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Bristol stag do

Bristol stag do

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Bristol stag weekend -
15/08/2015 -
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Bristol Activities
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Action Stations!

500cc of revved up madness, our Bristol mud buggies are epic! The perfect antidote to hours sat in rush hour traffic and a driving experience the lads will never forget, as you tackle all kind of terrain in these open sided, bad boys.

Best bars in Bristol
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Best Bars in Bristol

The Woods - Any bar that is frequented by all the cities bar tenders has to be good. The fact that The Woods stays open until 4am at the weekend makes it even better!

The Apple - When in Rome… Well when in Bristol quite frankly it would be rude not to sample the local speciality and there's no finer place than The Apple.

Bristol event calendar
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Event Calendar

June - Let’s Rock Retro festival with big-haired stars of the 80’s.
July - Bristol Comedy Garden The biggest names in comedy ‘avin’ a laugh.
July - Bristol Harbour Festival After 40 years BHF is one of the original and biggest festivals in the UK.
September - Bristol Beer Week A whole week, dedicated to beer! Thank you Bristol.
September - Encounters International short movie and animation festival.
September - Brisfest 14 stages featuring the best talent from across the South West.

Bristol districts
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Where to Head...


The Clifton Triangle is a party district slap bang in the middle of the city. However Bristol is bloody nice when it comes to looking after visitors and has placed all the cities best nightlife conveniently within an easy walking radius. The Waterfront and Harbourside are also worth a gander on a big night out with the guys.

Must see...

Banksy - If ever you were a cheeky young scamp who "tagged" in his younger days or a fine purveyor of exquisite art, nearly everyone appreciates the work of the notorious street artist. Some of his most famous works are still 'roughing it' on Bristol's streets and with free guides you can hunt them down quite easily.


Bristolians proudly claim that America was named after the Bristol city merchant who funded one of the first successful trips across the Atlantic to the New World. His name was Richard Ameryk.
Wallace & Gromit were born in Bristol at Aardman Animation which is here.
The walls have ears... and noses, and loads of other celebrated features as street artist Banksy hails from "Brizzle".
Bristol is ruddy funny. No, seriously. Russell Howard, Stephen Merchant, Mark Watson, Bill Bailey all grew up in Bristol while Matt Lucas and David Walliams both studied here.

A taste of Bristol
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A Taste of Bristol

Eats - You simply can’t go wrong with Za Za Bizarre. A buffet style eatery with flavours from all four corners of the globe which means all the lads will find great food to start your night.
Drinks - For a proper drop of "Brizzle" you’ve got to try the cider. Perry's Real Somerset Cider captures everything good about this most heavenly of beverages and distils it all, one perfect pint at a time.

Getting around Bristol
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Bristol

All the main party areas of Bristol are within easy walking distances of one another so you won’t need to try flagging down cabs on route to your nights out. During the day, buses or cabs are the best way to go any distances. There is also a handy ferry which shuttles between the Waterfront and Harbourside.


"All right me luvver!" - Hello, how are you?
"Brizzle" - Bristol
"That’s gurt lush" - That’s jolly good.
"Tha zider, thass a proper drop." - This cider really is rather good.  
"Aaaarrrrgghhhh" - Bristol pirate speak for just about anything.

City image of Bristol "Tonight we're going to party
like its 1929!"

Book two or more activities and go paintballing for free!

When considering stag weekends, Bristol quite rightly comes high up in the list of top stag do destinations. It has consistently been a Top 10 stag city for good reason, its not only a city that knows how to party but also has a wide range of top drawer activities so a Bristol stag do won’t fail to tick all the boxes for you and the boys.

Why is a Bristol stag weekend a great choice?

From the cowboys on the plains to the popstars of the 80’s its been a long held belief that if you’re looking for the promised land then there is only one way to go... "Go west." And its no different when it comes to finding an epic stag weekend location and seeing as this is the final farewell to the next matrimonial lemming about to throw himself off the cliff of solo happiness into the wedded waters below it deserves to be the kind of weekend that all other stag parties will forever be measure against. Don’t be a stag leader, be a stag LEGEND! And when booking your stag do, Bristol is a great place to start. In recent times laughs have rolled out of Bristol by the bucket load, Russell Howard, Steve Merchant and Lee Evans all have strong ties to the city and of course it is well renowned for having more than its fair share of the fairer sex. Laughs and looks in abundance, a great nightlife and a bucket load of top quality daytime challenges means for your stag weekend Bristol is the perfect stag destination for a stag do!

Check out our popular Somerset Challenge activity here.

Getting the most out of Bristol

Bristol is the fourth most visited city in the UK for a number of reasons, the great nightlife on offer being no small part of that but also great travel links, being easily accessible by train from London or by car as it is directly off the M4. Being the man with the plan is the only way forward, find out the best on offer whether that be where to stay, what to do or how to budget effectively to get the most for your money. It's no easy task trying to get a rabble of stags together and plan a weekend to suit everyone’s pocket while making sure the groom gets a fitting send off, especially if you’re not familiar with your city of choice. That’s where we can help. StagWeb have 11 years experience of planning Bristol stag weekends so not only do we know the city well but we have built up long standing relationships with the best activities and accommodation available.

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What to consider what planning a Bristol stag do

Over 25% of the world's natural history films are made in Bristol.

Think of the money. Of course price is always going to be a factor, when booking any kind of group weekend you instantly become responsible for the fate of everyone’s hard earned dollar. So you need to spend it wisely and also make sure its protected. Booking with an ABTA approved company means everyone’s cash is protected and the company you'll be dealing with meets their high requirements and codes of practise.

Timing is another critical factor. Too many stag parties fail purely on the grounds that the main man didn’t get booking until too late to get the best deals and secure the best activities. Like any major city, Bristol has its fair share of visitors and you need to make sure you don’t get beaten to the punch by better placed stag commanders.

Rely on local know how. Our offices are a short hop from Bristol, a city we know well so we're well placed to give you a real insight into the best stag weekends Bristol has to offer. Ask the questions now and it gives you more time to make an informed decision. You can speak to our team today for a no obligation quote. Give us a rough idea of numbers, dates and the activities you have in mind and we’ll design a package specifically tailored to your group and then do the running around for you to get it all booked on your behalf.

And if you’re still looking for ideas then why not ask the experts. We already know what’s hot in Bristol so send us a quick enquiry and we’ll provide the top answers to all your Bristol stag weekend needs.

A recap on Bristol stag weekends...

  • Only the best will do. If you want to build a stag weekend to remember make sure you get the best deals for your money by using local knowledge and getting the best deals.
  • Use protection. Make sure your money is covered by ABTA as its not just your own cash you’ll be splashing.
  • Ask questions. Knowledge is power, make sure you do your research and ask the right questions. It always helps to use other’s experience if its offered.
  • Be prepared. Plan well and plan ahead. You snooze you lose so don’t leave it until the last minute, it only takes a few minutes to let us know your requirements and then we’ll contact you with the best solutions with no obligation.

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