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Whether it's a stag night, or full blown stag tour, our fantastic quality custom printed t-shirts for stag parties are your ideal companion to make the most of your stag experience.

Stag do T-shirts can unite the group and are a much easier (and more comfortable) alternative to stag fancy dress. It can be good to have a little uniformity and makes the lads easy to spot in a packed bar or nightclub when you're trying to shepherd them all on to the next venue. And getting everyone suitably comedic T-shirts will also show them all why you're the Boss when it comes to stag organising.

There are some great companies out there offering stag T-shirts but if you want to come up with your own ideas then here’s a few suggestions to maybe point you in the right direction.

Laughing At The Groom...

Laughing at the groom

If you want to make the groom the butt of the occasional joke (and we really feel you should) then stag party T-shirts are a great chance to have a laugh at his expense. And you can add insult to injury by making him wear that joke.

We're With Stupid - Yes it's an old gag but you can make it bigger by getting all the stags "We’re with stupid T-shirts”. Have them all dressed in their shirts and then when the groom appears hand him his "I Am Stupid” shirt.

Photo Calamity - Everyone has that one photo they'd rather others didn't see. The groom's parents will certainly have some embarrassing shots of their little cherub stashed somewhere that you can get your warped paws on. Get this printed onto all the stags T-shirts for maximum exposure.

Kiss-a-gram - Get the groom a simple white T-shirt and then invite any willing female volunteers to leave a lipstick signature by kissing the shirt to leave their lipstick kisses.

Stag Do Nicknames & Shirts

The stags probably come from different walks of the groom's life so you might not all know each other. Stag do nicknames are a great icebreaker and allows you all to get the banter flowing early on.
A good stag do organiser will get a few laughs out of the groom. But a great stag organiser will make sure all the stags are having a laugh while getting everyone else laughing along with them, some funny and non offensive shirts will show people you come in peace but are up for a laugh.

Stag nickname generator

Here's how to get the stags’ nicknames…

Send out a quick questionnaire to all the grooms ahead of time. You can do this easily by creating a Facebook group page and asking all the stags to sign up and hold the questionnaire in that group page.

Once the unsuspecting stags have given you this seemingly innocuous info you can bend it to your will. Each stag can now officially be known by his new moniker. "Jaffa”, "Crunchie”, "Chunky” etc.

With their new names emblazoned on their stag do T-shirts there's no excuse for getting each other's names wrong. And those that do must pay the piper!
Any stags who use real names rather than nicknames have to pay a forfeit or do a dare.
"Them's the rules”.

Stag Nights

Stag (to) Do List T-Shirt

Write a "Stag (to) do list” covering all the things you'll be doing over the course of your stag weekend.

Stag Do T-shirt
  • Go for a curry
  • Do shots
  • Dance with a stranger
  • Tell a joke
  • Win a bet
  • Win a race
  • Go busking
  • Make a speech
  • Wear this shirt
  • Etc...

Then the list will either have to be completed by the whole group or (if you're particularly cruel) the whole list can be purely for the groom to achieve with a forfeit hanging over him until it's done. Have a marker pen handy and you can tick off each item as it's done.

If you really get it right then the groom will end up with a T-shirt that he can hang in his man cave. Although having just got married he might find he's not allowed a man cave any more as it's already been designated "the nursery" which he'll soon be spending painting non gender specific colours and building mobiles for.

Most importantly if you're going to get T-shirts be creative and strive (as much as possible) to be original. "Lads On Tour – Dave’s Stag Do –Brighton 14” is perhaps a little obvious and overdone. Get a couple of the lads together for a planning committee, if nothing else it will give the groom a good excuse to get away from wedding planning for a few hours.

There are also plenty of great stag games, pranks and accessories you can get lined up. Great stag dos only take a little bit of planning but the difference the extra effort makes really will turn your stag party into the stuff of legend.

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