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You wouldn't expect a magician to do a great trick without a few props would you? Equally no good stag organiser is prepared without a few basics to get the night up and running. Any best man worth his salt will have the following stashed away…

• Decision Coin
• Toy Soldiers
• Dare Cards/Forfeits
• T-Shirts
• Recorder
• Cash
• Details & Invoices

It doesn't take much to be properly prepared so get tooled up for a great weekend.

Decision Coin

Ahh Lady Luck, capricious mistress to whom we are but mere playthings answering to her whimsy... But if you really are a “dice man” who likes to let luck call the shots then you shouldn’t set off without a decision coin. Leave the bar, head left or right? Pints or tequila? Your DC can be handy at the casino or the dogs or merely choosing your next move, if the group needs a decision let the coin decide.

That's just how your decision coin is. Visit a junk shop or coin dealer and pick up an old English penny (ironically you can pick one up for mere pennies), or an old style 50p coin, they're a decent size for everyone to see and bigger than any current coins to make them more dramatic.

Used wisely the Decision Coin is the daddy of all stag do accessories.

Toy Soldiers

Little plastic toy soldiers? Seriously? Yes. These little plastic soldiers of misfortune can form the basis of a great stag game and every good stag do needs a few games along the way. And as the stag organiser you should set your stall out early, show the guys they are in good hands with you leading the way and set the tone for the random madness that lies in store. We've set up a few stag games for you to check out here.

Dare Cards/Forfeits

Dare cards or forfeits are a great idea, either you can set a series of dares or challenges as the night progresses or just set forfeits. Alternatively they could be groups challenges that the lads will have to work together to achieve.
It's no easy task coming up with a few dares but it's always better to plan them when sober rather than have people creating weirder and weirder ideas depending on how many shandies they've had.
We've created a full list of dares and challenges for you including Kari-Blokie and Superman so you can be set for action ahead of the game.

Stag Nights


Clothes maketh the man. It's good to have a team kit set for the lads before the weekend kicks off. While fancy dress can be really popular T-shirts can be a lot more practical and less hard work. You'll need to plan ahead but you can have T-shirt printed easily online with each shirt personalised for each stag.


One of the first rules of the stag is that there should be no photos so once the guys have all assembled, phones should be banned from being carried and instead left at your stag accommodation. However that being said you still might want to ensure that there are some recorded memories/incriminating evidence which you alone will then be able to control in order to hatch future evil plans/blackmail. So keep a camera handy to record the best and worst of the action.

The best stag night accessories

Spot Prizes

If you have a full weekend's worth of activities planned (and a good stag do will have plenty going on) then it will be good to hand out a few prizes for the winners of each activity. Equally while “you don't win anything for second” you should certainly hand out a proportionately embarrassing booby prize for anyone coming in last.


Make sure that you always have some spare cash for any emergency taxis of the relevant currency in case of emergencies (and by that we also mean broken cash machines). You don't want to find you're all suddenly left potless all because of a dodgy machine.

Details & Invoices

While you can get all your information from us online you can't always be assured of phone signals wherever you are. Having planned the perfect stag weekend down to the smallest detail will all come to nothing if you're standing looking at some stoney faced concierge who won't let you into his sofa without proof.
And you really don't want to have 15 guys all staring angrily at you while you fumbled around in your manbag looking for a phone you know won't have a signal.
Have all receipts and directions printed out as back-up so no matter what, you will have all eventualities covered.

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