You might not think it, but the small details have the ability to turn a good weekend into an unforgettable one.

Yes, your hotel might be great; yes, your activities might be hilarious; and, yes, you might have a load of awesome pubs lined up – but what about those gaps in between? What about pre-drinks?

Do you think the party's just going to start itself?

Avoid a flat atmosphere and kickstart your celebration in style with these awesome stag do accessories to elevate your weekend to new memorable heights.

The best stag night accessories

Hi-Vis Jacket

You wouldn't want the main man wandering off and getting lost now, would you?!
Ensure you can always keep an eye on him and guarantee he's the centre of attention everywhere he goes with this incredibly bright Hi-Vis jacket.
Also, the perfect addition to a paintballing activity where camouflage is key... (not that we're trying to give you ideas or anything!).


The best stag night accessories

Same Vagina Forever Banner

Be sure to decorate your gaff to give the groom a special welcome/embarrass him in front of all the boys with this Same Vagina Forever banner.

Immature? Slightly.

Funny? Definitely.


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The best stag night accessories


A classic stag accessory, the Mankini has been a popular choice amongst stags since Borat hit the cinema screens way back in 2006.

Whilst this is always a funny addition to the weekend, be sure to check whether the activities/bars/clubs would be OK with this attire, and be mindful of innocent bystanders who might not find it as hilarious as you.


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The best stag night accessories

Beer Pong Kit

Another stag classic, Beer Pong is always a guaranteed party starter and a great way to get everyone in the right frame of mind for that big night on the town.

Split into teams, set up your pong set, and let battle commence!


The best stag night accessories

Ballz Up!

Ballz Up puts your gyrating skills to the test as you attach the cup to your crotch and attempt to thrust the ball in.

It's the perfect opportunity to crack jokes about the groom's wedding night skills when he inevitably fails miserably.


The best stag night accessories

Drinking Roulette

Turn your living space into your own pre-drink casino as you place your drinking faith into the roulette wheel.

How's your luck? Let's find out, shall we?!


Click here for more hilarious stag game ideas...

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The best stag night accessories

Plastic Yard of Ale

We've all seen them in fusty country pubs hung up behind the bar gathering dust, but now it's time to treat the groom to his new drinking vessel for the evening.

Holding 2.8 pints (including a lid and long straw to help avoid spillages), the main man won't be having to top up his drink every five minutes, plus everyone will want to have a go to see if they can 'finish the yard'.


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