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Why StagWeb?

So your brother, best mate or colleague has asked you to plan his stag in Cambridge, which has probably left you wondering whether to book up accommodation yourself or leave it to the experts. Of course gentlemen, at this point, the internet is your oyster and you're very much welcome to get clicking yourselves. However, our experience in Cambridge means that we have unrivalled hotel relationships which set us apart from other companies! Our expertise and commitment to your requirements puts you in the greatest position to enjoy your Cambridge stag hotels and put simply, nobody does it better.

Is our money safe?

In a word, yes. Because we're bonded with ABTA, or the Association of British Travel Agents if you're feeling fancy, it means that we have an obligation to uphold both extremely high standards of quality and customer service, as well as financial security. When you're handling budgets from a large group of lads, going through a third party to ensure safety and customer satisfaction comes highly recommended - after all, the lads have been working out a little more lately... Nothing is more annoying than flaky friends, so it's handy that StagWeb has a unique online customer login system. Everyone is given a login code in order to pay their final balance individually, meaning that if there's a balance overdue, we'll do the chasing and not you! Thankfully, that means no more awkward moments.

Which accommodation is right for us?

You and only you can choose this, gents. Although we can't decide for you whether a 4 star or a 3 star is best suited to your group, whichever option you decide to go for, we always go for great quality! Every accommodation option featured on our site has been fully road tested by us, so we know it's good. We're fully aware that you and the boys are probably far too busy getting the chilli tequila in and planning the best way to wax the stag's back without him noticing to think too much about hotel rooms. However, even though it's certainly not the most exciting part of the stag, fixing up somewhere good to stay is really important and a crummy deal you found online at the last minute really isn't going to cut it at all. When you book with StagWeb, you can skip the stress because every single one of our hotel, hostel and self-catering options stands for guaranteed quality so you'll really make the most of everybody's cash.

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