Staying safe on
the stag do

We want you to have an epic time.

Yes, it’s going to be an awesome weekend. Yes, there will probably be a few drinks involved. But (and at the risk of sounding like your mum) we do want everyone to come home safe and sound. In particular ensuring you get the groom back to his intended with no missing/extra; Eyebrows, Limbs, Bruises, Tattoos, Wives..

So here’s our quick guide to;

1 Drinking


It’s a stag do, there will probably be some drinking but it’s not a competition to see just how much alcohol you can consume. There’s no extra points for being the most drunk guy sleeping through the party. Always drink responsibly.

For anymore advice from drinkaware checkout their YouTube channel.


2 Peer Pressure

Some people don’t drink. Some people drink less. Does it make them less manly? No. It makes them the sober ones who’ll be filming all the fun and posting it on Facebook. Be nice to these guys, they have your Facebook reputation on their smartphone. Never try and force or urge anyone to drink more than they want.

3 No Spiking

Why anyone would want to ruin the taste of a perfectly good drink is inconceivable. It can also have potentially dire consequences for the recipient. If you really need to play a trick on the groom's drink, buy him a girly cocktail instead, with extra tiny pink umbrellas.

4 Packing Your Bags


Baggage control and border agents are not renowned for their sense of humour. Slipping a little something funny into the groom's luggage might seem like a really funny idea, right up until the un-smiling border officer asks you to bend over and touch your toes as your flight takes off without you.

5 Activities

Staying safe

'Rusty Dave’s Discount Go Karting' might seem like a good way to save some cash but probably not the most safety conscious operation. Always book your activities at a reputable site, the couple of extra quid will be worth not making a trip to A&E.

6 Cash Smart

If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. If anyone offers to exchange your money at a great rate or offer you an outrageously good deal then chances are it won’t turn out to be real. Always exchange cash at recognised outlets.

7 Splashing Their Cash

That goes for spending the guy’s money too. Always book through an ABTA registered tour operator to ensure you have complete financial protection when spending everyone’s hard earned cash for them.

8 Pickpockets

A boisterous group of guys that have possibly had a little bit too much drink..? It’s a pickpocket’s dream. Sadly all major cities suffer from pickpockets so keep your wits about you and your money secure. Keeping your cash, wallets and phones in front pockets is one simple way of keeping your valuables safe. Also never take out more than you need, if you have excess cash, ask the hotel if they have a safe.

9 Stick Together

A large group of lads, a few too many drinks, sometimes it can feel like herding kittens (large, loud, flatulent, slightly drunk kittens). But keep the guys together at all times. When overseas or near open water it is particularly important to make sure all the guys are safe and together if they’ve been drinking.

10 Pre-Flight Drinks

All airlines have strict rules on passenger safety, while a stag do might seem like a good excuse to have a couple of pints for breakfast, getting drunk before check-in is a great way to watch your flight take off without you. If you’re flying save the drinks until you arrive at your destination. The same rules apply for your return flight.

11 Get The Latest Travel Advice

You can get all the latest news on your chosen destination on the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) website. Including travel documents, weather warnings, required travel documents and also any potential travel incidents or terror alerts.

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