You're booked in. Everything's sorted. You and the boys are ready to rumble.

And then...

"Lads... has anyone thought about how we're actually getting there?!"


Yes, it's often the most overlooked part of a stag weekend, but we've seen it a million times before and have put together a list of everything you need to think about below.

Your Travel Options...

Car Share - Road trip!

Car sharing is one of the easiest ways of getting to a stag in the UK... but... there are a few things you definitely need to consider...

The Distance

Plymouth to Newcastle is a 400-mile drive - if you were to car share that, the driver is going to be wiped before they get there. If it's that far consider alternatives (trains or flights) or insure a couple of the guys and take turns behind the wheel.

If driving and you're unsure on routes, well ahead of your trip ensure to check out either AA route planner or Google maps to plan the best routes.

The Cost

Petrol is expensive these days. If there are enough of you, you can split it pretty cheaply, but be sure to factor this in and make sure the guys cough up their share. Or you could also offer the designated driver a couple of pints while on the weekend.

The Hangovers

Driving there should be a breeze. However, don't forget you have to drive back. If you're having a night out the evening before you're due to drive, be careful. Make sure you get enough rest and buy a disposable breathalyser to ensure you're good to go the next day.


Does your accommodation have parking? When booking with us we'll give you our best recommendations on parking where you'll be staying but if you'd like to research the area yourself, be sure to check out Parkopedia for all the options in the area.


Road trip playlist
Definitely one not to forget... ensure you've got your best road trip playlist organised via Spotify!

Train - All aboard!

Train is potentially the easiest way of getting to your stag. OK, it may be cheaper to drive, but...

  • It's a lot less effort
  • You don't have to worry about the hangovers
  • And you can even enjoy a beer on the way up

Top Tips for Booking Train Tickets...

  • Book Early - Like flights, the earlier you book, the better deals you get.
  • Travel Off-Peak - Off-peak travel is a lot cheaper than travelling during rush hour.
  • Get a Railcard - If you're lucky enough to be 30 or younger, get a railcard!
  • Check for Group Discounts - Group tickets can offer you a collective saving.
  • Split Your Tickets - Sometimes splitting your ticket can be cheaper than booking direct.

For the latest info and deals, be sure to check out Trainline.


If you and the boys all live in the same area, definitely consider hiring a minibus.

Not only is it a cost-effective mode of travel, but having all the lads in the same space is a great way to get everyone ready and raring to party!


Another cost-effective alternative to train travel - if you can get a coach, it can be a real money-saver.

Head to National Express or Coach Hire Comparison for more info.

Flights across the UK

If you're heading up to somewhere like Edinburgh from Bristol (or vice versa) it can be a lot cheaper to jump on a flight.

Time-saver, money-saver, no-brainer.

Top Tips for Booking Flights...

  • Book Early - For cheap flights, book early.
  • Search Incognito - Airlines use cookies to track your browsing, so search incognito to avoid price hikes.
  • Use Comparison Sites - Sites like Skyscanner will help you get the best deals out there.
  • More Tips - Check out our article on booking flights for the stag do.

Search Flights Today...

Tom Probert
Written & reviewed by Tom Probert Tom is a seasoned stag party professional having written about pre-wedding weekends for four years, arranged three stag celebrations, and attended many many more (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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