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"We had such a good time and the activities were great. Looking forward to booking again with you!"

Bournemouth | 14/08/2023 | 5/5 stars

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Top 5 Most Booked Stag Do Stripper Activities

  1. Lap Dancing
  2. Strip Dinner
  3. Female Stripper
  4. Strip Limo
  5. Strip Boat

Sexy Stag Weekend Ideas

While the bride might be worried about what the groom will get up to while on the stag do there really is no cause for alarm. There is plenty of wild stag nights out that provide "pleasant viewing" that won't breach any "look but don't touch" guidelines laid down by the bride-to-be. Sexy stag weekends come in various shapes and sizes (literally) and we have a little something for every groom, from a hilarious Roly Poly strip show through to full contact mud wrestling with two incredibly agile, slippery and hot female wrestlers.

Stag Party Strip Shows

When it comes to a little bit of pre-wedding party entertainment, you can give the groom an eyeful in a club, a bar, on the move or even surprise him in his own hotel room, in fact there are very few places we can't help you put a smile on the groom's face; Sexy Maids, Strip Limos, Strip Boats, Strip Dinners, Lap Dance Clubs wherever you're doing, we can bring the show to you.

Sexy Stag Pranks

If you can take two of a good stag parties basic essentials, sexy women and pranks, and combine them for one huge hit on the groom then you are well on your way to becoming a stag legend. Luckily we just happen to have some perfect sexy stag pranks already lined up. See more stag do pranks here.

Sexy Maids - Start the groom's day with a smile as the maid sent to clean his room turns out to deliver smoking hot room service.
Roly Poly Show - This rather large lady is not your average stripper. In fact she quite possibly eats skinny strippers for breakfast. Watch the groom's life flash before his eyes as this sofa-sized goddess reveals her soft curves.
Sexy Hitch Hiker - Get the weekend off to a flying start when your taxi driver on route to your hotel pulls over to give a stranded damsel a helping hand. Then when her favourite songs comes on the radio, things start to get interesting!
Fake Bride - Will the groom be convinced he's done a 'Homer' and got married on his stag do? How long will she be able to keep him stringing along for before she reveals the truth and a whole lot more.
Naked Desert - Treat the groom to a tasty treat as plates and cutlery are replaced by hot naked flesh and his teeth. Bon appetite!
Jelly Wrestling - Bring the unsuspecting groom along to face the ultimate stag weekend opponents... Two nubile, naked jelly wrestlers. "Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!"

What Happens on Tour...

...isn't an excuse. Yes there is the golden rule of never breaking the bro-code by not breathing a word of what happened to anyone outside the immediate circle of stags. But silence is not always golden, it certainly isn't mitigation against any crimes or crossing any lines laid down by the bride-to-be. When booking the weekend it's best to respect her wishes and any major concerns or agreements she's made with the main man. You don't want to be the cause of him being banished to the spare room for a month they've even said "I do".

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