crack out the old mankini, whack out the suntan lotion and soak up some rays on the town's gorgeous, golden beaches. It's also the perfect spot to rest your hangovers.

Bournemouth Pier - A look around the pier always makes for big banter on a Bournemouth stag do. You might even win enough off the fruity to by the next round.

Ice Cream - More than 2000 a day are sold in Bournemouth, and an average of 750,000 ice creams is bought across the seven miles of seafront a year.

Winston Churchill - Winston Churchill became a great man, but it could've all been so different. When he was 18, a young Churchill fell from a bridge in Bournemouth leaving him unconscious for three days and bedridden for three months.

Percy Shelley - The husband of Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) tragically died in a boating accident in Italy with his remains cremated in Rome - however it's said that his heart refused to burn, so a friend took it from the pyre and brought back to Bourney to give to his widow. Lovely.

Halo - This club is seriously futuristic - filled with cutting edge LED screens and a state-of-the-art sound system, this is arguably the best nightlife experience you could enjoy.

Beach Huts - Bournemouth was the first place in the UK to have purpose-built beach huts back in 1909, and in 2011 a beach hut here became the first to be allowed to hold weddings and civil partnerships.

AFC Bournemouth -  The Cherries realised a long held ambition and finally made it to the top flight in 2015 by winning the Championship and promotion into the Premier League.

The Goldsands - AFC Bournemouth's home ground has a capacity of just 11,700 - although it could've been even smaller, in 2010 the stadium had only three sides, and seated just 9,600. Which is only just enough to hold MK Dons fans.

Big Friendly - In July 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo et al visited Bournemouth as part of a pre-season friendly as Real Madrid played The Cherries. It was a one sided affair, with the game ending 6-0 - but the prospect of such a defeat didn't put off the fans as the game sold out in a single morning.

5-a-side Football - If the lads reckon they've got the silky smooth skills to be a success on the pitch put them to work in an intense game of 5-a-side football!

Bar Republiq - Your group of suave, sophisticated stags would be well served in Bar Republiq. This stylish bar works at the cutting edge of late night entertainments, providing quality music and manly cocktails like the deceptively strong Zombie.

Shower Power - In 2011, 152 Bournemouth men and women broke the world record for the most people to shower simultaneously in a single venue by congregating beneath a huge purpose built shower on the beach. Weird but true.

Batman! - Bournemouth is the hometown of BATMAN. Actor Christian Bale grew up here, attending the local grammar school.

Shortest Furnicular Railway - Bournemouth's Fisherman's Walk Cliff Lift is Guinness World Record winning, travelling the diminutive length of only 39 metres. But it has shifted an estimated four million people.

Blur - Alex James, Blur's cheese making bass guitarist came from Bournemouth and actually went to school with Christian Bale. Parklife!

Le Chic - Possibly the perfect place to kick off any party, Le Chic is relaxed, ambient and filled with women who look like they've just walked out of an FHM covershoot. Nice one!

Zip Wire - Bournemouth also has the first pier-to-shore zip wire. Now that's how you hit the beach!

Poole Harbour - Bournemouth's Poole Harbour would be the largest natural harbour in the world were it not for Sydney. Sorry Bournemouth, no points for second place.

Coasteering - Adventure-seeking stags will love this epic activity that'll test every lad's grit and determination to the max. Climb, scramble and jump across rocks as you take on a thrilling natural course.

Sharks! - Nature's equivalent to a nuclear submarine, you can get up close and personal to these awesome killing machines at the Bournemouth's Oceanarium.

Cameo - Your Bournemouth stag do should definitely make a cameo appearance at one of the city's finest venues that is packed to the rafters with great music and good times courtesy of some of the best DJs on the coast.

Bar and Club Pass - If you're planning on hitting the town (if you're not, you should be) then the Bar and Club Pass is a must. Get priority entry into the best clubs and bars in town - no queues, no fees, no fuss.

Motor Day - This is your chance to essentially stage your own episode of Top Gear with your personal range of madcap motoring challenges featuring Quad Bikes, Minis and Hovercrafts.

Sixty Million Postcards - This bohemian boozer is a great place to enjoy a few cheeky pints before moving onto the town's best clubs and bars - they also do some proper hangover-conquering pub grub for the morning after the night before.

Haunted Bournemouth - This old seaside town has its fair share of ghosts and ghouls. Some say a phantom soldier can be seen outside the town hall, and the Pavilion is allegedly home to the malevolent spectre of an actress who died on the stage. A bit like StagWeb's one and only attempt at stand-up comedy.

Bournemouth Brewery - The town's independent brewery produce some superb ales. We'd urge you to go native and sample a glass or two of this great local tipple.

Urban Reef - On a day of stag action in Bournemouth, a delicious burger from Urban Reef could be exactly what you all need to recharge your batteries for what's sure to be an evening of stag thrills and spills.

White Water Ribbing - A ride on the White Water Rib is a thrilling way to kick off a day of wet and wild action in Bournemouth. Scream if you want to go faster!

02 Academy - Bournemouth's premier live entertainment venue can be found in the restored Victorian theatre. Some seriously big names have played here, and DJs like Radio 1's Annie Mac frequently stop by to deliver show-stopping sets.

Top Tweeters

AFC Bournemouth - Keep up to date with all things AFC Bournemouth. “Come on you Cherries!”


Make it Bournemouth - Stay in the loop and discover all the big events happening in and around the town centre.

Bournemouth Buzz - There's a buzz around Bournemouth and these guys want to share it with you on your big weekend. Definitely worth checking out before your visit.

Is Bournemouth a Good Place to Party?

Blow away the cobwebs of the view that Bournemouth is purely where old folks go to play bingo and swap dentures and it quickly becomes clear, Bournemouth is a sun-kissed, fun-packed, night-loving party town. Bournemouth has become a massive university city and with good reason, it’s a city that knows how to have fun so students and bright young things flock to the city for a good time. If you’re looking for the perfect destination for your stag do, Bournemouth should certainly be in the top 5 cities worth considering. Golden beaches and a young energetic vibe make one to remember. Not only does it have great locations for daytime thrills but an awesome club scene for night time spills. Seriously, if you can’t have a great time in Bournemouth then you need to check your pulse.

Why Go On Your Stag Do in Bournemouth?

Consistently in the top 5 UK stag and hen party destinations over the last decade, Bournemouth has earned its stripes in delivering top quality time and again. If you’re going to lead the lads in a suitable send off for the main man then you need to know you’re not just going to get good bang for you bucks but also that you’re going to share something truly memorable. It’s his final farewell to single life with the lads so it’s your job to make sure it's done right and it delivers on all counts;

  • Club scene - Bournemouth really does have a great nightlife and buzzing club scene.
  • Activities - An endless array of top draw action to be had and we have some of the best activities lined up waiting for you to get your hands dirty. You're spoilt for choice with a Bournemouth stag do!
  • Sandy beaches - Not that you and the lads are going to be walking along hand in hand but a spot of beach volleyball or wakeboarding? Step this way gentlemen...
  • Sight seeing - No matter the time of year there is always eye candy to be enjoyed for the casual spectator or keen enthusiast alike.
  • Packages - We have some great Bournemouth stag do packages all ready and waiting.

When's The Best Time to Go On a Bournemouth Stag Do?

Like any good coastal resort Bournemouth with its palm trees and golden beach is very popular in the summer months, therefore it's best to plan ahead and book early. That doesn’t mean to say that you won’t still have a great stag do in Bournemouth if you’re booking late or looking outside of the summer months. The unrivalled relationships we have with key Bournemouth stag hotels means your weekend experience can take advantage of the best rates exclusively through StagWeb. But remember it can be a key holiday destination so if you’re looking at the peak summer months try not to leave it too late. You can enquire now for a no obligation proposal of what you and the guys can expect and the types of packages we can build to suit your needs. Why not put us to the test? Let us know what you want and we’ll put together a package designed for you.

We’ll send you a hassle free quote giving you;

  • A complete breakdown of a potential package
  • The opportunity to make changes to the package
  • You can ask us for more options or details on any part of a Bournemouth stag weekend
  • We can also give you tips on the best nightlife in the town
  • Individual payment scheme so the lads can all pay separately
  • Online stag party management tools so you can view your booking online

Where to Go in Bournemouth?

StagWeb have been sending groups to Bournemouth since 2002. We’ve built up long standing relationships with the best Bournemouth hotels and stag activities in the heart of the action. We’ll get you the hottest tickets in town; what’s more we’ll remove the need for queuing at the door by making sure those tickets get you on the guest lists of the best bars and clubs. We take pride in the fact that using our skills and coastal contacts when we create your stag do we'll give you the best experience to cement friendships and create memories that will last long after you’ve got that last grain of sand out your speedos.

What to Do on a Bournemouth Stag Do?

We have 60 amazing activities on offer in Bournemouth and we are constantly finding the latest crazes and adventures so we can add to that list all the time. The vast range of craziness on offer is what keeps the Bournemouth stag do a sure fire winner, it has among the best karting and quad bikes in the UK and the big blue part which offers some fantastic deep sea fishing, paddleboarding or surfing. It really depends on your group, if you’re ‘all in it together’ then a spot of coasteering might be the thing or if you’re after more traditional sporting challenges then we can offer golf, clay shooting or for action men its last man standing on the paintball range. See our range of stag do activities in Bournemouth and let us know what wets your appetite.

Is a Bournemouth Stag Do Expensive?

Done well you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value. We’ve got ABTA bonded packages and we can build to suit, but don’t expect quality you’ll be happy on the cheap. As busy as Bournemouth gets you don’t want to chance it, you’ll know yourself not all things are equal and chancing it in a resort when you’ve got the boys to answer to, can only end in you wearing plastic boobs while gaffa taped to a lamppost on the prom. So our advice would be booking sooner rather than later. And make sure you’re protected, that lads are trusting you to spend their hard-earned cash wisely so always make sure you’re booking with a company that gives financial protection so should something happen the lads won’t end up out of pocket. That aside in terms of on the ground spend unless you go to the top, top hotels, restaurants, golf courses and so on you won’t be shocked - unless you invest heavily in your table dances or crash at the casino, the Bournemouth stag expenditure should be pretty standard.

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