Although the answer is 100% YES you can have a female best man at your wedding, there are definitely a few things you need to consider.

Are the duties the same as a best man? Can they attend the stag? What if my partner isn't comfortable with it? And MORE.

Don't sweat it, we've got all the answers below.

Can you have a female best man?

Is your best mate a woman? If yeah, then crack on! This isn't 1952, this is the 21st century. You can definitely have a best woman rather than a best man if you want.

The only thing you need to consider is whether they'd be comfortable performing a role traditionally held by a man. Will they want to do a speech? Will they want to plan the stag? Will they wear a suit or a matching dress?

Talk it over, iron out the kinks, and do what feels right!

What do you call a female best man?

Well. Now. There's female best man. There's best woman. There's best person. Best lady. Best maid. Best matron. Groom's attendant. Groom's maid of honour... and probably a load of other titles we've missed or never encountered.

Hell, she could be the Groom's Right Honourable Señora & Mistress of Ceremonies if you want.

What if your partner is uncomfortable with it?

Well, we'd like to imagine your bride-to-be knows you well enough to know who's going to be your best man/woman, but it's best to keep her in the loop.

We'd let her know as early as possible, too, just so you can both just work out the finer details before the big day.

Maybe bear in mind that having a close friend of the opposite gender could spark some jealousy, but clear communication with your other half will help to diffuse these feelings and make sure your big plans stay on track!

And, this should go without saying, but we have one golden rule when it comes to choosing the best woman: perhaps steer clear of choosing your ex.

That idea holds a strong chance of not going down too well. At all. Ever.

Don't do it!!!

What are the duties of a female best man?

Traditionally, there are a load of responsibilities that your best man would usually take on as you lead up to the wedding.

And there's nothing to say that your female friend can't complete these tasks just as well (if not better!).

Here are a few examples to help kickstart your wedding plans:

  • Planning and arranging the stag
  • Writing a speech
  • Assisting the wedding attire shopping
  • Helping the groom with wedding prep
  • Holding the wedding rings on the day
  • Greeting the wedding guests at the ceremony

Can she attend the stag do?

Yes. Definitely. 100%.

But you can let her decide for herself!

If it's just her and a load of other blokes, she might not be too comfortable with it. Then again, she might love it.

Have. A. Chat. With. Her.

You could always add the option of her attending the hen party – this may be more up her street. Or just have a mash-up of a hen and stag? There are loads of options.

If she's joining the lads on the stag, do remember to put some extra consideration into your accommodation choice to double-check the sleeping arrangements are suitable for your friend.

Should she arrange the stag do?

Is she capable of arranging the GREATEST. PARTY. EVER?!

Because this is THE biggest responsibility of being the best woman.

If she's going on the stag, absolutely let her arrange it. If she's not, she could always have some input, but there shouldn't be pressure for her to sort it solo.

From choosing a great location to planning some top activities and nightlife, there's a lot to think about.

If she does need a hand, be sure to check out our website and give us a shout. Your best woman will be able to plan and book everything in one place.

Plus, with our easy individual payment system, she won't even have the awkward task of chasing people up for money. We'd even be able to hook you up with a sweet deal, too.

Don't stress it, StagWeb it.

Planning your weekend has never been easier!

Check out our top stag do destinations!

Stag do destinations

Do you need to alter your stag do activities?

None of our activities have NOT FOR GIRLS stamped across it like the outdated noughties chocolate bar.

There shouldn't be a reason you would need to change the activities as a large part of the role as your best person is to organise the stag!

If she's had input into the organisation process, there should be no issues.

Many of our activities on StagWeb are also featured on our hen site!

However, if you're concerned about your chosen activities being unsuitable, you can always ask your friend or ask our destination specialists for some advice.

How about a sten do?

If the stag planning is proving to be a pain, why not leave all traditions behind and check out a sten do instead?

This is a mash-up of the hen and stag do and a cracking alternative to the traditional pre-wedding party.

Cut out the stress and party together!

Best woman wedding attire?

There's so much flexibility when it comes to what your best woman can wear.

Again, it's time to have a chat with your friend and ask what she'd rather wear to your big day. Make sure to keep it within your chosen colour theme and make sure your bride-to-be is happy with the choice, too.

Perhaps she'd like to join the bridesmaids in a matching dress.

Or she could rock a suit with the groomsmen – celebrities are loving the look on the red carpet at the moment!

Female Best Man Speech

One of the highlights of any wedding is the best man speech.

So, there's no reason why your best woman shouldn't step up to the plate and enjoy the opportunity to humiliate the groom in front of his nearest and dearest.

Be sure to send her our best man/woman speech tips and advice blog, so she knows all there is to know about delivering a cracking speech.

Can You Have Your Sister as Your Best Man?

Asking your brother to be the best man is a popular choice by many grooms, but perhaps surprisingly, it's becoming increasingly more popular for people to choose their sister!

And why not, hey?

Again, make sure your sister is comfortable with attending and organising the stag, doing the speech, etc., as well as how this set-up will affect the dynamic of your big day.

Tom Probert
Written & reviewed by Tom Probert Tom is a seasoned stag party professional having written about pre-wedding weekends for four years, arranged three stag celebrations, and attended many many more (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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