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A Bristol stag weekend is one of the most popular in the UK because it simply has it all. With massive activities, a colossal party scene and excellent eateries, you'll have everything needed for a huge weekend away! Be sure to dodge the planning faff and arrange an unreal celebration with the help of StagWeb!

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A Guide To Your Bristol Stag Weekend

8 Best Bristol Stag Do Ideas

  1. Somerset Challenge - It's like the Olympics went way out west. Sports meets cider.
  2. Horror Escape Game - Enter your own slasher movie, it's about to get real!
  3. Zombie Survival Day - Everything you need to know to kick some zombie butt!
  4. Assault Rifle Shooting - Awesome competitive action and an extreme hangover cure.
  5. Bubble Football - Take your football skills to the next level. Game on!
  6. Paintball - Wave the groom farewell with a Dulux makeover.
  7. Go Karts - Get fast and furious at one of the UK's top kart tracks.
  8. Mud Buggies - The most fun on four wheels without seeing flashing blue lights!

Where to Drink in Bristol

King Street is a local’s favourite hangout where you can get anything from a crazy craft beer tasting paddle to a cheap-ish pint. In summer the park-style benches that pack the cobbled street fill with party-ready people if you fancy a taste of the communal vibe that makes Bristol great.

Head to Stokes Croft (a short walk from Cabot Circus and the bus station) for an edgier vibe where street art decorates almost every wall. You’ll discover venues with a huge amount of soul, often with buzzing beer gardens or quirky features you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Take a stroll along the harbour to find a wealth of hotspot bars and drinking joints with a view. You’re also likely to come across a club or two for when the dancing mood hits you!

Where to Visit in Bristol


The Clifton Triangle is a party district slap bang in the middle of the city. However Bristol is bloody nice when it comes to looking after visitors and has placed all the city's best nightlife conveniently within an easy walking radius. The Waterfront and Harbourside are also worth a gander on a big night out with the guys.

Must see...

Banksy - Whether you were a cheeky young scamp who "tagged" in his younger days or you are a fine purveyor of exquisite art, nearly everyone appreciates the work of the notorious street artist. Some of his most famous works are still 'roughing it' on Bristol's streets and with free guides you can hunt them down quite easily.

Pub Trivia

Bristolians proudly claim that America was named after the Bristol city merchant who funded one of the first successful trips across the Atlantic to the New World. His name was Richard Ameryk.
Wallace & Gromit were born in Bristol at Aardman Animation which is here.
The walls have ears... and noses, and loads of other celebrated features as street artist Banksy hails from "Brizzle".
Bristol is ruddy funny. No, seriously. Russell Howard, Stephen Merchant, Mark Watson, Bill Bailey all grew up in Bristol while Matt Lucas and David Walliams both studied here.

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Bristol

All the main party areas of Bristol are within easy walking distances of one another, so you won't need to try flagging down cabs en route to your nights out. During the day, buses or cabs are the best way to go any distances. There is also a handy ferry which shuttles between the Waterfront and Harbourside.


"All right me luvver!" - Hello, how are you?
"Brizzle" - Bristol
"That's gurt lush" - That's jolly good.
"Tha zider, thass a proper drop." - This cider really is rather good.  
"Aaaarrrrgghhhh" - Bristol pirate speak for just about anything.

Bristol Stag Do Trip Tips!

Bristol Night Out

Bristol pubs rival those anywhere in the country and a Bristol pub crawl is an absolute must if you’re in the thriving south west city. There are also loads of incredible bars and colossal nightclubs for later in the evening when the groom wants to pull out his best (worst!) dancing moves.

Getting to Bristol

Bristol Temple Meads is situated just a short walk/speedy taxi ride from the centre of the city meaning getting to and from this vibrant party region is a breeze. Due to its proximity to both the M4 and M5 Bristol is straightforward to reach from both the north and south east too.

Is Bristol Good for a Stag Do?

Bristol is the south west’s premier party capital where big nights out are preceded by colossal stag activities and great places to grab a bite to eat. Whether you’re going all out or keeping things low key, there’s something for everyone in this incredible city.

40 Reasons Bristol is an Awesome Stag City!

Mr Wolfs - Just off the city centre, this intimate venue makes for a great alternative to even Bristol's best non-mainstream clubs and bars. Celebrating the best music the city has to offer, Mr Wolfs showcases a diverse range of music acts and entertainers to thrill the party-loving locals.

Birthplace of America - Bristol is known as the 'Birthplace of America' owing to the voyage made by John Cabot to help discover America in 1497.

Blackbeard - Speaking of birthplaces ... Pirate and marauder of the seas Edward Teach (or as you probably know him: Blackbeard) grew up in Bristol before deciding on a life of sea shanties and booty.

Street Art - Famous graffiti artist Banksy is a through and through Bristolian ... well we think he is, we'd know for sure if anyone knew who he was, but his work's always cropping up in Bristol so it's a good guess.

Ribena - The iconic British squash Ribena was invented in Bristol by the National Fruit and Cider Institute. It gained popularity when it was used by the British Government as a Vitamin C supplement to Children during World War II. Dull but true.

The Robins - Bristol City FC are "Brizzle's" most successful football side despite being the younger of the city's two sides. Having played a number of seasons in the English top flight, Bristol City FC have placed as first division runners-up and FA Cup runners-up but are still without any substantial silverware.

The Pirates - Bristol Rovers FC, Bristol's other major football side may have been the first football side on the scene but have achieved few notable honours or wins during their 125 year history.

Somerset Challenge - The West Country is has become synonymous with cider, The Wurzels, Tractors and Vicky Pollard, so why don't you take all of them and more on in this epic series of epic Somerset themed challenges for some top notch banter on your Bristol stag weekend.

Bristol on Film - Bristol has a huge heritage of TV and films with hit teen drama Skins, popular soap Casualty and Brit drama Afterlife all being set in Bristol.

Bristol Brew - Bristol Beer Factory is one of the finest craft breweries in the country. Making 16 beers in the heart of Bristol it really is worth sampling the local flavour of this fantastic brewery.

Festival Mad - Bristol does festivals like few other places in Blighty. Just a short drive from the legendary Glastonbury festival and home to BrisFest, Harbour Festival, foodie festival Grillstock and the International Balloon Fiesta, Bristol is almost always raising a glass to something.

Bath - Bristol is ludicrously close to the Roman city itself, Bath! This top stag destination is a great place to visit, being just a mere 12 miles away. Check out our Bath stag do weekends.

Trip Hop - The increasingly popular jazz, soul and funk influenced subgenre of electronic music known as trip hop was born in Bristol through groups like Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead and Roni Size.

Dialect - There are few better accents and dialects in the world than that of a true Bristolian. From the greeting of "Allrooiight moy luvvverrr" to the weirder expressions like "Cheers drive," Bristol is a weird and brilliant place for overhearing the native tongue.

Cracking Cheese Gromit - Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep, Creature Comforts, are based in Bristol and have been producing their iconic stop motion TV shows and Films there since 1972.

Grain Barge - This superb harbour side watering hole, which is indeed a converted grain barge serves up some of Bristol's best pints. There's live music, heaving crowds and a laid back party atmosphere all day everyday too, so pull up a seat and ask for a cold pint of something local on your Bristol stag do.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - Whether you're into sightseeing or just need to cross the staggering Avon Gorge, Bristol's iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge provides epic views of the gorge, the Avon River and Bristol itself. Just don't look down!

Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling allegedly based the character of Harry Potter on a boy she knew while growing up in Bristol - so if you see anybody with a lightning shaped scar on their forehead while you're on the town, you should probably buy them a bevvie!

Hausbar - This bar will feel like a home away from home with its welcoming surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. Alcoholic highlights include delicious cocktails like the classic Pina Colada.

Thekla - The good ship Thekla has been providing Bristol party-goers with beery and spirited good times in the city's harbourside for over 30 years. It's immensely popular and it's a welcome alternative to the city's more mainstream clubs.

SWX - This club has gone through a few incarnations over the years; Romeo and Juliet's, Syndicate and now, under new management, SWX has been born to provide Bristol's youthful crowds with a brand new, state-of-the-art clubbing experience featuring DJs at the cutting edge of electronic dance music.

02 Academy Bristol - The city's premiere music venue has played host to many big-name artists and it remains the Bristol stage of choice for touring bands and musicians from all over the world. It also happens to host the biggest club night in the city 'Ramshackle', or as the locals affectionately call it, 'Rams'.

Park Street - A local favourite, Park Street is on a huge hill filled with independent shops and bars as well as top quality restaurants that won't break the bank. It's a big of a walk to get to the top, but the extra effort is definitely worth it.

Cabot Circus - Come here for the high-street stores like Superdry, Topman and JD Sports, stay for the ridiculous choice of restaurants and the surprisingly competitive attraction of Adventure Golf.

Bristol Old Vic - Much more than just another theatre, the Old Vic is revered as a training ground for the country's greatest actors. Daniel Day Lewis, Pete Postlethwaite, Mark Strong, Jeremy Irons, Sir Patrick Stewart and Olivia Colman all learned their trade on the Old Vic stage before achieving award success in their distinguished careers.

Go Karting - Bristol's premiere indoor track is seriously awesome - full of narrow bends, difficult slopes and hair-raising straights, if you've got a racer hidden inside you, then go karting is the perfect stag activitiy for your Bristol stag do!

Comedy Central - And we're not on about the TV channel - Bristol has been a home to many British comedy greats including Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Stephen Merchant and local legend Russell Howard.

Chocolate Begins - The first chocolate bar made suitable for widespread consumption was created in Fry's chocolate factory in 1847 - the premises have since become an Odeon Cinema, but you can still enjoy a manly Crunchie while watching the latest flicks.

Only Fools and Horses - The infamous British comedy actually owes quite a lot of its success to this having been filmed in the city. Mandela House can actually be found behind Bristol City's Ashton Gate, and the famous 'Batman and Robin' scene was filmed in the Broadmead shopping area.

High Priority - In the Cold War, Bristol was thought to be 4th in the list of British cities to be targeted for a nuclear strike. We're not sure whether that's a compliment or not to be honest?!?

The Bristol Hum - In 1979, the city became obsessed with a bizarre mystery. It seemed everybody could hear a strange humming sound of which nobody could locate the source - and although the hum has disappeared today, the cause of the phenomenon is still unknown...

HMV - The Company's iconic dog logo was created in Bristol back in 1895 with Nipper the Dog lending his looks for the now famous image.

34 - That's how many 'Bristol's' there are around the world - with cities named after the original (and best in our humble opinion) found in Canada, Peru and Jamaica.

Darth Vader - The iconic baddie of the Star Wars saga was played by a towering Bristolian by the name of David Prowse. While he was dubbed over by the deep tones of James Earl Jones in the actual films, Vader just wouldn't be Vader without the imposing presence that Prowse brought the much-loved character.

The Fleece - Adored by Bristolians all over the city, The Fleece is one of, if not the best live music venues in the city. The low stage basically guarantees great crowd interactions with some of the best music artists in the world - and if you're a fan of metal, the mosh here is truly epic.

The Harbourside - One of the most unique things about Bristol is the fact that on a Saturday night, fun-loving locals don't head to the city centre, instead they flock to the packed harbourside to enjoy the range of awesome bars and pubs by the waters edge in true Brizzle fashion.

Haunted Bristol - Like many old English cities, Bristol has its fair share of ghost stories. It's said that the souls of those who have taken their lives by the suspension bridge congregate on the edges, and that the Odeon Cinema is haunted by the ghost of an ex-owner untimely murdered in a burglary gone wrong.

Bristol Rugby - Formerly playing at the lofty heights of the Aviva Premiership, Bath Rugby's local rivals can now be found plying their trade in the Championship - although you get the sense that they won't be playing there for long.

Local Legends - Legend has it that a Bristol Zoo parking attendant took advantage of a mix up between the council and the zoo over who would profit from the parking payments by pocketing the cash for himself. After 23 years, he retired from the proceeds!

The Bristol Croc - A huge crocodile has often been seen lurking in the murky waters of the River Avon. While it might sound unlikely, the local authorities even put up signs to warn people to stay away from the water...

Top Tweeters - Made in Bristol have the latest on when and where you can catch the best up and coming artists in the city, so you can catch some quality, fresh tunes on your big weekend for a low price! Guide2Bristol is your one-stop-shop to find out all the latest goings on in the city, so you can head straight to where's hot, and avoid what's not!

Facebook - Bristol Ticket Shop will let you know who's playing where during your stay and they can provide you with tickets to the most in-demand shows in town.

Your Guide to a Bristol Stag Do

When considering stag weekends, Bristol quite rightly comes high up in the list of top stag do destinations. It has consistently been a Top 10 stag city for good reason, its not only a city that knows how to party but also has a wide range of top drawer activities so a Bristol stag do won't fail to tick all the boxes for you and the boys.

Why Choose a Bristol Stag Do

From the cowboys on the plains to the popstars of the 80's its been a long held belief that if you're looking for the promised land then there is only one way to go... Go west. And its no different when it comes to finding an epic stag weekend location and seeing as this is the final farewell to the next matrimonial lemming about to throw himself off the cliff of solo happiness into the wedded waters below it deserves to be the kind of weekend that all other stag parties will forever be measure against. Don't be a stag leader, be a stag LEGEND! And when booking your stag do, Bristol is a great place to start. In recent times laughs have rolled out of Bristol by the bucket load, Russell Howard, Steve Merchant and Lee Evans all have strong ties to the city and of course it is well renowned for having more than its fair share of the fairer sex. Laughs and looks in abundance, a great nightlife and a bucket load of top quality daytime challenges means Bristol is the perfect stag destination!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Your Bristol Stag Do

Bristol is the fourth most visited city in the UK for a number of reasons, the great nightlife on offer being no small part of that but also great travel links, being easily accessible by train from London or by car as it is directly off the M4. Being the man with the plan is the only way forward, find out the best on offer whether that be where to stay, what to do or how to budget effectively to get the most for your money. It's no easy task trying to get a rabble of stags together and plan a weekend to suit everyone's pocket while making sure the groom gets a fitting send off, especially if you're not familiar with your city of choice. That's where we can help. StagWeb have been planning stag weekends since 2002 so not only do we know the city well but we've discovered the best stag do activities in Bristol. If you're spending the weekend, don't forget to check out our huge selection of stag do accommodation in Bristol too.

Planning Your Bristol Stag Do

Think of the money. Of course price is always going to be a factor, when booking any kind of group weekend you instantly become responsible for the fate of everyone's hard earned dollar. So you need to spend it wisely and also make sure its protected. Booking with an ABTA approved company means everyone's cash is protected and the company you'll be dealing with meets their high requirements and codes of practise.

Timing is another critical factor. Too many stag parties fail purely on the grounds that the main man didn't get booking until too late to get the best deals and secure the best activities. Like any major city, Bristol has its fair share of visitors and you need to make sure you don't get beaten to the punch by better placed stag commanders.

Rely on local know how. Our offices are a short hop from Bristol, a city we know well so we're well placed to give you a real insight into the best stag weekends Bristol has to offer. Ask the questions now and it gives you more time to make an informed decision. You can speak to our team today for a no obligation quote. Give us a rough idea of numbers, dates and the activities you have in mind and we'll design a package specifically tailored to your group and then do the running around for you to get it all booked on your behalf.

And if you're still looking for ideas then why not ask the experts. We already know what's hot in Bristol so send us a quick enquiry and we'll provide the top answers to all your needs.

Tips For Planning Your Bristol Stag Weekend

  • Only the best will do. If you want to build a stag weekend to remember make sure you get the best deals for your money by using local knowledge and getting the best deals.
  • Use protection. Make sure your money is covered by ABTA as its not just your own cash you'll be splashing.
  • Ask questions. Knowledge is power, make sure you do your research and ask the right questions. It always helps to use other's experience if its offered.
  • Be prepared. Plan well and plan ahead. You snooze you lose so don't leave it until the last minute, it only takes a few minutes to let us know your requirements and then we'll contact you with the best solutions with no obligation.
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